As a Jew, I'm offended!

Thanks to Martin B over at Mangan’s for linking to this BBC article:

Five men and a 15-year-old youth have been arrested in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow after anti-Semitic remarks were posted on social network site Facebook.
Almost 50 police officers raided seven addresses after complaints from members of the Jewish community in Giffnock.
It followed a number of offensive posts on a page entitled: “Welcome to Israel, only kidding you’re in Giffnock.”
The six people arrested were charged with a breach of the peace with religious and racial aggravations.

Hate crimes

One other man was detained and later released without charge pending further inquiry.

Ch Insp Alan Murray, of Strathclyde Police, said: “This was a very complex and protracted inquiry that required assistance from many departments of Strathclyde Police and the support of the procurator fiscal at Paisley.

“I hope it clearly demonstrates that Strathclyde Police will not tolerate hate crimes of any kind.
“It should cause anyone who believes they can get away with this sort of behaviour to think again.”
The Community Security Trust (CST), which helps protect the Jewish community in the UK, said: “CST welcomes the arrests of suspects regarding alleged anti-Semitic statements.
“Glaswegian Jews should be reassured that local police take anti-Semitism seriously…

Let me clarify what constitutes an anti-semitic hate crime, so that the Strathclyde police, and the paranoid Jews over there, can educate themselves:
Throwing rocks at Jews = anti-semitic hate crime.
Vandalizing a synagogue = anti-semitic hate crime.
Physically assaulting Jews or threatening them with violence = anti-semitic hate crime.
Murdering Jews = anti-semitic hate crime.
Saying bad things about Jews on the internet ≠ anti-semitic hate crime.
I’m deeply offended by the draconian laws against free speech in the U.K. I’m offended that it’s completely permissible to write disparaging words about the native population of the U.K., and that it’s even encouraged. I hope some of the citizens of Strathclyde read this, and that they post it on Facebook.
Meanwhile, as the over-sensitive Jews of Strathclyde worry about negative comments on Facebook, the founder of Facebook (a Jew himself), has married an Asian woman. While negative comments about Jews on Facebook pose no threat to our survival as a people, Jews marrying non-Jews poses a very grave threat. An intelligent, and extremely wealthy, man like Zuckerberg could have easily found himself a nice Jewish wife. Instead, he chose to serve as a bad example and marry out. Shame on him; he gets a thumbs down from me.

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  1. Nyk says:

    At least the children will have a high probability of high IQ, so let’s be glad Zuckerberg didn’t marry a Black girl. On another note, it takes some serious betatude to be a billionaire an marry a fat, ugly Asian instead of any cute computer science student that no doubt exist out there.
    The situation in both Britain and the UK seems to become downright Orwellian, now that Dharun Ravi was also convicted. For once, I’m relieved to live in the relative poverty of Eastern Europe. We can still insult other people over here, without the police banging at our door.

    • SFG says:

      They age better. Seen old Jewish ladies? Eesh.
      Seriously, a lot of the iSteve commenters actually have a really good point: looks like she’s been his girlfriend for a while, so the odds are better she actually loves him. Pick up a girl, even a nerdgirl, once you’re a billionaire, and you have no guarantee she isn’t after the money.

      • SFG says:

        Janon below also has a really good point: seen young Jewish ladies? Feminist to a woman. Steinem? Friedan? I rest my case. Secular Jewish woman have embraced feminism, and secular Jewish men punish them by chasing after shiksas. The Asian shiksa has the advantage of being able to pass on high-IQ genes and strong study habits to your offspring.

  2. Janon says:

    I doubt that Zuckerberg is particularly concerned about either the religious or ethnic dimensions of Judaism, and that is his right. Also,there aren’t all that many secular “nice Jewish girls” in their 20’s and 30’s unless one has a penchant for shrill leftist harpies. The religious types would be utterly incompatible with someone like Zuckerberg. So I think he did fine. Like Nyk said, at least the kids are likely to be intelligent.

  3. mindweapon says:

    This is the first time I’ve posted here. I’d like to offer you to exchange links. I’ve just linked you at
    I came up with an angle for you — namely that focusing on the Holocaust while ignoring Jews’ very active role in Communism is what I would call “the wimp libel.” You see these modern Jewish kids who think that their ancestors were mass murdered, while doing nothing but playing violin, inventing nuclear bombs and honest trading. They are not told that their ancestors also did their share of killing, and that the Holocaust was in part a response to “Judeo-Bolshevism,” which people knew very well meant mass killing.
    I’m not bringing up Bolshevism to make anyone feel guilty, or cause bad feeling in any way. I’m bringing it up because I think Jews who have good faith should say, “Look, BOTH SIDES did their share of mass murder, and the Holocaust narrative makes Jewish kids feel neurotic and wimpy because they are taught omitted and incomplete history.” If Jewish kids knew that their ancenstors strapped on Mausers and filled mass graves as well as early as 1917, maybe they would put the kibosh on all this mushy Holocaust remembrance, and insist on including Armenian genocide, Ukrainian Holodomor, and for that matter Native American genocide in the Holocaust museum.
    I know no one is going to listen to you, but in your position, I’d make a campaign for a more inclusive Holocaust memorial museum, and attack “the wimp libel.” Heck, you could go on a speaking tour at colleges. I could totally see the Hillel chapters having you. I’d speak to Hillel myself if I didn’t think it would bring down all kinds of mafia style SPLC tactics on me. As a made man certified Jew, maybe you can do this where I wouldn’t be able to.
    Imagine getting up on the podium and telling the Jewish men in the crowd, “You’re not wimps! Your elders are lying to you about history and about yourselves for their own political power and blackmail schemes! We Jews killed millions of people — Poles, Russians, and especially Ukrainians! I’m not saying this to make you feel guilty — no there’s too much of that already. I’m saying that so you’ll see yourselves differently, and see Europeans differently. The Holocaust narrative set you up to feel sorry for yourselves and hate Germans. Bullshit! The Germans are wonderful people, and have a long history with the Jews, most of it quite good. Why do you think Jews speak Yiddish? It’s time to cut the Germans some slack and say ‘bygones.
    The 20th century was a bloodbath, but we Jews spilled our share of Christian blood too.”

    • destructure says:

      @ Mind
      I’m not German and my family fought against the nazis during ww2. Yet even I feel that some people / groups would rub my nose in the holocaust. When they do that it doesn’t endear them to me. And yet you think someone should rub Jews’ noses in communism? I don’t think that’s likely to endear gentiles to them, either. Its one thing to use it as a rebuttal to someone who would treat history as a cudgel. But if someone isn’t doing that then its best to just leave it alone. More and more, I’m starting to think that even when someone is doing that it might be best to leave it alone. Because no one ever really wins that argument. They just piss off the “other side”. That’s a lesson learned the hard way. No disrespect intended.

      • mindweapon says:

        I said — this is not about a guilt pissing contest, this is about ending the guilt pissing contest.
        I don’t want to rub Jews noses in Communism; I want them to look at Communism and Nazism on balance, recognize that the mass murder of Communism preceded Nazism, and call for an inclusive genocide museum in Washington DC.

      • Attila says:

        Why do you see it as a pissing contest anyway? What needs to be dismantled is the “perpetual victim complex” so that people will NOT pretend to stand in higher moral ground.

  4. countenance says:

    Ch Insp Alan Murray, of Strathclyde Police, said: “This was a very complex and protracted inquiry that required assistance from many departments of Strathclyde Police and the support of the procurator fiscal at Paisley.
    You would have thought that they nabbed a serial killer.

  5. bob says:

    Britain, like the EU, has become a Fascist police state. At present, they do not have concentration camps or death camps. At present. But they do have the rest of it.
    The US needs to cut itself lose from Europe before the contamination overwhelms us, too.

    • SFG says:

      Cut itself loose? Mitt Romney won’t even admit to speaking French.
      We have our own race-replacement problem, but that’s Hispanics, not Arabs.

  6. JI says:

    Sounds like she viewed “her Nuba” as pets. How condescending and insulting to those people!

  7. Attila says:

    What if a Jew or a group of Jews attacks you (throws something at you, spits on you for instance) and you retaliate?
    Is that an “anti-Semitic hate crime” or a “crime against humanity”?

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