CBS: "Black women are not as attractive as white women"

CBS has come out and admitted that black women are not as attractive as white women. Well, they don’t actually say so explicitly, but they clearly imply it. Here’s a screen capture from a random news page from CBS local:

The casual, non-thinking, observer wouldn’t think twice about such an image. He would gloss over it and assume that the choice of races is totally random and without design. Of course he would be quite wrong about this. If we click on the respective links, we’ll find 30 “attractive guys” and 21 “attractive gals”. Of the 30 guys, 9 of them are black. Of the 21 gals, only 2 are black.
So, even though black guys constitute only about 13% of the population, almost a third of attractive guys are black according to them. Among gals, however, less than 10% of the attractive ones are black. CBS clearly agrees with Satoshi Kanazawa. As for their obvious, and blatant, promotion of black men over white men, this is simply in line with their overall agenda of promoting miscegenation between white women and black men.

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27 Responses to CBS: "Black women are not as attractive as white women"

  1. rjp says:

    It was not by accident that Donald Driver won “Dancing with the Stars”.

  2. Firepower says:

    Doesn’t matter. Black guys mate with white females, or ugly white guys with black females. Same result.
    way off topic.
    can you get anti-white media to unspam my posts. i blogroll the guy and can’t even get thru.
    it’s like he doesn’t know how to run his blog. no contact info nothing

  3. Apopkian says:

    While I agree that the physical appearance of different races can be ranked objectively, I think the most unattractive thing about black women is their personalities.
    When it comes to sexual attraction personality or at least perception of it is directly tide to physical attractiveness.
    So an aggressive shrill feminist will actually look less attractive to men even if she fits the ideals of Aryan beauty. And a slim upper class black lady would look more attractive if she at least pretended to fit a more traditional sexual role.
    The average american black woman is a disaster. Overweight loud aggressive and stupid.

    • Woww says:

      I think it is absolutely crazy that you have met most of the black women in America. What an experience that must have been for you. Thank you for your “educated” input.

      • jewamongyou says:

        I think it’s crazy that you don’t understand the concept of averages and trends. How can you not notice that black women are underrepresented in the media and in real-life interracial relationships? At the same time, black men are grossly overrepresented.

  4. Annoyed says:

    Hey this isn’t related to what you posted but I have been thinking about something and this place is likely as good as any to post it.
    It might be that the liberalization of america has been at least partly caused by enviromental effects(not media, actual enviromental effects).
    For example, the testosterone of the average(white) male in western Europe and the US has droped significantly over the past 60 years. It has been argued that plastics and other chemicals are at least partly to blame and while the government and medical system know this, it’s not something they have shown to have any concern for. Maybe they caused it or at least want the result since it leads to a passive population.

  5. M.G. says:

    Have you seen this blog post from A Field Negro, Black men who date/marry outside their race? It’s pretty eye-opening. I really had no idea how many famous black men date/marry Whites, Asians, Hispanics. Whether it be looks, personality, or something else, a large number of black men are turning their back on the women of their race. (I also think the interracial marriage rate is something like 5% for black women but 10% for black men.)

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, it’s good that he brings it up – but he is an ignoramus, referring to race as “skin color”.
      As for the rejected black women, instead of considering men of other races, they seem to be sharing the leftovers from their own race; each black man will impregnate several black women (and some non-black women). Hence the “baby-daddy” phenomenon.

  6. Jubilee says:

    Black men are only second to Asian men on the ugly scale. That is why women of all races flock to white men.

    • BlackWomen says:

      That is not true. You must be living in a bubble. Black men are dominating all races of women.

    • Someperspectivehere says:

      Personally I find Indian men the ugliest. I have yet to see a very attractive one. SE Asian men can be stunning. White men can be stunning, but its rare to see a really hot one and past 40 the look like crap. But objectively I think black men blow them all out of the water. Maybe I’m biased, but black guys are hot and women of all races that I know agree.

  7. it doesn't matter who i'm says:

    hi i also like to tell you my opinion about this topic. i’m european female. well……honestly i met black guys and black women…….. black women when they speak they aren’t gentle, am not saying feminine but at least they should speak nice and calm. u can feel in their voices too much attitude, ready to fight, wild ……. . the tune of voice is not attractive at all, is disturbing you makes u get angry, or feel like they dominate you! this thing i hate ever when some 1 raises the voice or talking me like that!!!! i don’t accept like that ever someone talking me like that like my friend/ husband/parents/etc!!!
    are some black women who are educated, speaking to them their tune voice sound like white women and when i meet like that black women i’m saying in my head she doesn’t speak like black women lol. is really hard to meet a black woman like that.
    they should learn when to speak like that not every time/with any person!:) also white/etc women aren’t feminine, calm, gentle sometimes it depends like me when some 1 speaks nice to me i speak nice, when some 1 speaks rude i speak rude, that’s me! am not saying that all the time white/etc women speak nice, gentle, having nice tune voice when they speak.
    i don’t want to be racist/rude but this is the truth!!!! i don’t generate but mostly are like that!:)
    now let me tell ya about black guys: i’m not saying all of them are good but they know how to speak, to attract or not making the person feel angry easy. even if they are serious (some) they still got calm tune voice. they look more educated, but black women are wild, they look uneducated.
    why is that behavior? black women have suffered before and they become wild? i really want to know please because i want to understand why they are like that for? is good to know …… not because i want to have a relationship with a black women don’t get me wrong, u know what i mean…!:)

    • BlackWomen says:

      I kinda understand where your biased views are coming from, but as I said, it is bias. Some black women are loud and forceful in their speech, and I believe that it originated from their social circle. Many people around them speak the same way, black men and women. The loudest talker usually wins arguments, is the “go to person” for advice, and is known as the problem solver of the group. With that said, loud and aggressive speaking is not looked down upon within their circle. The circle that I am a part of is not loud in public at all and most of us would be considered college educated, but we do not talk “white”. I know a wide variety of women from different races and have travel to Europe. From my observation, Americans as a whole are the loudest and most boisterous nation in the world. There are percentages of other races that live in America that are also loud “wild”, but they tend to sensor their emotions until they are in a private surroundings, so that could be the reason why “white and other non-black” women “appear” to speak a lot more feminine or softer to you. I am sure if one would ask her husband or children, they would give you another scenario. Blacks that are loud sometimes do not turn down the volume down when they are in public. You should try to get to know more black people on a personal level, and you would be less likely to put us all in the same category. Is Lady Gaga, Laura Busch, Jessica Simpson, Hillary Duff, and Lindsay Lohan all the same type of women? No!
      I want you to go on Netflix or YouTube to see “Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” and you will see another side of American non-blacks. It is a documentary that you will never forget, and will prove that most cultures in the US have a loud “crazy” people.
      As for the “educated black women that talk white”, I do know what you are talking about, but I think that a small percentage of them that do. It could be because their social circle or mate is white. It is the same thing that I have seen happen when a white person social circle or is dating someone black.
      America fosters an environment of wildness. I guess it started with how the land was violently taken from the Indians and the Wild West as part of America’s social fabric. We did wrong something, because our country has more personal civilian shooting than any country in world.
      Now I would like to have a comment about the original post. It is obvious that the data collection was done with a lot or errors and is purely subjective. I have read the original study and it says that black women are considered the less attractive, but considers themselves much more attractive than the other races. If the data was true, would it healthier for a person to have a more positive image of themselves verses worrying how someone else view them? I guess the high self-esteem that black women posses is the reason why they are less like to be on anti-depression medicine.

      • jewamongyou says:

        The “data collection” and “study” you seem to be referring to is that of Sotoshi Kanazawa, which I only cited in passing. But the actual original post, my post, dealt with the way our media views black men and women; they clearly have a bias for black men and against black women, for white women and against white men. So far nobody has contested my observation about CBS. How could they, since it’s obviously accurate?

  8. Someperspectivehere says:

    I find it interesting that the image of American black women is that of the stereotypical Sapphire. This has to be coming from popular media, it is simply not real life. There are certainly black women who are loud, combative, and have an attitude; however, I know plenty of non-black women who project them same image. Given that approximately half of all black American’s are hardworking, middle income people, most with college educations, this Sapphire image could not possibly represent the majority of black females. It certainly does not represent me. I was raised to be a lady, speak gently, not make a scene, dress in a feminine manner, defer to the man in my life, etc. There is obviously a concerted media campaign against the femininity and womanhood of the black American female. Those of you recounting your episodes with aggressive black women, they are likely women of the underclasses. Those are the only types of black women I know who would behave in such a manner, and again, that is not representative of the majority of us.

  9. truth known says:

    I’m a 50-year old black woman and I believe there exist pretty and ugly black women. But what makes a pretty black woman seem ugly is what makes a black woman ugly is their funky attitudes and foul mouths. I have noticed from an early age that the adult females whom I lived around were mean, angry, and bitter toward each other and everyone else. Today (right this minute), there are older black women who have remained angry about something that happened in the 60’s and/or 70’s. And that anger grows and grows and is still growing. It’s a tradition with really-bitter-for-nothing black females to plant the seeds of anger into black girls when they are as young as possible. Sometimes old women find something, anything, to be angry with their own daughters.
    I bet the reason why CBS, NBC, and other networks refuse to work/employ many black women is because of their attitudes and words. The mentality of the majority of black is out of control because they are out of control. The whole world has witnesses their behavior and actions. They place a dark cloud on ALL black women. Decent black women, even the not-so-attractive, want nothing to do with ignorant black female regardless of how attractive/unattractive they are. Decent black women know for a fact that the #1 and worst oppressor of black women are older/ignorant black females.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Attitude definitely has a lot to do with, but I don’t think it’s all about attitude. After all, Black African men (of various regions and cultures) travel thousands of miles to find non-black women. From Chad to South Africa, they all prefer white women.

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