Keep the one-drop rule for American blacks

The one-drop rule comes in many forms, and its impact on the targeted race/ethnic group will vary. When the ethnic group is small, such as the Cherokee, it can rapidly lead to destruction through dilution. One does not need a PHD to realize that, within a few generations, most “Cherokee” will be Cherokee in name only. They will be about as much “Cherokee” as the rest of us are “Neanderthal“. The Neanderthal are generally considered extinct.
The one-drop rule has been gradually whittling away at the pygmies for thousands of years. According to Livescience:

The Pygmy and Bantu populations separated genetically about 60,000 to 70,000 years ago; then roughly 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, they started interbreeding.
Some Pygmy women, after having sex with a Bantu man, have given birth to half-Bantu babies, a phenomenon that integrates Bantu genes into the Pygmy population. These women and their offspring stay in the Pygmy village, and so don’t mix with the Bantu. However, offspring resulting from mating between a Pygmy man and Bantu woman are rare, so the Bantus don’t have many Pygmy genes…
The data revealed height had a genetic component related to Bantu ancestry: The more Bantu ancestry an individual from the Pygmy tribe had, the taller that individual tended to be. One part of the genome, on chromosome 3, was especially important in this trait, the researchers said.

It would seem fairly obvious that the reason Pygmy women like Bantu men is that they are taller. So the same selection process would be at work among the Pygmies; those Pygmy men who had more Bantu blood would tend to have a mating advantage due to their taller stature. Would the mating prospects of Pygmy women suffer if they are taller? Perhaps, but she could go and get herself pregnant by a Bantu man. Thus the cycle would continue and intensify. Of course, if this trend had been a strong one for the past several thousand years, then by now there would be no Pygmies left. My guess is that interbreeding was minimal, due to transportation limitations and an overall lower population, until recently. Now that Africa’s population is exploding, and jungle barriers are falling, the days of the Pygmy are numbered.
There are not many Pygmies left in the world. For them to take on outsider genes, and then consider the offspring “Pygmy” is a death sentence for their genetic legacy.
American blacks are already a mongrel population. Whenever a black man mates with an Indian woman, or an Arab woman,  or an Asian woman, the offspring are considered “black” (or sometimes “mixed”). Barack Obama is strict in observing this rule. Even in the minority of cases where a black woman mates out, her offspring are still considered “black”. If all immigration from Africa ceased, and black birthrates remained reasonable, the end result would be that “black” in America could mean anything. We would have “blacks” with blond hair and blue eyes, “blacks” with epicanthic folds, “blacks” with Mideastern features and some who retain sub-Saharan African features. In other words, the American black race would become extinct due to the one-drop rule.
So, if the one-drop rule means that we will eventually have a black American population that is so mixed it’s barely recognizable, then let’s keep it. Many problems would be solved this way. There is no chance that the Negro races will become extinct; Sub-Saharan Africa will always remain Negro. It is in our best interest to cease importing more Negroes from Africa. Europe and Asia should do the same. If this is done, then the Africans will be forced to find solutions to their own problems.
If I were king of the world, I would confine Africans to Africa and repatriate their diaspora. Then I would give them guidance to try to make their nations as prosperous and healthy as possible. With African doctors and scholars forced to stay home, Africa would be much better off. With African riffraff forced to stay home, the rest of us would be better off. With Africa confined to Africa, the rest of the world could work on confining Islam as well.

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  1. SFG says:

    There may have been some evolutionary advantage to short stature that no longer obtains–short people need less food, for example. If they’re in a resource-poor part of the forest, they might be the only ones who were able to live there previously.
    BTW, I agree more admixture is a good thing in this case. It’d be interesting to hear your thoughts on the upper classes–in many parts of the Northeast, you have homogenization among Jews, WASPs, Chinese, and Indians. We might see a new race emerge…

    • Janon says:

      Are you sure this phenomenon is occurring in the “upper classes” rather than the upper middle class? Murray’s folding of the upper middle class into the upper class rankles me in his book rankles me, so if you really meant upper class or it was an afterthought, my apologies.

    • Gay State Girl says:

      I grew up in the New England and I have get to meet a WASP.

  2. I see your point.
    It runs counter to a point I came to recently: we should be treating race as synonymous with sub-species, as determined phylogenetically. A DNA test can reveal your race, in at least one sense of the word “race”, and that is one of the most solid pieces of information around that we have about someone. (I mean, what other empirical data can we get on someone’s identity? A Test of Standard Written English? Armed Forces Qualification Test? Tax returns???)
    The one-drop rule isn’t compatible with that. So maybe the DNA-based concept should be called “sub-species” while “race” should be left to a set of social rules…? Dunno.

  3. Gay State Girl says:

    You know the best thing China can do for Africa?
    Knock up a lot of women and I am completely serious. This would properly equip them to manage their own country. Educating them in their current state will have limited effects and intervention is costly and demoralizing.
    Fauxcahontas is now lauching the sexism charge at Scott Brown to deflect criticim.

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