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Should sex-offenders be allowed to use Facebook?

There has been some controversy regarding the use of social networks by sex-offenders. If I had to venture a guess as to what percentage of Americans would instinctively, and emphatically, answer “no” to this questions, I’d say it would hover … Continue reading

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Palestinian Christians try to revive Aramaic

I found this at Al-Arabiya: Christian communities in two Palestinian and Arab-Israeli villages are teaching the language that Jesus spoke, centuries after it all but disappeared from the Middle East. In the village of Beit Jala, which lies next to … Continue reading

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Curious about cats

Reflexes can be a curious thing [youtube]

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The Jeanne Clery Act perversion

Once a government institution/agency gets started, it’s almost impossible to eliminate it. This is because people end up working for such institutions; their livelihood ends up depending on them. Not only the livelihood of actual employees of such institutions, but … Continue reading

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World War One; a special kind of hell

I happen to be reading “History of the World War“, by Francis March, as this year’s Memorial Day approaches. While it’s common knowledge that war is hell, many people forget how horrific World War One really was. With the death … Continue reading

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An anonymous reader visits Portland

I got this first impression of Portland from an anonymous reader and thought I’d share it with the rest of y’all: I just witnessed a theft today, on SW 2nd near Yamhill.  First I heard angry shouting, then I saw … Continue reading

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"Hispanics" were created by Jews*

Thanks to HBDchick for linking to this CNN article, which claims that Christopher Columbus was a Jew. Of course, I’ve heard of the theory before; it’s even mentioned in the “Ashkenazi Revolution”. But the clincher is that Columbus included the … Continue reading

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CBS: "Black women are not as attractive as white women"

CBS has come out and admitted that black women are not as attractive as white women. Well, they don’t actually say so explicitly, but they clearly imply it. Here’s a screen capture from a random news page from CBS local: … Continue reading

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Leni Riefenstahl

I just finished reading “A Memoir” by the late Leni Riefenstahl and, for balance, “Leni Riefenstahl, A Life” by Jurgen Trimborn. Of course there’s too much to write, about the life of Riefenstahl, for one blog post. But I’ll share … Continue reading

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As a Jew, I'm offended!

Thanks to Martin B over at Mangan’s for linking to this BBC article: Five men and a 15-year-old youth have been arrested in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow after anti-Semitic remarks were posted on social network site Facebook. Almost 50 police … Continue reading

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