Neo-nazi at the DMV

I got my motorcycle endorsement yesterday. Miraculously I passed the drive test and I’ve been enjoying my scooter quite a bit. Among the others waiting for their test was one individual who sported a double lightening bolt insignia on his neck. This was the second time, recently, that I’ve encountered neo-nazi symbolism in my daily life. A couple of weeks ago, while visiting my relative in California, I also saw such symbols scrawled on the asphalt. But I doubt they were put there by neo-nazis; they were among other symbols such as the pentagram and “666” so it was probably just some kids trying to be as offensive as possible.
There’s a lot of anger among whites these days. This anger can be channeled toward positive things. It’s a shame that so much of it is being hijacked by skinhead groups whose projects seem to be counterproductive.
According to opposing views:

Ten alleged members of a white supremacist group called the ‘American Front’ were arrested in central Florida on Tuesday.
Prosecutors said members trained with AK-47s, shotguns and explosives at a fortified compound in St. Cloud, Florida, near Disney World, to prepare for what its leader believed to be an “inevitable race war.”
The felony arrest charges include paramilitary training, attempting to shoot into an occupied dwelling and evidence of prejudices while committing an offense, which falls under Florida’s hate-crimes law.
The group was led by Marcus Faella and his wife, Patricia Faella, of St. Cloud, FL. Faella reportedly said that his intent was “to kill Jews, immigrants and other minorities.”
Court papers said that “Faella views himself and the other members of the AF as the protectors of the white race” and that “the race war will take place within the next few years based on current world events.”

Well, neo-nazis crazies or not, they are right that there is going to be a race war. In fact, it’s already going on. If they were, indeed, planning on murdering random non-whites and Jews, then they clearly needed to be stopped. It’s a shame, however, that their rage and youth is being wasted on such foolishness.
I look at these people:

… and I see a great waste. I wonder how many of them joined American Front because they were brutalized by NAMs. I wonder how many of them were motivated partly by the incessant anti-white propaganda they were fed since they were born. Are any of them going to turn out like Derek in “American History X”? It would be so nice if reasonable pro-whites could have outreach programs where we could try to educate such people while they are locked up. As it stands, they would probably kill me if they could get away with it (for being a Jew). But there’s not much to worry about as long as they’re in prison. Perhaps a letter-writing campaign is in order. The results, if any, might be interesting.

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  1. Me Ne Frego says:

    Race doesnt matter when it comes to people with head/face/neck tattoos, they are almost always imbeciles who should be avoided.

  2. latteisland says:

    These aren’t the kind of white people anyone would want to associate with anyway. If they weren’t neo-nazis, they’d be ruining white neighborhoods with their biker gangs and meth.

  3. WMarkW says:

    Prison is probably the first place they’ve ever lived that couldn’t be hauled away behind a pick-up.
    That said, we do need to create a vocabulary that expresses how their interests coincide with educated parents looking for a “good school district.”

  4. formerly no name says:

    Looks like there’s no hope for help from Russia:
    We’re on our own-which is pretty depressing.

  5. Douglas says:

    I didn’t know para military training was illegal, and I live in Florida. I also didn’t know there was a crime where an individual could be charged simply for having prejudicial material while committing a crime.
    Now I am going to make a statment you may find offensive. Even though I know there are some great conservatives with Jewish back grounds, namely someone like Lawrence Auster, most Jews lean severely towards those politics that would end the existence of white conservative and especially Christian people. It should be easy to understand the hatred. It’s no different from black people. There are great black conservatives, but as a whole it is best for whites to avoid them when there are large groups of them and it would be best for conservatives to limit their entry into the country. Can this not also be said of the Jewish community?
    This is my honest question least you think I am simply a Jew hater. I am firmly in the Christian/Zionist camp.

  6. Matan says:

    We Hebrews here in Israel respect American Jews; but they cannot speak for us. We will have our own Embassy in White Zion, and the American Jews will not be staffing it. I guess the American Jews can lollygag around with gangsta-rap hip-hop artists in Eugene, oregon. fine with me.

  7. rjp says:

    The felony arrest charges include paramilitary training, attempting to shoot into an occupied dwelling and evidence of prejudices while committing an offense, which falls under Florida’s hate-crimes law.
    This list of charges is jaw dropping?
    Paramilitry training is a crime?
    “Attempting” to shoot into an occupid dwelling (on private property)?
    “Evidence of prejudices” while commiting an offense?
    We’re done people if these are crimes.

    • I agree. Really, if they can’t even get them for meth, reckless endangerment, or anything like that, they should just let them be burly dim people. Leave them the hell alone. But I know the establishment needs people like that, to create fear.
      (And I really have no idea what “attempting to shoot” means.)

    • countenance says:

      This reads like the Hutaree clusterfreak. It will end badly for the U.S. Attorneys, like the Hutaree affair did….but that’s not the point. The point is to give the paranoia-industrial complex fund raising fodder. Expect thousands of beg letters to go out from a certain PO Box in Montgomery, Alabama in the coming weeks.

  8. Johann says:

    I believe that with the death of neoliberal capitalism, people fro m all over the world will become nationalist socialists. If you are going hungry and there is no future for your kids in your own country, “local production for local consumption” wil spread from economics to culture. Transnationalism is ealready giving way to neonationalism. The longer these spent neoliberal capitalists try to protect their freeflow of capital, the more uncertain an infuriated people will become. Hitler will experience his second coming before Jesus, only this time he will be everybody’s Hitler (just look at the ANC and Israel). There will be Japanese and Taiwanese nazi’s walking around like those Asian Elvis impersonators in Vegas. But what will white South Africans do?

  9. Californian says:

    What is needed is a movement which could channel this sort of rage into useful political activity. As for the charges, they seem to be trumped up.
    Thing is, there are a lot of people who see the system for what it is, taken the Red Pill, so to speak. But there is a lack of political activist alternatives. So often people do turn to attacking convenient targets.

  10. Stealth says:

    What’s really sad is that people like the aforementioned nogoodniks are the only white people who attempt to organize. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I”m not a white nationalist. However, given the anti-white efforts of the Democrats and the Republican tendency to work against the economic interests of everyone who’s not rich, white people should organize – and not just for the benefit of ourselves. Non-white Americans’ political interests tend to revolve around getting handouts or privileges. They’re too busy playing identity politics. Whites, on the other hand, possess a more complete political and world view. We should realize that.
    How sad that the only whites willing to organize are these types. It’s time to get over the hatred of Jews…… and ugly tattoos.

    • Nyk says:

      And what’s even sadder is that any WN movement that can gain power will most definitely have skinhead antisemites as foot soldiers. Frankly, I’m not sure how WNs can gain power at this point in time without some antisemitist propaganda, because people that would make for good soldiers are not smart enough to have a solid grasp of the Universalist religion and its power structures. They need a personal enemy to fight against, not an ideology.
      Not that I would mind if they went after Soros and other leftist Jews that support the current regime, but I would be very disturbed if they went after Jewamongyou, Half Sigma, Moldbug, Unumused. The Stormfront crowd will never bring themselves to believe that the reactionary Jews are honest and mean what they say. To them, Jews are the Enemy.

      • A lot of non-antisemitic nationalism directs its ire at banksters, NAMs, and leftists. Anger can be productive or destructive and I fear a lot of it may turn out more the latter. Anti-bankster anger can lead to hastily-drawn regulations, degraded respect for property rights, or violence. Anti-NAM anger could generate sympathy for NAMs. Even anti-leftist anger could be counter-productive, hard though that may be to imagine.
        I try to write my blog in a way that encourages constructive anger and discourages or routes around the destructive kind. “Pro-Anger Anti-Hatred” would be a great motto if the word “hate” didn’t already reek of leftist Newspeak.
        My practice is to more-or-less ignore Stormfront. They haven’t even lost the chains of socialism. We should be aiming information about HBD, welfare dysgenesis, immigrant crime, etc., at the mainstream right and the Lou Dobbs Democrats.

  11. Gay State Girl says:

    How would you feel about relocating Israel to the Kimberley region of Western Australia, (a region approximately the size of California with less than 50,000 inhabitants, rich in resources and natural beauty, with great potential for economic growth and eco tourism)?

    • jewamongyou says:

      It would be better than having all Jews in the Land of Palestine exterminated by Arabs. On the other hand, it would be a shame to leave all the history, and archeology, to the Arabs.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        We can remove anything that can be uprooted (no pun intended!) and rave everything else to the ground and make them begin anew.
        The benefits outweigh the costs.

    • Would be interesting to site a “relocated Cape Province” right next to neo-Israel.
      Still, I want all the white South Africans and Rhodesians to come to the United States. I’d marry a dozen of them myself if it were legal. They could live on my street and tell me stories about hunting bosbok. Or dodging PAC brickbats.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        My mom is from Cape Town and I spent a considerable portion of my formative years there. Don’t worry, There is room for everyone on the West coast.

      • Johann says:

        The Cape province will one day become the Cape Republic. Black South Africans have shown that they cannot live in peace with whites, coloureds and Asians. In fact, if blacks really want to do away with Apartheid, they have to do away with the foundation of Apartheid, which is is
        notion that there is such a thing as a unified South Africa in the first place. British imperialism created the lie of a unified South Africa so that they could get their grubby paws on everything. The National Party perfected it, and now the ANC is trying to advance their own fascist power through it. But there is no such thing as a South Africa. There is the Cape Republic south of the Orange River, the kingdom of Kwazulu in the East, and Azania north of the Orange. It is time to do away with this colonial lie and cessede.

      • My comment was partly tongue-in-cheek, although I really don’t know what will happen to the Whites of southern Africa.
        Gay State Girl, are you thinking that whites on the west coast of South Africa can safely stay there? (I wasn’t sure which west coast you meant.)
        Johann, are you talking about some big demographic change? None of the provinces Cape Province was broken into top 15% whiteness. Are you talking about an alliance between Whites and conservative non-whites, or secession by Whites only?
        I have been puzzling over how the Whites of the region can survive and exodus is the only thing that comes to mind. America could absorb four million race-conscious Whites about a thousand times more easily than ten million lawbreaking Mexicans and Guatemalans. Seems logical to me….

      • Gay State Girl says:

        No I was referring to the West Coast of Australia, which only houses one large city.

      • SFG says:

        It kind of sucks, actually. Nobody wants them because of the history.
        I don’t have any good ideas apart from advising as many as possible to emigrate.

      • rjp says:

        There are more than a few DWL’s in SA.

      • Oh, I see, Gay State Girl. I was juggling Cape Town, Perth, and San Francisco.
        (Also, I just voted for my own post, by accident. Didn’t know you could do that!)

  12. michael says:

    where to start, a week or so ago clicking through some links to see what the derbyshire thing was about when i realize even Wikipedia concedes most of Murray work in the bell curve. although i thought his work irrefutable 20 years ago, and i have always been unafraid of facts, it was only last week that it really dawned how serious the implications would be for America, so i continued to click farther afield from national review. i come across all these sites that seem respectable inteligent but what the average liberal might call racist im more the average libertarian and try not to be predjudiced though i admit to coining the phrase “postjudice” 30 years ago -it never caught i have also been predicting a facist backlash if left wing ideology is continued against the im a native new yorker and although im irish catholic i say in jest new yorkers are all half jewish because of the inordinate influence it could be said americans as well. i mean this as a complimentbut am not afraid to say you guys can be trying at times in short its absurd to say there are not differences good and bad among races genders nationalities classes etc.
    i write to say im a bit disturbed by some of these blogs sites then this jewish one. i mean you must be honest enough to admit this sort of talk will lead back to well slouching towards bethlehem. maybe the science is correct ,and maybe it spells doom for the west if nothing changes but how can you guys of all people be so blithe.

  13. This whole concept still has me pondering. Mainly, I’m pondering the inner emotional reaction of the contemporary Jew to Nazi-per-se symbolism. (I’m talking Hitlerian imagery, the black Hakenkreuz on a white circle on a red background, etc. I’m not talking about high school dropouts listening to Gestapo 666.)
    Tons of people seem to react with fear, not concern, actual fear-just-below-panic, to Hitlerian imagery. J.A.Y., from your post I didn’t get a sense of an emotional response? Has Hitlerian symbolism every provoked actual fear? In my it provokes mainly disappointment, but I’m not Jewish or Slavic.
    My question (not answerable by anyone except maybe me) is:
    When contemporary Jews seem scared by the typical bald, rural proletarian ranting about the ZOG, is this sort of the same way that I feel when I read about the National Defense Authorization Act?
    (I’m just thinking out loud.)

    • jewamongyou says:

      I probably would have a more emotional reaction if I’d been personally attacked by those types. As it stands, I’ve only been taunted by them – and that was a very long time ago. Also, when it comes to sheer numbers, there are probably 10,000 dangerous NAMs to every dangerous skinhead/neo-Nazi. So we have a lot more to worry about from NAMs than skinheads.

  14. Wind says:

    You forgot to mention that Holder didn’t arrest the black panthers for putting a bounty on a citizen and dropped the charges for the blacks intimidating voters in philly. The current left supports the nbp and will go out of their way to try to put a stop on any kind of pro-white group. The charges they put on these people are ridiculous, can you say witch hunt? Whites are too scattered and divided on this issue, but deep down the majority think the same way. One of the posters above made a reference about American Jew vs Israeli Jew, and having Israeli friends I can honestly say that they are just as racist, if not more, then any other group of people. I guess growing up in a country that practices apartheid will do that to you. I could see apartheid practiced in the newmerikka if a race war does break out. The cities with large black populations will burn and many poor white liberals and rich white liberals will die. The women and children will be tortured and raped and this will be the eye opener for mainstream whites. If you think I’m full of shit, research what happened in South Africa on what happened to the whites after apartheid was lifted. It’s already happened and could happen again. The left is so drunk with power yet they are creating massive hate and scorn against them, not just from the right, but average the average johnny on the street. Nazi Germany was created the same way, but for it to happen here, we need a financial collapse, which it looks like our “leaders” are doing everything in their power to ensure on happening.

  15. Unamused says:

    What a waste of White people. The 10 arrested, I mean.
    The charges are BS: “paramilitary training” is only necessary because the government is against us; “attempting to shoot into an occupied dwelling” probably means they were training with guns near a building; and “evidence of prejudices while committing an offense” is obviously utter BS.
    I wonder if I’m next.
    Also, what jumps out at me is that they were clearly preparing to defend themselves for a race war they consider inevitable and, obviously, beyond their control, but the media (of course), and probably the police too, have decided that they were planning to START a race war.
    As if that were possible.
    (If only it were possible…)

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  17. portland1realist says:

    If we want to start a pro-white movement that consists of more than a handful of bloggers, we need to be able to look past things like tattoos. I have “Outside Society” tattooed down the back of my arms and I don’t do meth nor am I an imbecile. These young men are full of rage because of what they see happening to their people and their families, these tattoos are simply an expression of that.
    With the exception of their irrational hatred of all Jews (which the Jewish publisher of this site agrees is somewhat understandable although misplaced), I am willing to bet most of us would agree with these folks on a whole range of topics. Imagine being dragged out of bed early one morning and arrested for “inciting racial hatred on the internet” or some other nonsense charge, and your mugshot taken. Your disheveled hair and frowning expression may give the impression of a psychopath or criminal. I feel nothing but outrage at the authorities for this arrest and sympathy for these people.

    • Well said. I should have written something like that long ago.
      To that I might add, we should probably not tie religious or certain politico-economic issues (particularly monetary policy) into a litmus test for pro-whiteness. That means atheists might have to sit down with Catholics, pagans, etc. (No need to accept Muslims or Scientologists, I hasten to add.)

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