Roodharigen: A celebration of red hair

If you believe the idiot box, newspapers, schools, government and large corporations, it’s commendable to be proud of your black, Native American, Asian or Polynesian heritage – but to be proud of your white heritage is “hate”.
We can take some consolation that it’s still allowed to be proud of your Irish, Italian, Jewish or Russian roots. In other words, subsets of whiteness are still pride-worthy. The same goes for red-haired people, also sometimes called “gingers”. Since 2007, hundreds of redheads have gathers in Breda, Netherlands to celebrate their beautiful locks. The official website gives lots of details, history and suggestions. Notably missing is any explanation why they feel the need to celebrate red hair. Little people also have their own convention and I’ve always assumed this is because they face many challenges and hardships in live. Getting together is a way to give them a sense of community and feel less alone in a tall-peoples’ world.
I’ve read that discrimination against redheads is a real phenomenon in Britain but, as far as I know, it’s not a serious issue in most of the rest of the world – aside from normal discrimination against white people in general. The impression I get, from the Roodharigen website, is not one of solidarity against oppression, but rather one of fun and purely positive feelings.
I wonder if this is a possible prototype we can use for white pride in the future. Of course we should continue to publicize the outrages against whites, but our gatherings should, perhaps, be as fun, happy and carefree as those of the redheads.

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  1. Jehu says:

    I have two little tiny redheads myself—the wife and I are both redhead carriers with lots of redheads throughout our family trees. We’re doing our best to stave off the extinction of the redhead.

  2. Sid says:

    “…it’s still allowed to be proud of your Irish, Italian, Jewish or Russian roots.”
    I think that is so in large part because all of those groups were victims of Anglo-Saxon and German domination. The Irish were harshly oppressed by the English, the Italians faced stiff discrimination by Anglo-Saxon nativists, and the Jews and Russians alike were brutally murdered by the Nazis.
    In comparison, being proud of your Norwegian or Scottish heritage is considered quaint but harmless, if not something you want to get too loud about, but in America, being proud of English and German heritage gets people’s hairs up. Multiculturalists might have beef with the white race on the whole, but the main targets of their ire are Nazi Germany and the British Empire.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      I present The Liberal Caste System, from Highest to Lowest:
      1. Blacks
      2. American Indians
      3. Nonwhite Hispanics
      4. “White” Hispanics
      5. Asians
      6. Irish, Italians, Jews, Levantines, Slavs, Albanians, etc. (generally speaking, any “ethnic” whites)
      7. Norwegians, Swedes, Finns, and Danes (“non-offensive” Nordics)
      8. British people
      9. Germans (ie Naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews)
      The caste system is contextual, and one can lose his caste ranking through infractions against a higher caste. For example, “ethnic” whites who identify positively with other whites are automatically demoted the status of Germans, even if the they’re Jewish. Violence, justified or unjustified, against a higher caste, leads to an automatic loss of caste privilege. For example, George Zimmerman, who as a man with a white name but clearly having some nonwhite ancestry, would normally fall between a “White” Hispanic and a nonwhite Hispanic, but due to the crime of shooting a black male, he was initially demoted to “German”. This is now in dispute, primarily because the case is more ambiguous than it seemed at first blush, so he now is provisionally a member of the “White Hispanic” caste. If convicted of 2nd degree murder, he will lose that ranking, and be demoted to the “German” status.

      • Sid says:

        I think your caste rankings are accurate. In general, SWPLs don’t really care about Asian victimization, so Asian-Americans are allowed to be proud of their identities, without necessarily seeing anyone else try to boost their self-esteem.
        On the whole, “white” Hispanics garner a shockingly high amount of sympathy. I think much of it has to do with their being conflated with non-white Hispanics, since to a Northern European, Iberians and Mestizos are both dark, with the Iberians sometimes having paler skin.
        A number of multiculturalists who have really done their homework and know about the racial hierarchies in Latin America do group “white” Hispanics with “white people” on the whole. They’re aware of how the Spanish Empire was at least as vicious as the British Empire. Unfortunately, actually knowing a lot about a subject is rare, so among the mass of multiculturalists, “white” Hispanics are grouped with their “non-white” victims.
        As it stands, multiculturalists detest both the British Empire and pre-1963 white America as being “racist” and exploitative of nonwhites all over the globe. When they talk about “white people,” they generally mean Anglo-Saxons, and other Northern Europeans who they believe benefited from Anglo-Saxon domination, such as Scandinavians, Scots, and Germans. Of course, Germans have an even worse reputation than do Anglo-Saxons, because of how brutal they were in WWII.
        The political left, on the whole, tries to brand Nazism as an extreme form of nationalism, capitalism and racism that was found in the British Empire. So whereas people on the political right try to conflate Nazism with Communism, because they were both “totalitarian,” the left tries to categorize Nazism with Anglo-American hegemony, as they were both “racist.”

      • SFG says:

        You’ve broken it down quite nicely overall, but do you really think there’s prejudice against German ancestry nowadays? I know it was a huge deal in WWI, with German-language newspapers being closed down and such, but nowadays I didn’t have a sense Meier was much worse than Wigglesworth. You might want to make ‘racist’ your bottom category and perhaps conflate British and German?

      • SFG says:

        And Jews are above the other ‘ethnic’ whites, though below Asians, as Sarah Silverman found out. 😉 Largely because we have such a vocal pressure group.

      • Sid says:

        SFG – I’d say that German-Americans aren’t discriminated against specifically because they’re German, but any sort of ethnic pride on their part terrifies others. The funny thing is that a lot of ethnic pride in America among non-whites has parallels to what the Nazis believed (without having the ability to extinguish millions of people). Since they’re non-white, however, it doesn’t freak people out.
        All I’m saying is that if German-Americans paraded ethnic pride in the same manner as do blacks, they’d be labelled Nazis.
        There is a category called “white people,” which multiculturalists consider the greatest threat. If you’re a subset of white, such as Russian, Irish or even Scandinavian, and take pride in that, that’s problematic but not worrisome. But if you take pride in white, ho boy, you’re a living representative of the Teutonic domination which enslaved and nearly extinguished the rest of the world. Being “white” means that you’ve accepted an Anglo-Saxon identity of sorts, wherein you’re a beneficiary of the Anglo-Saxon system without necessarily being of their stock.
        In short, I think what multiculturalists are most indignant about is the British Empire and pre-1963 white America (which included slavery against blacks and conquest against Native Americans), and then they like to impute the horrible phantom of Nazism onto the Anglo-Saxon system.
        (Of course, the Nazis were trying to break the Anglo-Saxon choke hold over the world by establishing themselves as the preeminent power in Continental Europe, and eventually use Eastern European lands to make a German nation powerful enough to directly challenge England and America. But we’re talking about propaganda and historical memory here.)

      • Georgia Resident says:

        Just a few notes:
        1. I wouldn’t really say that Jews have a higher placement than other ethnic whites. However, because most Jewish elites (not necessarily all Jews, of course) are completely on board with the race replacement, so they’re less likely to step on the toes of a higher caste, whereas the Irish, Italians, et al, are more likely to have prominent members who come into conflict with the race replacement agenda.
        2. While I wouldn’t say people are prejudiced against German ancestry as such, they are definitely much more hypersensitive with regards to Germans in Germany being in any way pro-German. I’m pretty sure that if a German equivalent of the French National Front, or the Danish People’s Party, gained a place in a coalition government, it would be taken as a justification for abrogating Germany’s sovereignty. Germany’s role in WWII has been used to justify the Germans going in for all sorts of bad ideas, like the Eurozone project (and the bailout, now that the Eurozone project has failed). And when somebody like Thilo Sarrazin comes along and suggests that large numbers of a non-German ethnicity like the Turks in Germany might not be simply wonderful, well then he’s automatically a Nazi.
        3. I would agree that better-educated leftists recognize that, by the standards they employ, the Spanish-descended white elites of central and south America are probably worse than white Americans, given that the Spanish elite basically lived on the backs of brown and black peons (exceptions being mostly-white Costa Rica and Argentina). Nonetheless, White Hispanics are still able to use their status to gain privilege at the expense of other Whites.

      • SFG says:

        Sid: Fine points, all. I guess I should distinguish between simply being of a background (in which case German is the same as English) and actual pride (in which case German is much, much, worse).
        It’s also worth distinguishing between German-American pride in one’s German roots (which seems to be quasi-OK; we see Steuben Day parades, after all) and German pride in one’s German roots (which sends elites running for the hills).
        I have to say, I can understand why a Frenchman or Englishman (just about anyone in Europe, really) might be afraid of German nationalism. Here in the USA we tend to forget just how much damage WW2 did to Europe; everyone has some awful story about what the Nazis did to their grandparents or someone their grandparents knew.
        And, yeah, now it’s an excuse for other European countries to get Germans to pay for their retirements, which the Germans are getting rather sick of.
        Georgia Resident: Excellent points as well. I do think Jews have managed to turn ourselves into a ‘victim group’, which makes sense in Europe, though not really in America (Leo Frank? Grant’s order? Slim pickings…).
        I’ve actually got some Latin-American-white blood myself, though I never bothered looking into it much. Frankly, up until reading HBD blogs I was much prouder of the Jewish side–I didn’t like the ethnic-liberalism, but it was more impressive to have invented both polio vaccines, relativity, and the geochemical classification of elements without even having a country to our name, whereas Latin American whites had a whole continent to rule and never invented anything. 🙂

      • SFG says:

        And, BTW, I honestly can’t think of any Jewish WNs who have hit the media. The movement is so antisemitic there are vanishingly few, and being pro-White and anti-semitic are seen as pretty much overlapping categories by the MSM, to the point where the guy who shot Gabby Giffords was suspected of being anti-Semitic because he was reading American Renaissance (pretty much the only WN publication that isn’t anti-Semitic!) Not sure what they’d do with Jay, but apparently he has his real name on here, so let’s hope they don’t find him 😉

      • Georgia Resident says:

        Was Jared Loughner reading American Renaissance? I remember Fox News said they had some memo to that effect, but at the very least Loughner was never a subscriber.

  3. I once knew a redhead who said she was sick of guys who liked redheads.

  4. Speaking of miscegenation: Check out this shocking satanic imagery in today’s New York Times :

  5. destructure says:

    “We can take some consolation that it’s still allowed to be proud of your Irish, Italian, Jewish or Russian roots. In other words, subsets of whiteness are still pride-worthy.”
    I think that’s more a political legacy than a historical one. Those groups were part of the old democrat machine. But the demographic shifts are going to put an end to that. The left is making new alliances and those ethnic groups no longer needed.
    Nowadays, the only politically correct shade of white is lavendar. But that won’t last either. Because race trumps sexual orientation. As the demographic shifts continue, the left will eventually throw them under the bus, too.

  6. WmarkW says:

    Red hair is attractive for women, but not men.
    Ties into the whole, fair blonde beauty vs. tall dark and handsome ideal.
    I do wish someone would try to measure discrimination against various groups using only observable acts. Can we actually find more discrimination against blacks than against say, fat women? If you don’t start by assuming it’s the reason for socio-economic disparities, it’s awfully hard to find.

    • That’s a good point, but I don’t know if we should limit it to provable observable acts, or include self-reports of victimization. The latter are all over the place in criminal victimization reports but I doubt that is broken out by obesity/thinness.

    • eugenicist says:

      That may be generally true, but not axiomatically. I have a thing for guys with red hair, maybe because red hair is even more recessive than blonde hair, ensuring the continuation of the phenotype. Who knows? This guy* is the main reason I watched Harry Potter, despite the rainbow Britain background propaganda.
      *Yes, he’s high as a cloud in that picture, but I just ignore that…

  7. And, BTW, I honestly can’t think of any Jewish WNs who have hit the media. The movement is so antisemitic there are vanishingly few, and being pro-White and anti-semitic are seen as pretty much overlapping categories by the MSM, to the point where the guy who shot Gabby Giffords was suspected of being anti-Semitic because he was reading American Renaissance (pretty much the only WN publication that isn’t anti-Semitic!) – SFG
    I think the reason someone like Ilana Mercer isn’t grouped with WNs is that she is Jewish. Her actual statements on issues like immigration and AA would get her put in that category if she wasn’t under the umbrella. The same could be said, to a lesser degree, for Diana West. And how about Auster? Some group him with Jews, some with WN, surely some with both…?
    The mainstream understanding of these matters is so obtuse that no Jew would be thought capable of anything so evil as pro-white sentiment … but noöne is quite sure what constitutes evil pro-white sentiment. The failure to notice the analogy between Zionism and WN (or, more precisely, White Zionism) is simply a failure to see forms for what they are, to be blinded by who and whom.
    I noticed the same thing when I was first familiarizing myself with criticism of Islamization. The opinion-makers were either Jewish, pseudonymous, or so mealy-mouthed as to be more harm than good (e.g., talking about the mythical “moderate Muslim” who is somehow Muslim but doesn’t follow Sura 9:29, or Sura 8:1, or any of that.) The exception, I think, was Oriana Fallaci (dead and Italian).

    • SFG says:

      Well, everyone knows they don’t like the Nazis and pre-1963 Southern segregation, but that’s about it.
      Actually, a couple of alt-righters have made the analogy on Alternative Right, but usually seem to argue they’re incompatible. I don’t see why. Arguably with Israel even Hitler would have an out (though right-wing Zionists did, in fact, try to contact him to ship all the German Jews to Palestine, and he wasn’t interested!).
      You know, with Jewish heritage and a Spanish name, I might have an opening. Unfortunately, becoming a conservative commentator would be really dangerous to my career, and I still need to eat. One of the reasons I don’t have a blog is to make my heretical postings harder to aggregate and track down.
      There are definitely moderate Muslims, they just don’t have any influence. As a general rule, with human beings, you can find examples of any combination of traits, it’s just a matter of how many of each. It’s sort of like geek girls…they exist, just not in enough numbers for each geek guy to have one, so usually if you want a girlfriend you have to branch out your interests. Similarly, while there are moderate Muslims, they’re overwhelmed by the others.
      I have met people from Muslim countries who didn’t like what Islam was doing, but they tended to be secular liberals who thought all religion was bad. 😉
      OT: what’s with the diaeresis over ‘noone’? I’ve heard there’s actually an appropriate use for it in English that’s now forgotten…is that it?

      • Yes, I am a fan of the diaeresis, and intend to do my part to reïntegrate it into English where appropriate. It is a symbol of coöperation, of reëstablishing some important link with the past. Moreover, it is a symbol of victory over naïveté. And finally, it is a symbol of Zoë. (But not of Moe. I can’t stand that guy.)
        Moderate Muslim seems like an odd combination. Aren’t they supposed to fight the infidels until all the pagans, agnostics, and Zoroästrians are dead, and the Jews and Christians are regularly paying protection money? Can you just moderate that out of a religion? I’m skeptical.

      • SFG says:

        Jews are supposed to stone homosexuals. Christians are supposed to give all their money to the poor. Do you see either one going on? Do you think Woody Allen thinks twice about eating a bacon sandwich?
        The holy book says what it says, but most people don’t follow their holy book to the letter, particularly if it says odd things. Culture is an important force in the interpretation of any religion. The problem with Muslim civilization isn’t so much the Islam as the civilization–they’re stuck in the Middle Ages. They were actually ahead of us for a while back in the early Middle Ages, but then Ghazali went and screwed it up.

      • I’ve known plenty of Jews who have gotten stoned with homosexuals. And there are lots of Christians who would happily give all my money to the poor.
        Seriously, though, whether or not the moderate Muslim exists shouldn’t be a point of disagreement between alt-rightists. So I’ll concede your point on the presumption that you would agree that we need to cut off immigration by Muslims.
        (I’m not sure why I’m having trouble being serious in this thread. I think it’s all the red hair. What’s weird is I used to have brown hair. ???)

      • SFG says:

        Yeah, I would. The USA isn’t doing itself any favors importing Muslims, even if it’s not a major problem here right now. A bigger deal would be cutting off Mexican immigration–it’ll slow demographic replacement and give the present ones time to assimilate (which is what happened in the 20s after the Southern Europe wave, if you recall, and earlier after the Irish wave). I’m not denying the HBD problem with discrepant IQs, BTW.
        If, as your name suggests, you are indeed French, then of course Muslims are a much huger problem, and yes, you should cut off immigration as much as possible–though I fear it may be too late for la belle patrie.

      • “(But not of Moe. I can’t stand that guy.)”
        What are your thoughts on Larry, Curly, and Shemp?

  8. Hey J.A.Y., are you keeping safe in your fair city.

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