When the Left doesn't like diversity

Take a walk through a Target (but please don’t buy anything) and you’ll see more black faces on the walls than white. White faces are grossly underrepresented in television commercials, government brochures, billboards, magazines etc. But there is one scenario where whites dominate: When depicting bad guys. Washington Mutual bank (before it was bought out) aired blatantly anti-white commercials such as this one:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ7EIKbnnkw&w=420&h=315]
ADT security systems is notorious for depicting only white burglars in their commercials. Surely they are aware of the discrepancy between their T.V. fantasy land and the real world. Surely they’ve heard, and read, complaints about this matter. But they don’t care; whites don’t riot and whites have no solidarity. Blacks, and Hispanics, will riot and boycott. Whites will not.
Thanks to Portland Realist for pointing out another glaring example of the Left’s hatred for diversity when evil people are being depicted. If we look over the actors and actresses who uttered the “50 most evil movie lines“, we’ll see that almost all of them are white. Similarly (also thanks to Portland Realist), every single one of the “20 greatest movie villains” is white*. So it seems that when it comes to evil, whites may still have a near monopoly. I suppose it’s better than nothing.
*Incidentally, when I submitted a comment pointing this out, the comment appears to have not been approved.

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  1. I agree with your overall point, but I think your assertion in this case is somewhat questionable. James Earl Jones gave Darth Vader a negro/mulatto voice and Ben Kingsley is half Indian. I suppose it could be argued that the characters they played were meant to be White, though.

  2. And wtf they included the Taxi Driver as one of the top 20 villains? It is debatable whether he should even be considered a villain at all.

  3. johann says:

    That is so true! In South Africa it is the norm. “Black” is alwayss good, and “white” is always bad. “Coloured” is always stupid and backward and “Indian” is always greedy. I, as an Afrikaner voted for the ANC in ’94, but today I know this: utopias don’t replace tyranical alpha-males, tyranical alpha-males replqce tyranical alpha-males. “left” means nothing. The most sacred construct is still the “sacred I” and the “demonised Other”.

  4. “Left”? What the hell is “Left”? JewAmongYou means…Organized Jewry, but is not yet ready to secede from the Tribe. The Jews I’ve discussed these issues with – some are blood relatives, some are married into Nordic branches of the family – view Whites with contempt, fear, and hatred. They are certain that they must Ukraine the Whites, via globalization, lest they be “holocausted” again. This MSM anti-White PR is a simple derivative.

  5. WMarkW says:

    Even black actors complain that they’re not allowed some roles by political correctness. Morgan Freeman has expressed that he’s been type-cast as as the ultra-respectable military or police officer, but that he’d like to play a part like Hannibal Lecter, “The villain is often the best role in the movie.”

  6. Georgia Resident says:

    We need affirmative action to correct the paucity of blacks in villainous roles. I want at least 13% of the bloodthirsty villains in movies to be coal-black Africans.

    • That would be a good start. But don’t they deserve the same percentage as in real life? Over 50%?
      Though, dear Jewamongyou, among the high IQ villains with complex plots, among mafia bosses, there actually might be a high percentage of whites.
      Blacks are more over-represented in the brute crimes like breakings, burglaries, murder, beatings. You are right, TV and movie industry does not show them in these roles.

  7. Exurban says:

    Washington Mutual bank (before it was bought out) aired blatantly anti-white commercials…
    It wasn’t “bought out”, it went bankrupt because of its mortgage scams.

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