"Hispanics" were created by Jews*

Thanks to HBDchick for linking to this CNN article, which claims that Christopher Columbus was a Jew. Of course, I’ve heard of the theory before; it’s even mentioned in the “Ashkenazi Revolution”. But the clincher is that Columbus included the Hebrew letters Beth/He at the top of the letters to his son. In my opinion, if this is true, it is pretty much conclusive evidence.

The symbol is visible (not very clear, sorry) at the top left. To those familiar only with Israeli/Ashkenazic script, it would not be recognizable. But to those familiar with traditional Sephardic script, it’s easy to see how it could be the letters Beth/He.
Columbus wasn’t the only Jew on that fateful voyage. There were at least 5 other Jews with him. One of them, Luis de Torres, was the first to settle in the New World. Torres spoke Hebrew, and…

When de Torres had landed on Hispanola he saw a bird which he thought was a peacock and named it TUKI, the Hebrew word for that animal. We therefore call it turkey.

So, since it appears that Jews financed Columbus’ voyage, that Columbus himself was a Jew, and the expedition was partially manned by Jews, we can say that it was Jews who brought about the creation of the larger Mestizo ethnic group now known as Hispanics.
So I was wondering… Is it too late to change our minds about this? Isn’t there some sort of “undo” button we can press? If so, the “Hispanics” would go back to speaking their respective native languages, worshiping their old gods, owning their ancestral lands and (best of all) they would be able to keep their own best women for themselves instead of letting the Spanish have them. For our part, “Latin America” might be a place to visit exotic tribes in their natural state, to study the various cultures and languages and to explore unspoiled jungles – not a source of untold millions of illegal immigrants who want to transform our own country into their own image.
* For those who don’t know me very well, not everything in this post is meant to be taken seriously.

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  1. Janon says:

    Are we really sure those symbols are Beth and He? The historians can’t even agree on his birthplace (Genoa vs. Catalonia vs. other). It he was born in Genoa, was there a population of Conversos in that city prior to 1492?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Considering that they only appear on letters from Christopher to his son, that they really do look like those letters (in old Sephardic script) and that there doesn’t seem to be any other reasonable explanation for their meaning, I would consider it almost certain.

      • Janon says:

        It’s just that this is just one in a long series of claims and counterclaims about his origin. Even genetic evidence provides limited information because of the way Columbus’ body was handled after death and disputes over his true burial place. The mitochondrial DNA extracted from the remains deposited in what was supposed to have been his most likely burial place (Seville) was heavily degraded, but did match equivalent segments in samples taken from his brother’s remains. I’m not sure if the scientists even had enough information to assign the mtDNA to a haplogroup. I think it would be wise to adopt a skeptical view of this information until, at the very least, it is corroborated and criticised in scholarly fora.

  2. A/G says:

    Greeks claim Columbus too.

  3. Olave says:

    Wait a sec … what does Beth/He mean? Is it of idiosyncratic significance to the younger and old Messrs. Columbus, or is it a general Sephardic abbreviation for “Take care and be good to you dear mother” or something?
    Almost entirely off-topic: What fraction of Argentina’s population is Jewish? I heard a lot of Jews moved there once upon a time, but I don’t know what they amounted to. Argentina is one of the four biggest populations of Jews; that’s all I know.

    • Olave says:

      Hey, wait another sec … what is the rest of the letter in? Latin? Old-fashioned Italian?

    • SFG says:

      According to the infallible Wikipedia: 182,300 Jews, or 0.4% of the Argentine population, and 1.4% of the worldwide Jewish population.
      Argentina has the seventh largest collection of Jews, after Israel, the USA, France, Canada, the UK, Russia. (The eighth is, bizarrely, Germany.)

  4. Gay State Girl says:

    I thought you might find this interesting. It’s from a jew friendly source as well. At first I dismissed it as I did with allegations of jewish ancestry, but I dug deeper, and it appears that there are quite a few Sephardim named Ament and Perrin and there were quite a few Sephardim in Germany, Belgium, Holland and England.

    • Janon says:

      I would take this skeptically, if I were you, unless reliable corroborating evidence of a documentary or genetic sort were presented.

  5. James Jackson says:

    Interesting. Curious though that they did not seek to convert the natives to Judaism and that the majority of Hispanics today are not Jewish as a result of intermixing and conversion. Do you think Jews invented Christianity to be Jewry’s wingman or foot solidier? That through Christianity Jews could mastermind and pull the strings behind worldwide conversion to the Jesus cult?

  6. Dyonisus says:

    I discovered that Columbus was not from Spain. He was from Geneva, Italy.

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