How to rope in the masses and sway public opinion

I found a fine essay on lynching in America by link-hopping through friendly blogs. Phinehas Fury lists the fallacies spouted by leftist ideologues, and destroys them one by one. Some excerpts follow – though I recommend reading the entire essay at its source.

General Misconceptions

The first common misconception is that lynching was always administered by Southern white supremacists against innocent blacks, of whom they blamed their poor economic conditions during the Reconstruction on. This idea is full of numerous flaws, as there were numerous examples of lynching prior to 1865, in every state. However this lie is continually perpetuated by the NAACP and SPLC, because of a study the NAACP did on lynchings from 1889-1918[vi], as well as a study of the years 1882-1965 by the Tuskegee Institute[vii]. As a result of this propaganda the average citizen is left with the impression that lynching came into vogue soon after Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomattox, VA, because Southerners had an axe to grind and decided to take their rage on blacks. Yet no matter how romantic they try to paint this faux picture of lynchings being strictly a Southern invention, it ends up resembling a low-budget D class film that everyone pokes fun at…
Another fact PC groups don’t let out often, is lynchings didn’t always occur in the south, as every northern state and territory had lynchings prior to 1865. While the states of Missouri, Virginia, Ohio, Indian Territory, and Texas registered the most, every state and territory had its fair share of lynchings prior to the end of the war…

The Black Lynch Mobs

Another common myth is that whites were the only participants in lynch mobs. Hollywood reinforces this stigma by showing lynch mobs composed of trashy looking whites, which look the part of characters from the movie Deliverance. Never do they show blacks in the mobs, nor would they dare portray a black mob lynching anyone. Instead they cast the blacks as the calm educated ones, warning the idiot whites of their behavior, and then hiding their families to prevent them from becoming the next victims.
In reality, blacks often times played a vital role in lynch mobs. On more than one occasion blacks were called upon as material witnesses. However in other times their family had been hurt by the person the lynch mob sought, fearing the court system would fail them, they avenged their loved ones by joining the mobs. Proof of this can be seen in the following newspaper clipping from the Rochester Evening Journal, dated July 30, 1935, in which some blacks were present in the lynch mob…

Fury’s essay is well-written and very informative. As is the case with many such articles, I got to thinking if this is something I can send to my race-denialist relatives without having them shrugging it off as “racist literature”. As soon as a race-denialist sees any sign of pro-white sentiments, he shudders and recoils in horror. I wonder if it’s acceptable to take an essay such as this and customize it for a wider readership. To disguise it so that it seems like a harmless academic study of lynching without bringing up Southern pride or pro-white sentiments – simply because my intended targets are not ready for that sort of thing. They need to be fed in bite-sized portions.
It would be nice if talented authors, such as Fury, would publish two versions of their work; one for educated people and the other for mass-consumption. That way, their core message can gain a wider audience without being branded as “racist”. The public needs to know the facts, but since their minds have been poisoned, they can only digest them if they are presented in tiny portions. We would do well to have a library of such articles, which we can draw upon to weaken the tyranny of lies under whose shadow we all live.

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  1. sr says:

    I listened to a podcast in which two liberal historians made basically the same case:
    It was funny because every third sentence they felt the need to reinforce their liberal bona fides by stating that lynching was horrible anyway.

  2. destructure says:

    It would be nice if talented authors, such as Fury, would publish two versions of their work; one for educated people and the other for mass-consumption.
    Agreed. A lot of times people can’t see past the packaging. If it’s packaged poorly then they’ll dismiss it without even considering it. This is particularly true, in this case, since his article needlessly attempts to defend the South. Not only does that require people to overcome their racial opinions but also their regional opinions, as well. And that just raises the bar too high for a single article.

  3. formerly no name says:

    A pre-Internet treatment of the same subject:

  4. rjp says:

    It would be nice if talented authors, such as Fury, would publish two versions of their work; one for educated people and the other for mass-consumption.
    I don’t think that was written in a manner that it should be deemed academic. I don’t think this is a subject that can be broached in a “popular” manner. It is the truth. Some might not wish to hear the truth as it puts an end to White guilt, their myths, and the it magical fund raising mechanism, but the truth is the truth, and is the only thing that should be taught.
    Great find JAY, it’s a shame that he appears to have quit writing.

  5. Very interesting. How intelligent people become blind and “stupid” is the main interest of So circumventing the stupidity is of great interest. Keep on writing.
    Would be interested if this could be tested. Even by academics. Too bad they are all politically correct.
    But I venture they did similar experiments with less politically incorrect topics

  6. M.G. says:

    The Phinehas Fury essay is excellent. In addition to the Dwight Murphy monograph linked to above, The Truth About Lynching and the Negro in the South (1918) by W.H. Collins is a very good original source on the subject, as is Chapter 4 of T.N. Page’s The Negro: The Southerner’s Problem (1904) (which Phinehas Fury cites). And both available for free on the internet archive.

  7. Stealth says:

    It occurs to me that those of us on the right wing, regardless of what our particular flavor of extremisim is, be it libertarianism, religion in general, etc., don’t have a very good strategy for combating the leftists.
    I know this isn’t directly related to the topic at hand, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. The left did a good job of taking over.

    • You’re right. A lot of us are doing our best to think up some improved strategies for countering the left (and some of us are, unfortunately, sitting on the sidelines throwing beer cans).
      Part of the difficulty, as you’ve probably noted, is that the different flavors of anti-leftism are completely different in focus. Some people out here in the outer darkness seem to think same-sex marriage is a good idea. I don’t. Some think public education can be reformed; I don’t. Some think the main problem with taxes is that the rates are too high; I think the main problem is that the wrong things are taxed and at the wrong level of government. Apparently Joe Sobran himself was something of a late convert to the anti-immigration school. Etc.
      I think the right needs to converge in the direction of:
      Stopping immigration above all, plus (if they have left over energy and/or political power)
      stopping dysgenic social spending,
      bringing the troops home from central Asia, and
      repealing the National Defense Authorization Act and parts of PATRIOT.
      If there is energy/power leftover from that, then I’d go onto:
      abolishing affirmative action,
      stopping public borrowing,
      securing prisons,
      making English the national language, and
      bringing the troops home from everywhere else.

      • Stealth says:

        The left infiltrated and took over while the “right” either wrote opinion columns or discussed those columns with their friends. Have you ever read any the articles in The American Conservative? They simply complain and reflect. The left are serious; we’re not, apparently. They took over education, the press, etc. while we complained about it.
        However, if we DO get serious and find some things we all agree on, can we still drink beer and throw the cans? I do like that part of our current strategy. I’m not sure life would be worth living if we had to give that up.

      • A lot of alternative to complaining and reflecting land you in prison. Counter-protesting, shooting football players who break your nose, refusing to pay taxes that go to undeclared wars and unconstitutional policies, making citizens arrest of Federal Judges who uphold statutes that violate the Tenth Amendment. If racial-Marxist speakers were treated the way Jared Taylor was treated, the government would intervene and arrest anyone who touched him.
        I think that may be what is cramping the right’s style.
        In my opinion it is too early for direct action. We need the police and the army on our side. Hopefully they are reading sites like this. If not, I wouldn’t bet on White people surviving the end of the 21st Century, except perhaps as slaves.

      • Annoyed says:

        The bulk of the white population in the army is IMO on our side but just as with the rest of america the white population is being replaced. I actually am surprised more mexicans don’t join.
        The military use to be a place of patriots but it’s pretty clear those who joined for the constitution were misled into believeing the military acts to uphold it. The military is a pawn of the US government, nothing more.
        I see no reason for any white person in the US to join the military outside of economic.

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