Photos from the 2012 American Rennaisance conference

Lighting conditions in the conference room were less than optimal for my point-and-shoot camera. But I shall post some of the photos, of the various speakers, that I took anyway.

Robert Weissberg advocates implicit white enclaves

Donald Templer tells us about I.Q.

James Edwards tells us about his pro-white radio station

Richard Lynn explains why the West is doomed

Guillaume Faye is introduced by Jared Taylor

David Yeagley gives a Native American view on white advocacy

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5 Responses to Photos from the 2012 American Rennaisance conference

  1. Photo of Richard Lynn = perfect match of style and substance. Nice!

  2. WmarkW says:

    Can’t you just see the hate?
    A bunch of middle-aged men in suits giving speeches to each other.

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