Massive manhunt

When blacks kill, beat or rape whites, the media does everything in its power to hide it or downplay it. Race is rarely mentioned and “hate-crimes” are rarely considered. But it seems that when some white folks get uppity and decide to “even the score” by killing some blacks, their reaction is quite different. According to ABC news:

Local and federal investigators are searching for a lone white male in a pickup truck who went on a shooting spree in Tulsa, Okla., early Friday morning, killing three pedestrians.

Five black males were shot, three fatally, in four separate incidents during a span of less than two hours on the same side of town and not far from one another, police said.  Two males were critically wounded in the shooting spree. All of the victims were targeted while they were out walking.

The suspect is reported to be white, but the crimes have yet to been deemed racially motivated. The task force’s job will be to determine whether federal hate crime laws were violated, Tulsa World reported.

The FBI and the U.S. Marshals are assisting in the investigation.

Police Chief Chuck Jordan said “logic would lead you to believe that” these are hate crimes, but the police haven’t yet assessed all of the evidence to make that determination.

What a far cry from the reporting we get when the perpetrators are black and the victims white! Would “logic lead you to believe” that the thousands of black-on-white “random” murders and rapes are hate crimes? Apparently not, since they never point it out in those cases. Incidentally, they caught two suspects in those shootings; one is white and the other mixed Native American.
I would never condone indiscriminate killing. I do wonder, however, if those killings were indiscriminate. There is a difference between a “race war” and a “race massacre”. What we’ve been witnessing, over the past few decades, is a “race massacre” with whites and Asians almost always being on the receiving end of crime. During the course of those decades, the media has done its utmost to deny a voice to the aggrieved parties.
It’s no secret that when a group is persistently persecuted, denied recourse and silenced, extremism and radicalism will likely result. This is what the Left did to the South during the so-called “civil-rights era”. Here is an excerpt from an old American Renaissance article:

At the time, Selma had a population of 29,000 people, of whom 15,000 were black. It took only a small crowd to paralyze the town, and at the height of the demonstrations approximately 11,000 outsiders were swarming the streets. Selma’s mayor, Joe Smitherman, complained that for three months he spent three quarters of his time dealing with out-of-town demonstrators. Selma police were swamped with complaints of thievery, and townspeople were soon heartily sick of the visitors, many of whom were drunk and left garbage wherever they went.

Some Northerners came just to have a good time. Many were “beatniks,” who drifted across the country from one demonstration to another. They had no money for hotels which were, in any case, commandeered by the hundreds of journalists covering the demonstrations. Many whites of both sexes found accommodation in black churches and in the George Washington Carver Homes, the black housing project.
Intimate mixing of the races in this fashion was unheard of in the rural South, but even more shocking to the people of Selma was the public sexual behavior of the demonstrators. If the accounts of what can only be described as public debauchery were not given in sworn affidavits by citizens, state troopers, and national guardsmen, they would be difficult to believe (see following story). Residents of Selma could be forgiven for beginning to wonder whether the demonstrations were as much about public interracial copulation as they were about voting rights. Many of the journalists were disgusted by what they saw, and complained that candid accounts of the demonstrators’ behavior were edited out of the stories they filed.
Language as well as behavior was edited. On one occasion, James Forman, secretary of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), spoke at the Beulah Baptist Church in Montgomery. Addressing a mixed-race group that included many ministers, nuns, and church women, he said: “If the Negro isn’t given his place at the table of democracy … it’s time for us to knock the f***ing legs off the table.” Some of the ministers expressed surprise at this language, but Forman offered no apology.
A few minutes later, Ralph Abernathy tried to smooth things over by saying, “I’m sure that God will forgive him, that the television crews will delete it from their films, and newspapermen will not print it.” A beatnik came to Forman’s defense: “What’s wrong with ‘f**k’,” he asked; “It’s a good old American word, and expressive.”
There were demonstrations in Montgomery during this period as well. On March 10, at about 8:00 p.m., approximately 100 people were being harangued on a well-lit street a short distance from the state capitol. One of the black leaders of the group then said in a loud voice, “Everyone stand and relieve yourselves.” Practically the entire crowd, male and female, young and old, black and white, did as they were told, as rivulets ran almost to the next block. Two blacks were arrested for, according to a bystander, “particularly lewd and offensive exposure of their private parts.”
Adding to public revulsion for the demonstrators was the sight of men and women in religious garb drunk in public and fondling each other. The civil rights movement had always draped itself in religion, and King made a point of giving ministers and priests very visible roles. The presence of clerics was so useful that some of the demonstrators dressed as priests or nuns appear to have been impostors.
This may have been the case during a small demonstration in Montgomery on March 16th. A group of 34 men, most dressed as priests, arrived at the capitol late in the evening and insisted on praying on the capitol steps. Finally, at 3:00 a.m. the police let them say the Lord’s Prayer on the bottom step. As they broke up to leave, two photographers came running across the street. One of the men dressed as a priest said to one, “You stupid son-of-a-bitch, after all this time here, you didn’t get a picture of us saying a prayer on the bottom step.” An Alabama state policeman said that many of the “priests” swore like sailors and that he doubted more than half were authentic.
It may have been the disgraceful behavior of false clerics that prompted one of the three killings associated with the Selma demonstrations. On March 8th, a white Unitarian minister from Boston, James Reeb, was brutally clubbed to the ground as he left a restaurant, and died two days later. The night before Reeb died, the demonstration leaders held an all-night, out-door vigil to pray for his recovery. Disgusted journalists noted that a number of young couples at the rear of the crowd fornicated during the services.

About this time, Jimmie Lee Jackson, a black civil rights leader, was shot and wounded in an altercation with police. Activists swept him away, medical treatment was delayed, and the man died. The Chief Deputy Sheriff of Dallas County thought the delay was deliberate. “I believe they wanted him to die,” he said; “They wanted to make a martyr out of him …”

What the Left did to the South back then (provoking it until some sort of violent backlash was inevitable), it is now doing to all of America. We are faced with an ugly choice: Let them continue to pick us off one by one or fight back and give them more ammunition to demonize us.
In the racial/ideological war we find ourselves in, the foot-soldiers of the left wear uniforms so that we can distinguish between a black person and a nigger, between a white person and an “antifa”. The uniform of the antifa is a kerchief over the face. The uniform of niggers is ghetto attire. In times like these, those who wish to remain neutral should be careful how they dress. Unfortunately for us, our enemies consider our race to be enough of a “uniform” to make us fair targets.

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  1. destructure says:

    The MSM is trying to pull another Zimmerman in Tulsa. It was a mixed pair in Tulsa. The alleged shooter was Native with a white accomplice. I’m not trying to scapegoat others. Whatever Zimmerman and England did or didn’t do is their own personal responsibility not that of hispanics and natives. But I’m getting fed up with the MSM and race hustlers using the actions of non-whites to smear whites. Any other time the MSM would be calling these guys “people of color”. But when they’re involved in controversy they want to call them white. Just because they weren’t named Gonzalez and Running Bear doesn’t make them white. And the mainstream media knows it. They’re engaged in a smear campaign.
    We are faced with an ugly choice: Let them continue to pick us off one by one or fight back and give them more ammunition to demonize us.
    Then we need a panel of experts to create a third option / strategy. Something rooted in psychology and economics with some marketing consultants thrown in for good measure.

  2. DD says:

    Excellent website dude! “pull a Zimmerman” did you coin that yourself? That is gold!
    I predict the next “white guy” shooter will be Cambodian. Who’s with me on this one?

    • SFG says:

      He needs to be the alt-right Jon Stewart 😉
      BTW, the antifa in Germany actually goes after real neo-Nazis, who I assume you’re not fond of. You could make an argument that kicking the Jews out of Germany wouldn’t be so bad now because everyone could go to Israel…but I don’t think a lot of people would agree with you.

  3. Californian says:

    Back in the 1950s-60s, the tactics of civil disobedience included overwhelming local law enforcement with masses of demonstrators. The objective was to maneuver the police into cracking down, and then exploiting the media to do the propaganda end. The idea was to make it look as if peaceful demonstrators were being attacked by big bad evil cops. Of course, a police crackdown, broadcast nationally, is exactly what the leadership of the civil rights movement wanted. The purpose was to discredit the Southern establishment.
    It was all quite sinister, when you think about it. Small towns, like Selma, were in no position to handle huge influxes of outsiders. And law enforcement in those days before paramilitary policing was not trained to deal with large numbers of people engaged in public disorders.
    This is not the “narrative” which the DWLs and race hustlers today are promoting. While there was a lot of talk about non-violence in those days, the leaders of the civil rights movement wanted the system to respond with violence, or their tactics were going to fizzle. Today’s official party line does not consider the implications of the civil rights movement promoting lawlessness.
    Here we are a half century later, and what have we seen since? The “long hot summers” — the inner city riots of the 1960s, all in the name of civil rights. The destruction of cities such as Detroit. More recent rioting over incidents such as Rodney King (there have been similar anti-police riots in other cities, by the way). Flash mobs on the attack. Blacks committing violent crime all out of proportion to their numbers. Inner city gangs reaching the scope of urban insurgents. And now what seems to be a demand for the lynching of Mr. Zimmerman.
    It takes only a small number of people willing to use violence to dominate much larger groups. What we are seeing today can be interpreted as a one-sided race war. What is remarkable is that the people being targeted by the violence (i.e., white people) do not generally seem to be aware of what is going on. I say “generally” because thanks to the Internet more people are becoming aware. The Internet has become a medium for people who want to tell the truth. And just as significantly, the Internet can become a means to discredit the establishment media. Given the importance of media in today’s world, there is a real opportunity to turn things around.

  4. rjp says:

    Selma police were swamped with complaints of thievery, and townspeople were soon heartily sick of the visitors, many of whom were drunk and left garbage wherever they went.
    Sounds a lot the the 2009 Inauguration, or any gathering of Democrats and their ilk.

  5. rjp says:

    That is a great read from AmRen, thanks for posting.
    One thing that I haven’t seen asked in the media about this Tulsa thing is why were they so unrandom, random, killings, why the time in between, was this a rampage, or what it a cool calm and calculated killing of uninnocents?

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