Olave d’Estienne has suggested there be an annual HBD Day. Here is some of what he wrote, in an email to me:

I propose that race realists launch an international Human Biodiversity Day.  The idea would be to discuss HBD issues in new and different venues, preferably running the gamut from African IQ deficits and criminality to the ability that Asians can healthily carry more body fat than other groups (as mentioned in Mr. Sailer’s “Is Love Colorblind?” article).
Some suggestions for rank-and-file race realists who want to observe Human Biodiversity Day:
A.  In a setting where you race realism isn’t tolerated, just ask acquaintances casually if they know what “HBD Day” is.  Just say you have no idea what it stands for and wondered if anyone knew.
B.  Use the day as a time to politely bring up HBD questions on mainstream conservative sites.  No site should be bombed with an overwhelming number of messages, but as many as possible should get an HBD post from more than one race realist.
C.  Make race realist comments on mainstream news articles (AP, etc.) on the web, especially racially tendentious ones (asserting, e.g., that if a black person is accused of a crime it must be a false accusation).
D.  Broach the subject in a low-key way to trusted friends, sort of like “coming out day” for race realists.
Our manner should be dispassionate, not angry or tongue-in-cheek, and emphasizing publicly-available statistics like victimization reports and standardized test scores…

Which day should be HBD Day? He writes:

What day?
Since May 1st is International Workers’ Day, and since race denialism is designed to shore up the affirmative action and immigration that are hurting the white working class so much, I suggest May 2nd as the obvious day to symbolize a sort of “new and improved” May Day.  Other days may also be suitable.

My initial reaction is that I like the idea. We can print up “Celebrate HBD Day” t-shirts and bumper-stickers. It would give us an excuse to celebrate, and be positive about,  something we often feel negative about. Celebrating it just before Cinco de Mayo would help give the masses a helpful perspective to that holiday. We might even be able to leverage it to our advantage.

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  1. CanSpeccy says:

    Hey, Jay,
    As a former professional biologist, I am greatly interested in Human Biodiversity, which I believe it is vitally important to preserve. I also think it is an excellent idea to establish a human biodiversity day. However, I cannot claim authorship of this idea, which should therefore be credited to another.
    What I have discussed recently is the connection between the Finance and Real Estate industries (the FIRE economy) and the drive for mass immigration to the West, which will result in loss of human biodiversity through the destruction of the European peoples.
    A new people will be created, but the indigenous peoples of Europe will be lost through a process known technically as introgressive hybridization.

  2. Wait a minute, this CanSpeccy fellow is tryin’ ta steal my thunder?!
    Ooops, naw, he’s shown up to do just the opposite.
    Seriously though, I’m going to blog about this soon, hopefully this evening.

    • Oh, I see, the link pointed to the right place only the name was wrong. So it only counts as half of a typo to be counted against Methodist Among You’s grade for the term.
      Anyway, I’ll investigate more of CanSpeccy’s blog. I’d like to see more perpectives of Canadian rightists.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Sorry, it seems I had a senior moment and got confused. I fixed it (I think).

      • Yeah, you fixed it. You’re still the only person who replied to my email.
        *sobs and smears mascara*
        Whew, feels better to get that out. Where’s the Sprite??

      • HBD Chick also replied to me. There is a discussion at my blog on when the day should be, and where we should position ourselves on the harsh/sensitive axis.
        This is the best junior prom I’ve ever had!

  3. SFG says:

    I wouldn’t take an already-existing holiday like May 2nd–it’ll just get lost in the shuffle. You want a day when nothing else is going on. Darwin’s birthday, perhaps? (Feb 12) Or is that too close to President’s Day? Galton’s birthday is Feb. 16.

  4. hbd chick says:

    olave’s idea is terrific! i am definitely in. (^_^)
    i also like your ideas, jay, about t-shirts and bumper stickers. i was thinking of t-shirts myself.
    i think what we bloggers need is a nice HBD Day! banner (Celebrate HBD! or whatever). anybody good with photoshop? (~_^) (i can volunteer, but my efforts will be rather amateurish, i guarantee you.)

    • SFG says:

      I rather liked Glaivester’s ‘Galton Inequality’. Unequal sign with Galton’s name on it. Honors the Dark Lord, and got some nerdage to it as well.

      • hbd chick says:

        yes, i like that, too (and the reluctant apostate’s version). (^_^)
        i think it might not be the best call for an hbd day, tho. if we’re talking about drawing in people who are not already hbd’ers, then we might not want to focus on what ordinary folks might consider the negative side of it all, i.e. that people/s are inherently unequal. maybe not mention that first, know what i mean?

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  6. hbd chick says:

    t-shirts and/or bumper stickers are a great idea! i was thinking of t-shirts myself.
    i also thought some banners for us bloggers for the day would be good. i tried to come up with some possibilities (warning: my photoshop skillz are pretty basic).

  7. rjp says:

    I was going to see what happened on May 2nd …..
    But the Today is White History blog no longer available …..

  8. SFG says:

    Too close to May Day (which I’m convinced is a bad thing), I should have said. But maybe you can piggyback off it.

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