Rehabilitating neo-Nazis

The movie “American History X” fresh in my mind, I’ve decided to start delving deeper into the pathology called “neo-Nazism” and efforts to cure it.
An organization called Fast Coexist, which is an online leftist publication, recently had an article about how to cure young people of their extremism, whether it be neo-Nazism, gangs or militant Islam. The Author, Paul Glader, interviewed specialist Judy Korn:

How do you rehabilitate a young Neo-Nazi behind bars?
“You talk with them,” says German social entrepreneur Judy Korn. In the past, German prisons showed films about Hitler and the Holocaust to try to reach such extremists. But Korn says re-integrating the young men happens with personal communication, not by showing them passive media.
And it turns out that helping Neo-Nazis change their ways requires the same five principles (see the sidebar below) that work on Muslim extremist youth and others who end up behind bars for violent or hate-motivated crimes. The chief skill to teach them: empathy.
“If you work with violent people, you can be sure at one point in their biography, they stopped having the ability to feel empathy for other people,” says Korn, who has worked with right extremists since she was a teenager. She said most Neo-Nazis her team of trainers work with in 10 of Germany’s 16 states come from abusive homes with alcoholism and other problems. “If you train people to feel empathy for themselves, you can train them to be and feel empathetic for another person.”
Korn’s organization–Violence Prevention Network–has worked with 500 such cases of incarcerated young skinheads, Neo-Nazis, and Muslim extremists in Germany since 2001. Her records show recidivism rates for the young men they work with is 30%, compared to 80% for all juvenile offenders in Germany. Her team of trainers can work with about 100 young people a year, but she would like to expand to work with more than 300. Other projects like Exit Deutschland also helps shuttle Neo-Nazis out of the scene, offering a witness protection type of program to young people who might fear violent retribution when they quit an extremist movement.

Clearly, a lot of ignorant, angry, and violent young men find a voice for their frustrations in movements such as neo-Nazism or skinheads. It goes without saying that if a person is willing to tattoo swastikas, or other Nazi insignia, on his flesh for all to see, he has little regard for societal norms – especially in a place like Germany. Along with this might come a readiness for violence. It would be interesting to observe a rehabilitation, done by Korn, and try to figure out if she is curing the subject of neo-Nazism or of delinquency in general. If the subject is a delinquent, and his Nazi creed is merely a manifestation of this, then curing him of his anger, low self-esteem and ignorance might also cure his Nazism. Some disturbed individuals are attracted to Nazism, not because they’re convinced of its tenets, but because this is merely an expression of their condition. The same could be said of any number of fringe movements. The individual might be convinced that he has attached himself to the movement through his powers of reasoning, but the underlying motivation is psychological.
But what about well-educated people who have become inflamed by the ongoing genocide of their own people, by the ongoing propaganda or by the pattern of abuse perpetrated by the elite few (many of whom are Jews)? In their case, ignorance is not the problem. Such people may be perfectly healthy psychologically. Their creed may be based on rational choices (taken to extremes, perhaps, by runaway emotions). Could this be the 30% recidivism?
Slyly, the author of the above article equates all right-leaning nationalism with neo-Nazism:

Rightist movements are on the rise in several European countries at the moment, causing increasing concern by officials. The EU recently created the Radicalization Awareness Network after Norwegian extremist Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people last summer. It will spend $28 million in the next four years to help prevent extremism in Europe. While Germany has its share of ongoing problems with extremist communities, she worries about the right-leaning rhetoric coming from the political class in some Western European countries

This tendency shows that those doing the healing are in need of healing themselves. Time and time again we have seen how steeped leftism is in emotion, conditioning and mental flaws. Cold reasoning is near the bottom of the list of reasons why people subscribe to leftist ideologies. People like Korn may simply be replacing one mental illness with another. One religion with another. This might explain some of her success; most people need a religion as a crutch and it’s easier to jump from one religion-raft to another – rather than jumping in the water and swimming.

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  1. WMarkW says:

    Nazism was a totalitarian political system that judged and disposed of its citizens based on their (perceived) value to the state. It’s anathema to my fundamental political premise, that governments exist to serve their populations, and not the other way around. Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s famous “Dictatorships and Double Standards” characterized totalitarianism as the belief that one’s interests are identical to those of one’s state, race or class.
    _My_ version of anti-leftism emphasizes the principles of freedom. Like the T-shirt that says “Political Incorrectness: Free Minds, Free Markets, Free Society.” IMO, it’s essential not to talk about our issues as being that my interests are those as a member of my race. It’s that I have freedom to think, speak and associate, and others have the right to associate or not with me, without regard to race.

  2. countenance says:

    The way to “cure” Neo-Naziism is to let the legitimate right wing win elections, that way, those who might tend to that scene won’t go to that scene because they’ll have a legit channel to air their frustrations. The other way is to quit banning or bitching about Neo-Nazis. The more you marginalize something, the more marginal kinds of people are attracted to it. Forbidden fruit syndrome. Germany should ban broccoli and require teenagers to be Neo-Nazis. That way, they’ll eat broccoli and not be Neo-Nazis.

    • Voat > Reddit says:

      As a music conoisseur, the Forbidden Fruit Factor hits the head on the nail–and arbitrary, stupid rules just make me want to break said rules. A good example of this is growing up Christian in the fundigelical subculture. I have metalhead instincts, so being told how dark and bad and edgy “secular rock music” was just made it sound very, very alluring to me. But outside of that context, when I got away from that environment and became an atheist, the stuff that was supposed to be “demonic” was actually quite lame and boring (I like bestial black metal, so emo stuff and anything soft and poppy like that sounds boring and dreadful to me). National Socialism and its cultural artifacts are the same way. Embed yourself in German rules, and asinine laws, and you feel like walking up to a cop and saying “Hitler did nothing wrong.” Embed yourself in NatSoc subculture and the writings of William Pierce, and you feel like rebelling against THAT and being an individualist. Most RAC, NSBM, etc. is low-quality–and the best stuff, like Graveland, only offers marginal enjoyment and isn’t as good as the non-far-right stuff–but when something is banned I crave it and hate that it is banned. So I still listen to Graveland et al., and would feel amiss if I were no longer allowed to hear the unique musical stuff NS music (Brutal Begude, Still Burnin’ Youth, Ziontod, Holdaar) has to offer.
      Altmeyer’s studies on Right-Wing Authoritarians (an invaluable pdf, for those of you who haven’t already read it) showed that people’s attitudes get more RWA when imagining that their country is under terrorist attack, in the middle of a guerrilla war, or any other kind of civil unrest. The one kind of civil unrest that lowered RWA attitudes was the Gadhi scenario, where the government is cracking down on peaceful nonviolent protesters (e.g., human rights activists in Cuba, obviously not Black Lives Matter). Expanding on this, I have found in my personal experience that my attitudes get more racialist reading about Hasidim, Romani, “migrants” in Europe, blacks in Rhodesia, blacks in South Africa, the LA Riots, etc. and their horrid behavior to whites who were nothing but good to them. I get more Zionist and kill-all-the-Palestinians when I read what Muslims have to say about Israel, especially Islamists and “OMG apartheid racism” anti-white leftists (see: the ANC and the UN’s anti-racism conference in South Africa). My feelings get more liberal and racially egalitarian when I read about genocides and government brutality. Even horror stories told from a right-wing white nationalist perspective like Hellstorm have this effect on me, because my conclusion is not “the Germans were angels and the Allies were devils” but “what the Soviets did to Germany is horrible and not justified by German atrocities, the German atrocities to Jews and Russian civilians because an ideology stupidly told them a bunch of light-skinned literate civilized people were Abo-tier subhumans were also horrible.” My feelings also get more liberal when I read about people who grew up in fundigelical or Mormon subculture, with parents who were the idiot kind of racist (i.e. actual narrow-minded bigots, not reasoned people like Arthur Jensen), or read stories of abuse on The latter makes me very opposed to hierarchical societies and cultures where parents and old people are magically right (see: Confucianism), because of the (guaranteed!) abuse that will occur. Putting a narcissistic or sadistic parent in Confucian society and giving them that kind of authority is like giving torture devices to a serial killer. The Stanford Prison Experiment is a perfect example of what happens when there’s unchecked authority and not individual rights, and therefore why harshly hierarchical societies like Pashtun society is crueler than Mosuo or Hadza society (Mosuo girls have low suicide rates, which contrasts sharply with both patriarchal societies and the Rushton-observed East Asian tendency to have high suicide and depression rates). Thoughts like that don’t come to me when reading about horrid things blacks or enraging things black SJWs post.
      There’s got to be a common human psychological factor here, I can’t be the only person who reacts that way.

  3. Pat says:

    That’s very interesting, but the question is wrong for mine. Rather than “How do you rehabilitate?” I want to know, “How do you take that energy and transform it into something powerful, that will help the individual actualise his goals, and work for himself and thus broader White community?”
    See, the first question is really about stifling this energy. Shutting it down, pacifying it and turning it into a non-threat.
    The second question is to see that there is a genuine need here that is being expressed in a way that is not transcending, that is ultimately harming the White individual’s progression.
    Why is Nazism or neo-Nazism attractive? Because it enables the individual to feel powerful in a situation where he feels powerless. With regard violent neo-Nazism, it is an expression and validation of the rage the individual feels in himself, expressed outward at targets that are legitimated by the movement.
    She said most Neo-Nazis her team of trainers work with in 10 of Germany’s 16 states come from abusive homes with alcoholism and other problems.
    Right. An abusive home not only instils physical violence as a legitimate way of life, it is also a situation where the child has been rendered fatherless, or with a father (father’s translate as God to children – especially boys) that is hateful of them. Nazism gives the young boy from such a place a better father who cares about them, and at the same time validates the anger and violent expression they have been brought up with.
    The allure of Nazism, with the symbols, rituals, group bonding, history etc is that it is masculine, honourable, group expression, has direction, is more profound than consumer life, very much like how religion used to be.
    Which is why it is alluring to intellectuals, as well as the criminal.
    So, the question is: how do we tap the energy and seeking of these various types and direct it to a more beneficial and powerful expression of ethnic unity that would retake our nations from the Leftist-Corporatist and Jewish scum that have over run us?
    Kudos to you, Jew Among You, for being one of the only alt-right bloggers to be honest about Jewish malfeasance. One simply cannot genuinely deal with the anti-White nature of our Western societies without directly dealing with Jews and their groups. Just the same as we need to deal with the Leftist and Corporatist alignment.

  4. Annoyed says:

    Those who are ideologically commited aren’t going to be “rehabilited” outside of direct brainwashing.
    That said, those who are ideologically commited would likely see how pointless it is to publicly idolize Hitler and company.
    In any event I agree that there would be less neonazis if another alternative which shared the basic core goals exsisted.

    • The strongest sense I get from all these posts, is that what we need is a public profile, simple enough that the average White can understand it. A movement with a name, and not a name that emphasizes the power we lack, like American Third Position. A movement with identifiable policies, not just courage in recognizing facts. So HBD is not even close to synonymous with this hypothetical movement.
      Core issues:
      Official English
      Abolition of affirmative action
      Abolition of PATRIOT and indefinite-detention laws
      Bringing troops home from Afghanistan
      Immigration moratorium and stepped up deportations, to combat unemployment (no need to try emphasize the cultural or HBD aspects–people know them instinctively)
      We should look at those for our core issues. Stick to them and let fiscal & monetary policy and moral-sexual issues go for a while. (I personally would like to put something in about securing/segregating prisons and reforming corporate bankruptcy law, but that may not be core to enticing abjected Whites away from the Naughtcies.
      J.A.Y. and commenters – Please feel free to add or subtract from my list.

      • Voat > Reddit says:

        The problem with this is that people who believe in HBD compose a much broader spectrum than people who agree with the above platform. I am a hardcore sterilize- the-blacks-and-Muslims, don’t-let-Hasidim-vote racialist, a regular poster on CoonTown, and I’m still mostly a libertarian. For example, Official English doesn’t fix a biological problem (Aztecs acting like Aztecs). What about neoconservative race realists like AustralianRealist on YouTube? What if I want to abolish affirmative action, make America as white as possible, AND bomb the Muslim savages instead of letting a formerly functioning-thanks-to-competent-American-soldiers area degenerate into Islamism, etc. in the name of autonomy? Withdrawal is purely a selfish motive from a national perspective–for example, it is a matter of national self-interests at the expense of the people who will now have to rely on weak, incompetent Iraqi/Afghan national army protection–and what if I can’t stand to be apathetic and “let them kill each other” about the Middle East? What if I believe something *should* have been done, someone should do the killing just not government because government screws things up and is always incompetent, stupid, bloated and ridiculously expensive as Stossel has demonstrated countless times?
        It’s like saying “atheism and showing religious claims are fallacious isn’t enough, we need a liberal agenda with X, Y and Z.” Not everyone will agree with those things. I don’t. I’m not populist and if Joe Redneck is a populist collectivist then I don’t want his bad policies to be the governmental policies. At best it would just be a lesser evil than the current policies.
        I’ve heard the same thing from a magazine article about going to an AmRen conference–the people there said “we need to appeal to emotion, not reason”–but people don’t even bother presenting facts anyway. Facts are what changed my mind. Not irrational BS, not ideals even though I have a strong sense of aesthetics and was a longtime NSBM fan, not paganism, not William Pierce or Harold Covington, not totalitarian fapping like the Turner Diaries, not Cosmotheism, not “here’s a policy plank,” not VDARE being a neocon grandma and going on and on about halting mestizo immigration when the mestizos already born here, who are citizens and English-speaking SJWs and pushing affirmative action, are a far bigger problem than illegals who work in meatpacking plants and don’t get involved in politics. Not to mention blacks and reservation-dwelling Amerinds who live on welfare and don’t work at all. H-1B people are vastly superior to welfare parasites in terms of white interests even if they terk your jerb.
        But I’m assuming you mean that the Trump campaign–tweeting black crime stats, shifting the Overton Window, not sperging or ever being tagged with stuff that says “loser” like being a neo-Nazi or white nationalist, using Game tactics and reframing the debate–is the kind of thing that works. I like Trump purely for the racialism–I intensely dislike an expanded, expensive Republican government but we’d still get that with the cuckservative candidates but with racial dishonesty, sucking up to mestizos and Establishment corruption thrown in.

  5. “The individual might be convinced that he has attached himself to the movement through his powers of reasoning, but the underlying motivation is psychological.”
    Something applicable to most people to be honest. Self-assuaging to the extremes, socially advantageous to the smugly modish.
    The Left holds a condescending view that their opponents are ignorant and need to be educated or ostracised; that they are ‘neanderthals’ and other such epithets who hold their worldview out of ignorance or mental abnormality.
    They rarely conceive that any of them may be former Leftists, those of the same gentle disposition, who have subsequently abjured such socially accepted lines of thinking – these people are the ones at the forefront of the HBD blogosphere which, whilst nascent, are starting to upset the balance – they don’t fit the convenient stereotype of the knuckle-dragging skinhead or bitter old codger. That said, I surmise there will be more useful ad hominems in the future.

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