Jewamongyou got himself a scooter

I’m all excited and happy that my “new” (used) scooter is up and running. It should save me a bundle on fuel expenses. I’d include a photo, but it’s not much to look at; minor body damage and paint scuffs.
On the flip side, it will be a bit more difficult for me to write new blog posts on my laptop while driving; a cop might see me and somehow consider it dangerous. But after I install the laptop stand, and learn to use my legs for steering and breaking, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Other than that, we’ve had a drought here in the Northwest; it went for three days without any rain. So I was out enjoying the sun instead of sitting in front of my computer. Odd choices such as these help explain my rather sparse posting recently. But don’t worry; things will get back to normal – as soon as I get that laptop stand installed on my scooter.

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6 Responses to Jewamongyou got himself a scooter

  1. DD says:

    You made me think of that old Montrose song “Bad Motor Scooter”.

  2. Tank says:

    But can you get a laptop stand installed on your hospital bed?
    Be careful out there.

  3. Annoyed says:

    Be carefull, we don’t want an excellent racially aware blogger dieing on us.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ll be careful. But if I do get killed, it’ll probably be by a drunk illegal immigrant. It’ll be reported only as a three, or four, sentence blurb on some obscure page in the local newspaper. So it’ll be up to the rest of y’all to wave the bloody shirt.

  4. David says:

    I hear you got a Suzuki Bergman 650…candy apple red…16 miles total on the meter…used by a little old librarian…only on Sundays…
    How am I doing?

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