A scholarship for white males

Thanks to human-stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff) for sending me this story:

When Colby Bohannan was looking for college financial aid nine years ago, he concluded that he was at a disadvantage because of his race.
“In the landscape of the scholarship foundations in this country, there is just one demographic that does not have a single dedicated scholarship,” he told ABCNews.com. And that demographic, said Bohannan, is white males.
“That’s the gap we’re trying to fill,” he said.
Bohannan said he found a plethora of scholarship options for minorities and women when he was searching in 2002, but not one dedicated solely to white males.
So after taking a hiatus from school during which he served in the Iraq War, Bohannan launched the Former Majority Association for Equality, a nonprofit organization that takes its name from the fact that according to U.S. census numbers, non-Hispanic whites make up only 45 percent of the Texas state population…
Since founding his organization, Bohannan said he’s heard from supporters, as well as from those who accuse him of bigotry.
“We’re not racists, just guys trying to help young Americans,” he said.
A spokesman for Texas State University, where Bohannan is currently studying, distanced the school from the Former Majority Association for Equality.

I can’t help but wonder at what point, if any, it will become non-controversial to support whites as a group. If there is only one white person left on the planet, would it then be alright to support him without fomenting a storm of protest?
We can argue that young whites should not be encouraged to subject themselves to so-called “higher-education”, which is mostly a front for the propagation of hatred toward whites. But we can’t deny that there is some benefit to having a degree, and Bohannan’s heart is certainly in the right place.
All the power to Bohannan for standing up to the anti-white establishment. Incidentally, here is where you donate to this cause.

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7 Responses to A scholarship for white males

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    I’ve heard white males complaining about anti white/male bias even when they lose the desired position to another white male.
    But I think it could work if they targeted a certain subset of white males. Maybe scholarships for white males living below the poverty line or for white males residing in rural areas.

    • Brutus says:

      Please don’t call white men “white males.” We’re neither zoological specimens nor criminal suspects.
      I like the idea of a scholarship for white men; in my own searches for scholarships, I have found the same anti-white bias, and I think such a scholarship fills a very distinct need–to combat institutional racism if you will.

  2. Gay State Girl says:

    Or white males with illnesses or disabilities.
    Young Republicans started this back in 2006.

  3. CanSpeccy says:

    Not sure it will help for white folks to join the whingers and moaners demanding special treatment. If a white guy needs to be better than the rest, so what? It’s not that difficult.
    But why not boycott institutions that discriminate against whites in scholarships or in other ways? For example, the University of Minnesota that seeks to instill guilt among white people for being white. Since enrollment numbers are the only thing university administrators really care about, a total boycott by white students would end the campaign for white humiliation and demoralization fast.
    Trouble is, probably too many white people are already too brainwashed to understand when they are the targets of blatant institutionalized racism.

    • I tend to agree with you, CanSpeccy. It’s one of the thorny things about double standards that, when a double standard attacks a certain group, you sort of have to have unanimity in that group on which end to attack the double standard from. I think the scholarships for white males will ultimately do great harm, because they won’t draw enough money to threaten the NAMs, gays, and women scholarships–but they will be held up as an example of patriarchy.
      The boycott idea is much better, but will probably be superseded by the collapse of white male spending power and inability to get loans.

    • Annoyed says:

      Why shouldn’t I promote special treatement in my favor?
      Boycotting all universities who “discriminate against whites in scholarships or otherways” will only result in you not getting a university education. I personally will avoid the most crazy ones, like UoM(which I actually thought about going to because their program in my area of interest is strong) but I certainly don’t believe my choice will change UoM policies. I would like to point out an obvious response which no one will publicly say to the UoM video:”Why shouldn’t I benefit from the society my ancestors constructed and built around my race?”,
      The “institutionalized racism” you speak of isn’t directly racism per-say but it’s certainly anti-white. Racism is something which we need(for any hope of achieving anything either politically or socially). Until the white population decides to act in its own interest(which is racist but certainly not “wrong”) nothing will change.

      • CanSpeccy says:

        ”Why shouldn’t I benefit from the society my ancestors constructed and built around my race?”
        Good point. It would be amusing to see the reaction were the President of the University of Minnesota to attempt persuading the leadership of, say, China or Iran of the opposite.
        But I think it is a mistake to identify such loyalty to one’s closest kin with what the liberal left call “racism,” which I take to be (a) a belief in the superiority (whatever that means) of one race over another or (b) the systematic, i.e., legal, discrimination against one or more races living within a single political jurisdiction.
        Otherwise, one reaches the absurd conclusion of the European liberal-left which is that those who oppose the genocide of their own people through mass immigration and multi-culturalism, or by any other means, presumably, are racists.

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