New explanation for the racial academic gap: Affirmative Action

They’ve tried just about everything to explain away the persistent achievement gap between the races. White racism, income disparity, low expectations, defective black culture – and now, in the ultimate irony, they’re blaming affirmative action. From Livescience:

Black and Latino students may be getting less critical, but helpful, feedback from teachers than their white counterparts, a new educational study indicates.
“The social implications of these results are important; many minority students might not be getting input from instructors that stimulates intellectual growth and fosters achievement,” study researcher Kent Harber, a Rutgers-Newark psychology professor, said in a press release.
This positive bias in feedback to minority students may be contributing to the achievement gap between white and minority students, a stubborn national problem, Harber said…
Harber and colleagues developed a poorly written essay that they gave to the teachers to grade, under the pretense that it was the work of a student. In some cases, the teachers believed the student was white, in others black and in others Latino.
The teachers believed their feedback would go directly to the student. [Poll: Were Your Teachers Tough Enough?]
The researchers found that, indeed, the teachers were prone to give more praise and less criticism if they believed a minority student had written the paper, as opposed to a white student.
The researchers also considered the support the teacher received from colleagues and administration. This turned out to be an important factor if the teachers believed the student was black, with only teachers who lacked support showing the bias. However, when teachers thought the student was Latino, they showed the bias toward positive feedback regardless.

In other words, discrimination in favor of NAMs* is holding them back. While there’s certainly some truth to this, the fact that the pro-NAM bias continues into the job market means that they suffer few repercussions from their inferior work. A fairly intelligent NAM can go through his entire life floating on the cloud of affirmative action and never even realize it or care. His burden in life is lightened from cradle to grave. Either the authors of articles like this don’t realize this or what they’re secretly concerned about is the welfare of white people – only they can’t say so openly for fear of being called “racist”.
I just saw that Amren posted this article as well. There are some good stories in the comments over there.
* Non Asian Minority

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7 Responses to New explanation for the racial academic gap: Affirmative Action

  1. Annoyed says:

    heh, they have to be running out of excuses. This is the funniest one yet.
    They fail because the school is not nice enough to them, they fail because it is too nice, they fail because they are held to white standards they fail because they are not held to white standards…

  2. Californian says:

    Let me turn this around and ask: where have blacks succeeded? What were the factors leading to their success? Which black majority countries have maintained first or even second world standards, and how did they do it?

  3. Gay State Girl says:

    It is cruel to place minority children in a majority white setting for no other reason than that it nearly eliminates their chances of graduating at the top of their class.

  4. Wade says:

    Wait a minute.. isn’t someone going to suggest that the teachers’ bias *towards* the NAMs –that is, not giving them adequate criticism for their mistakes– is RACIST! Mark my words, someone in the media, somewhere, is going to say this. I’m going to laugh so hard when I read it too.

  5. Georgia Resident says:

    This final, desperate excuse for black failures in general rings truer than the other ones. It doesn’t explain everything (you need hbd for that) but it certainly helps explain the ways in which blacks have gone downhill since the 1960s.

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