Justice for Daniel Adkins

Eric (my-people) Holder has just called for a thorough hearing of the Zimmerman case.  According to the Denver Post:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday that the Justice Department will take appropriate action in the killing of Trayvon Martin if it finds evidence that a federal criminal civil rights crime has been committed.
The attorney general made the comments in an appearance before a civil rights organization founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton.
Holder said the department will conduct a thorough and independent review of the evidence in the Martin matter. One of the department’s top priorities, said Holder, is preventing and combating youth violence and victimization.

But don’t hold your breath for Holder to concern himself with the death of Daniel Adkins. Hat tip to Olave D’estienne for bringing this to our attention. From Fox News:
LAVEEN – Police are saying more about a shooting at a Taco Bell Tuesday night in which one man died.
They’re also identifying the victim as 29-year-old Daniel Adkins.
About 7:30 p.m., a 22-year-old man and his girlfriend ordered food at the Taco Bell drive-thru and were told to pull up while their order was prepared.
At the same time, Adkins stepped around a corner into the path of the vehicle and angry words were exchanged between he and the driver.
They got into an altercation and Adkins was shot once by the driver. He died at the scene.
The driver, a 22-year-old black male, called police but has not been arrested.
At first, the couple claimed that Adkins had a metal pipe that he swung at them — but it turns out he was holding a dog leash with his yellow lab on the other end.
Family members want that driver arrested, but he’s claiming self-defense.
In other words, as Olave points out, this case is very similar to the Zimmerman/Martin case -except that the races are reversed and Adkins was disabled.  He had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old child. Where are the rallies, the press coverage, the concern at the federal level and the outrage? Where are the throngs of people shouting “I am Daniel Adkins”? Olave’s comparison of the two cases is very good.
The truth is that 99% of the people you know, in real life, have never heard of Adkins – because his name is hardly mentioned on the idiot-box and he is ignored by “mainstream” news outlets for being the wrong race. I think Adkin’s case is a perfect subject for flyers, bumper-stickers etc. I guarantee that I will be accused of “racism” and “hate” for passing out such flyers.
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  1. Zori says:

    Daniel Adkins death is even worse. The poor man really WAS an innocent child.
    This is a travesty.

    • I try not to get sentimental over cases like this, but the thought of that smiling simpleton out walking his loyal dog and getting capped really makes me sad. I’ve known a couple of people like that–not “visibly retared” (Down Syndrome) cases, but really sweet, dimwitted people who could easily be taunted into some kind of ineffectual anger. Much like a child–you can easily get a child to scream and stomp their feet and flail their arms if you try.
      Part of the nice thing about Adkins life was that, while he wasn’t allowed to drive, he was obviously independent enough to go out by himself. Everyone should be allowed the maximum independence they can handle and it looks like he had it. If it weren’t for some hothead with a pistol showing off how tough he was for his girlfriend, Adkins would have trotted home with a couple of lungfulls of fresh air and a happy dog. This shooting militates against freedom for mildly retarded people and that makes me pretty angry.
      Rant over.

  2. Californian says:

    Good point, Jay. Thankfully, we have the internet to get the “word” out to those who can see–or read!

  3. Annoyed says:

    Blatent media bias.
    I doubt this will any national coverage.
    In general, when black people commit crimes onto other races no one is surprised or seems to care. It’s considerd a normal thing.

  4. rjp says:

    In general, when black people commit crimes onto other races no one is surprised or seems to care. It’s considerd a normal thing.
    And that needs to be changed.

  5. Georgia Resident says:

    “this case is very similar to the Zimmerman/Martin case -except that the races are reversed and Adkins was disabled.”
    That, and the fact that when Zimmerman shot Martin, Martin had already injured him, and could have done much worse (brain damage, maybe, or a busted eye socket), whereas in this case the shooter just “thought” the guy he shot had a lead pipe and was going to break the window.

    • Does the shooter need to be arrested? Yes. Both situations same? Absolutely NOT. This case is very different. The couple was NOT chasing Adkins down and muttering “these punks always get away”. They were sitting in the parking, WAITING for their food order. There is no match here. It’s extremely sad that this happened, and no matter what the circumstance, anyone who has committd a murder, even in self defence, NEEDS to be arrested. Let him plead the case in front of the judge. The police should not be making that call. Just as Zimmerman needed to be arrested to be accountable for his actions, this guy does too.
      But from whatever I have heard so far, in both cases, the black guys do seem to be the ones acting in self defence. A man waiting for his food order in a public parking lot will have to be insane to suddenly have a fit and think, oh, let me shoot that guy for fun. Get real and get off this racism horse.

      • This case is very different…. There is no match here.
        Well, you’re sort of right.
        Zimmerman never chased Martin. When the dispatcher suggested that he stop he did so. Previously, when he was following him, he was fulfilling his role as a neighborhood watchmen. Don’t like it? Ban neighborhood watch. Zimmerman got out of the car because the dispatcher pressed him for the address and he went to go find the address. He intended to wait for the police, which is why he said so, and said “Okay” when the dispatcher suggested he stop.
        Zimmerman cried for help. He was alone with a 6-foot-plus football player on him breaking his nose. We know the Phoenix shooter was aware of several other competent adults around him would could have called emergency services if he had been harmed in any (physical) way.
        It doesn’t matter what Zimmerman muttered.
        The Phoenix shooter wasn’t muttering anything that he know of. He was shouting at a retarded member of a different ethnic group. Instead, he could have rolled up his window and waited for Adkins to use the imaginary lead pipe and shot him after that.
        There is no such thing as murder in self-defense. If you want to arrest everyone who commits a homicide in self-defense, change the law. Call it the Beyond the Duty to Flee doctrine. Call it the Duty to Die doctrine.

      • But from whatever I have heard so far, in both cases, the black guys do seem to be the ones acting in self defence.
        Let me counter with a different way of viewing things.
        Why did Daniel Adkins not withdraw from a confrontation from an angry young Black man?
        Because he was too stupid.
        “Stupid”, mind you, in the literal sense. He wasn’t a wicked man, or a thug, nor did he ignore any advice he’d gotten (not having been a likely reader of John Derbyshire). Just the garden-variety village idiot, who didn’t know that he should get out of dodge when a Black man was given the opportunity to do violence in front of a woman.
        Do you see what I’m getting at yet?
        We live in a society in which any violent act perpetrated by a Black man is considered self-defense. The facts of the case don’t matter, just the relative ethnic values. Black=good; white=bad. When the rules of the game are like that, you’re stupid to play. All you can do is stop playing.
        Do you see what I’m getting at yet?

      • Allow me to borrow a little from a certain Black separatist:
        Continue trying to live together? In the face of the violence that we’ve been experiencing for the past 500 years, it’s actually doing our people a disservice. In fact it’s a crime.
        Does that sound shocking? It shouldn’t. Consider the original quote:
        “Be non-violent? In the face of the violence that we’ve been experiencing for the past 400 years, it’s actually doing our people a disservice. In fact it’s a crime.”
        Malcolm X called for violence because of oppression his people suffered, until just before their rage exploded and they went on a multi-decade crime spree.
        I’m calling for bloodless separation because of the violence my people continue to suffer.
        His motto was “by any means necessary”.
        My motto is “using effective means calculated to cause the least possible disruption.”

  6. Victoria Bailey says:

    Daniel is my cousin. Our family has started a petition to the Phoenix Police and DA. Any signatures we can get would be greatly appreciated.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I signed the petition. Other readers beware! Change.org will ask you, after signing the relevant petition, to sign other petitions you may not agree with.
      Victoria, it would be very nice if you could flesh out the personality of your cousin for our readers. As it stands, for most of us, he’s just a name and all we know about him is that he was mentally challenged and had a dog.

    • Vicotoria, I’m so sorry for your loss. I heard about Daniel yesterday and made a fb page to raise awareness. It’s got over 250 likes so far. Email me if you like to be the administrator, or let me know if you and your family would like for me to keep running it. I signed the petition and also
      posted the link on the fb page.

  7. Chris says:

    Please share this video. Includes link to the petition. Thanks

  8. Anon says:

    RIP, Daniel Adkins. Hopefully, the murderer will not walk free. Cases like these have nothing to do with race.

    • jewamongyou says:

      How do you know this? When the races are reversed, such as with Trayvon Martin, the media/government assume it has EVERYTHING to do with race. This disparate treatment certainly does have to do with race.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      The actual killing may not have had anything to do with race (other than the fact that black men are the group most likely to commit murders), but the fact that the national media has ignored this case while harping on the Martin case has everything to do with race. If Zimmerman and a white kid had gotten into an altercation, and the white kid had been fatally shot, that case would have disappeared down the memory hole. If Zimmerman had been killed or seriously injured by a black man, that would also have disappeared down the memory hole. It’s only when whites (or white-Amerindian hybrids with white surnames, apparently) kill nonwhites (especially blacks) that the national media cares at all.

  9. disappointed law student says:

    In a letter to Phoenix’s Charging Bureau Chief, Police Chief, and County Attorney, it asks them to uphold justice and investigate Daniel Adkin’s murder. http://lawprisms.com/pub/cites/In_re_Adkins.pdf
    I researched Arizona law and there is no “Stand Your Ground” law like there is in Florida. In Arizona, for a person to successfully raise self-defense for his use of force, he must show one iota of evidence that an objective reasonable person would have acted in the same manner. One example of an iota of evidence is the other person throwing a water bottle and hitting you with it. That is not the case here.
    In the Florida case, Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon after he (Zimmerman) was getting his head pummeled into the concrete sidewalk. In that case, he is entitled to a self-defense claim even if he followed Trayvon and a fist fight ensued because although they were combatants, Trayvon did not have a right to beat his head into the concrete, exceeding his right to use equal force. In Daniel Adkin’s case, he did not present any imminent threat (who doesn’t swing aimlessly in the air when they are upset) that would justify this 22-year old male to take aim at his heart and shoot him.
    In my opinion the district attorney in Phoenix has not charged this man because of the race hustling Democrats and the corrupt liberal propaganda media hacks who deliberately edited the 911 audio tape from George Zimmerman on the night of the Trayvon Martin shooting to make Zimmerman sound like a racist. It is my opinion that the district attorney in Phoenix has succumbed to this racial fear mongering and wants to avoid the likes of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson so he has turned a blind eye to Justice, which is at opposites of Justice being blind.
    If you agree (which I think you will as you are an “objective reasonable person”) print it, sign it, and mail it to the three parties listed at the top of the document. If you’d like to stay anonymous, then just place your “mark” (an “X” for example) but whatever you do take 10 minutes to mail it out.

  10. Patricia (Adkins) Franklin says:

    While I sit everyday thinking of how this injustice has been done,I wonder if Daniel murderer will ever be held accountable for his actions,I am Daniels cousin & while we are miles away from each other I am still strongly connected to my family,we are strong enough to get through this,I will not give up until his murderer is arrested & held responsible for his actions,I feel our judicial system has once again failed us. Main stream media ignores one while exploiting another,not for the sake of justice but for their own gain,or ratings. This is a real story that needs the media attention,in closing day 23 & yet there is still no arrest in this case.

  11. Victoria Bailey says:

    We finally have the name of the shooter. It is CORDELL LAMAR JUDE. But there are still no charges.

  12. Sickened says:

    Wow, I’m not just appalled at the cowardly shooting of an innocent man but at the plethora of racist comments on this blog.

    • jewamongyou says:

      If you were aware of even half the atrocities committed against whites (and “white Hispanics”) by blacks, you would be appalled too. In fact, you might be so appalled that you would be considered a “racist”.

  13. John Walters says:

    From what I have noted in this case and the Zimmerman/Martin case is if you are White you are automatically racist and if you are Black you are automatically justified in you actions. Both statements are not true. We need to wake up and stop letting our emotions dictate how we look at these cases. Logic is the only way justice will be done both equality and fairly.

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