What to do with gay/bisexual killers?

Bisexual killer* Luka Magnotta has allegedly filmed himself committing atrocities against another man as he murdered him. He also, reportedly, sent human body parts to certain government officials in Ottawa.  Read the account at the National Post if you have a strong stomach.
Since Magnotta lives in Canada, he needn’t worry about being executed; Canada is too “humane” for that. Instead, he’ll be locked up with a bunch of other men to languish away the rest of his days. Hmmm… I’m not so sure this would be considered “punishment” for somebody like that. I certainly would not want to be one of his cell-mates.
Gay/bisexual criminals should be segregated from other men in prison – unless being sexually preyed upon is part of the other prisoners’ sentence. But is it more humane to lock a young man up, in solitary confinement, for the remaining 50 or so years of his life than to execute him? Personally, I’d rather be executed than have to endure such torture. I think most people would feel the same way. If decades of solitary confinement is not “cruel and unusual”, I don’t know what is.
What it boils down to, in my opinion, is what the Jewish sages said long ago: “He who is kind to the cruel will end up being cruel to the kind.” We should reserve our kindness and compassion for those who deserve it. Any attempt to treat sadists and sociopaths with kid-gloves will end up backfiring and harming innocent people.
If Magnotta is guilty of the things he is accused of, the only compassionate punishment would be a bullet to his head.
* This sorry excuse for a human being has filmed himself killing kittens.

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  1. Apopkian says:

    I agree with you on everything but I think we are both seeing it from a different perspective. Leftists don’t think in terms of punishment. At least not for real criminals. For them force needs to be used to correct people. So even if he spends the rest of his life in prison, the purpose would be to correct his behavior not to punish it.

  2. Gorbachev says:


  3. If you want a consistent way to punish criminals, rather than thinking case-by-case:
    (This applies to anyone beyond the minimum “halfway house” level of criminals, for tax evaders and people who write bad checks.)
    Build your prison so everyone is physically in solitary confinement. Each person gets an hour a day for physical exercise outside their cell but other than that they’re inside.
    Provide everyone with a closed-circuit TV camera, on which they can communicate for several hours a day with any visitor who is not an ex-con. This can be friends, family, strangers, pastors, lawyers, psychologists, whoever. The several hours a day could be cut down as punishment as punishment for minor offenses like issuing threats, or eliminated for attacking the fellow who passes you your food tray. (Also, gang kingpins likely to give secret orders to covert gang operatives would have to be watched closely, or cut off completely.)
    Thus prison would represent a harsher punishment for people whose associates are mostly criminals. The ordinary people they intimidate every day would have a commensurately lighter penalty even at the same length sentence; your spouse could come to the private viewing booth once a week and pass the time.
    This would reduce prison violence–and reverse the anarcho-tyranny that results when ordinary people have vastly more to fear from prison than dirtbags do.

  4. Stealth says:

    You are correct about this guy being VERY deserving of a cheap bullet to the head.

  5. countenance says:

    Personally, I’d rather be executed than have to endure such torture. I think most people would feel the same way.
    Thinking like someone who, like most people, will never commit murder.
    If a life sentence was so dastardly and the death penalty so desirable, why do almost all convicted murderers do everything they can to avoid the death penalty? We all know the answer.

  6. in columbus says:

    If the nations of the west punished habitual sodomy with permanent banishment, this wouldn’t even have been an issue. Once that bright line is crossed, one has no reason to expect that such a person will fulfill the rest of his societal responsibilities.
    Sex offenders, recidivist sodomites, etc. should be kept away from potential victims. It’s not complicated, and the public health improvements that would result are just gravy.

  7. latteisland says:

    Assuming you could identify and remove gay/bisexual convicts from the general population, you’d still have the problem of straight people who resort to gay sex in prison. The real problem in prison is the strong preying on the weak. So, for instance, there is so much black on white prison rape, that white men join Aryan prison gangs in order to have some protection. This has little to do with sexual preference, and everything to do with ordinary criminality.
    When I first read the story about this psycho, I thought to myself, here we go, a new poster child for the religious right. No one, gay, bi or straight, approves of this evil person, and as far as I know, there are even more straight psycho killers than gay/bi, so that’s sort of a red herring, imo.
    I hope this is resolved by the police when they catch him, in order to avoid a trial.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That’s true – yet most people realize that it wouldn’t be a good idea to integrate male and female prisoners. The main reason for this also applies to gay prisoners and other males.

  8. destructure says:

    I’m always amazed when people think solitary confinement is a punishment. If I were in prison that would be my preference. As long as there was access to a really good library.
    latte is probably right that most prison sex is due more to lack of options than preference. Ironically, I’ve read that the openly homo guys are the most likely to get raped. But I still find it incredible that a straight guy would go predatory homo in prison. I personally can’t see the lack of opportunity in prison as being tough in that respect. Just take matters into your own hands. Then, again, they’re criminals so one wouldn’t expect them to have much respect for others.
    As for the guy in question. I haven’t done that much research on him but the fact he’s done modelling, killed several kittens on camera and was doing these interviews struck me as an attention whore. I’m thinking he’s one of these ostentatious, flamboyant types. They’ve always seemed fake to me. The discrete, conservative ones are usually alright though.

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