South Sudan; off to a wonderful start!

South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, has accused government officials of stealing four billion dollars and using the money to buy property abroad. From alarabiya:

Corrupt officials in grossly impoverished South Sudan have stolen an estimated $4 billion from the world’s newest nation, President Salva Kiir has said, in an appeal for funds to be returned.
“Many people in South Sudan are suffering and yet some government officials simply care about themselves. The credibility of our government is on the line,” Kiir said in a letter seen by AFP Monday.
“An estimated $4 billion are unaccounted for or, simply put, stolen by current and former officials, as well as corrupt individuals with close ties to government officials.”

On an unrelated note, what sort of statement is the president of this central African nation making with his choice of hat:
When people in power show an eccentric taste in fashion, I think it might be a red flag. Qadhafi comes to mind.

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7 Responses to South Sudan; off to a wonderful start!

  1. DD says:

    That’s a pretty rootin’ tootin’ look for the first president. YeeeeeHAH!

  2. Nyk says:

    This Salva Kiir guy at least drew attention to the problem; he should build up an army, become dictator, and kill all the corrupt officials. And I’m being very serious here.
    He can style himself as a sheriff shootin’ the bad guys and bringin’ some order to the wild west (well, south).

    • DD says:

      Excellent point Nyk. He stands a better chance of doing that than he does of “democracy.” It would do wonders for his image and would help the country, he could even be their first (maybe only) national hero.

  3. Apopkian says:

    I read the hat was given to him by George W Bush.

  4. Georgia Resident says:

    I wish black countries were better run. Then more black people would move to them, since presumably they prefer to be around their own kind, and would be more willing to move to Africa if it weren’t such a terrible place. I would even be in favor of a US government program to help blacks resettle in Africa. One could argue that if whites are collectively responsible for taking blacks out of Africa, then the best way to repair that would be to help in repatriating the poor dears…except that most blacks don’t seem to be that hot on the idea.

    • Kill Corr says:

      One way to get them to run better would be to have whites run them. Blacks are incapable of running a country.
      Of course, no white with the slightest bit of sense would ever do such a thing. That’s why we have liberals

  5. rjp says:

    The only reason Kiir cares about the $4 billion is because there is none left for him to steal.

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