Parents kill daughter's pimp

It’s a painfully obvious fact that people cannot depend on the police to protect them or their loved ones. It has been shown over and over again that the “justice” system is not in the business of meting out justice. Just ask the parents of Aysha Ring.
Any parents, who love their child, will do whatever is necessary to protect her. This is what Lupe Mercado and Barry Gilton did when they dispatched their daughter’s pimp.

SAN FRANCISCO — A San Francisco couple accused of fatally shooting a Los Angeles-area man who was allegedly pimping their teenage daughter pleaded not guilty Friday to murder charges.
Lupe Mercado, 37, and Barry Gilton, 38, have been charged with the murder of Calvin Sneed, 22, of Compton, who was fatally shot shortly after 2 a.m. on June 4.
Mercado and Gilton also denied special allegations that they fired a weapon into an occupied vehicle.
Sneed was shot in the head while he was driving near Meade and Le Conte avenues in San Francisco’s Bayview District. He crashed into a parked car and died at a hospital later that morning.
Prosecutors say the longtime couple, who are not married but have four children, shot Sneed after learning that their 17-year-old daughter had become a sex worker in the Los Angeles area and that Sneed was her pimp…
District Attorney George Gascon told reporters late this morning after court that his office “would not have filed a case based on motive alone” and emphasized that the prosecution has “ample evidence that the parents conspired” to commit murder.
Gascon said that as a parent he sympathizes with Mercado and Gilton’s frustration as parents that their daughter had been victimized, but he said that their tragedy did not make them above the law.
“Vigilante murder is still murder,” he said. “We cannot afford to live in a society where people take the law into their own hands.”

Here is a photo of Sneed:

The prosecutor’s argument can be made in a society where criminals face swift, and harsh, punishment. It does not apply in 21st century America. If, and when, law-enforcement and politicians actually start doing something about the wholesale exploitation of non-black women and girls by black men, then there would be a “law” that people should not “take into their own hands”. But as it stands, the only law is the law of the jungle.
The lack of law and order was the reason Americans resorted to lynching in the days of reconstruction; they knew they could not count on government to provide justice. In the America of today, you can sometimes get justice – if you can afford it. You can count on special interests and political groups to rally to your cause – if you happen to be a of a “protected class”. Otherwise, you and your loved ones are simply not protected. You must provide your own protection for yourself and your family.
Loving parents do whatever they must to protect their children. I hope the charges, in this case, are dropped. The parents are no more guilty than the man who beat his daughter’s molester to death recently.

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  1. Jehu says:

    This is the sort of thing that jury nullification is for. All the jury has to say is …not guilty. They don’t have to say why.
    My personal preference is to just raise the threshold of ‘reasonable doubt’ to an absolutely unachievable level when I want to nullify—setting the threshold around 1 in a billion or trillion would mean you couldn’t convict anyone even if they confessed. If Who…Whom applies, set an outrageous threshold, if it doesn’t, a more normal one. And, of course, display all the social markers of an SWPL in jury selection, and allow the lawyers in question to vastly underestimate your intelligence level by being deliberately obtuse on their meta-questions.

  2. Doug says:

    As our nation transitions into Third-World status and economic and social decline, the police and court system will be unable to protect you and your family. It will be up to each of us to protect our loved ones. Kudos to those brave and loving parents.

  3. I’m pretty sure I saw Mumia al-Jamal running away from the scene of the shooting. He had probably stolen Mercado and Gilton’s gun, used it to shoot the pimp, and snuck back into his prison cell. That sneaky Mumia.
    Anyway, I’d say there’s at least reasonable doubt that Mercado or Gilton pulled a trigger. When a dreadlocked copkiller steals your gun and shoots a pimp with it, you always get powder burns on your hands.
    Not guilty.

  4. random mutation says:

    It is obvious that the benevolent authorities in CA have everyone’s interests in mind and they cannot allow such savage vigilantism and calous disregard for the rights of pimps.

  5. Jesse says:

    One down. How many more to go?

  6. Stealth says:

    This story got me thinking.
    I wonder how racial politics will play out when whites, even liberal whites, are no longer (superficially) in charge of things in the United States. How will Latinos and Asians treat blacks when those two groups dominate large swathes of the US? As they are free of white guilt, I doubt they’ll adopt the belief that blacks are just dormant geniuses who were never allowed to live up to their full potential. It will be interesting to watch the situation unfold. I’m sure there’s already a lot of resentment toward black people in those communities already. Without “white privilege” as a common enemy to unite them, how will the relationships between these groups be defined?
    Speaking of white privilege, JAY, have you ever done a piece on Tim Wise?

    • jewamongyou says:

      So far Asian behavior toward blacks is not encouraging. China has allowed large numbers of Africans to settle there. Asian Americans lean toward the left and vote Democrat. So I’m pretty sure that Asians will allow themselves to be victimized/replaced by blacks just as much as whites. As for Hispanics, I have no idea.
      I’ve quoted Tim Wise once or twice, for example in my review of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. But I haven’t written a post specifically about him. Maybe I’ll wait until he dies and then write a reverse-eulogy on him.

      • Stealth says:

        It’s sort of ironic that Tim Wise, at the top of his home page, actually looks like a white supremacist:

      • Gay State Girl says:

        I find that ex pat Chinese are more blunt about their feelings about minorities and less likely to use code words.

      • Caiden says:

        I’ve wondered how the growing asian and hispanic population will deal with blacks over the coming years. Blacks are only liberal when it concerns themselves, for example many are anti gay rights. Same with asians in the sense asians are liberals for pro asian things.
        However, asians aren’t brainwashed to feel guilty for things their ancestors have down the way whites have done. Hell, the atomic bomb is seen as a mistake now, not something that ended WW2. Tom Hanks said some crazy anti white stuff when he was making the Pacific series for cable.
        During the LA riots many asian store owners were defending their property. They were not taught to be cowards like whites are when it comes to black aggession.
        Blacks will always act like blacks, meaning always feeling it’s their right to commit crimes. I doubt the asians will feel it’s ‘asian racism’ that causes blacks to rape or kill asians, the way whites do. There will be conflict between asians and blacks, just as there is blacks and whites, and blacks and other blacks.

      • SFG says:

        Go to his page! He’s an anti-Zionist, go for the kill.
        At the very least it might serve as a counterexample to all the guys whining about how Jews are in favor of racial replacement in the USA but not Israel. 😉

    • Apopkian says:

      I have always thought that white’s fears of genocide where overblown. America is headed toward being a South American society. Even with Hispanics as a majority, White elites will still run the country, but with greater political power, and lower class whites will have their own ethnic areas. Blacks will be much worst off. Something like Brazil today. A shitty socialist country but not hell like Africa either.

      • Stealth says:

        There are a lot of differences between the United States and Brazil, and those differences will likely produce a different kind of place once American whites have been reduced to a minority. Brazilians, with many exceptions, I’m sure, share a common ancestry. Brazilian whites carry a significant amount of African DNA, and everyone mixes freely. I’m sure there are pockets of “pure” people in Brazil, but most of them are majority Portuguese with African or native ancestry, as well. One can be “white” and have a “brown” full sibling.
        Mexico is similar. Most of the white elite of Mexico probably have a LOT of Amerindian blood in their veins. The point is that in both places, white folks occupy the highest rungs on the ladder, but they do at least share a (more) common background with the hoi polloi, so they don’t arouse the same kind of resentment that whites in the US do.
        The Brazilian government also carried out a campaign of forced assimilation during the twentieth century to make sure that pesky minority groups such as the Japanese and the Germans didn’t try to do their own things. This is in STARK contrast to how we do things in the United States. Here, everyone is reminded of his or her ancestral background all the time, so we’re hyper aware of the differences between us.
        Different places, different circumstances. By the way, Brazil ain’t exactly the best place in the world to live.

  7. Doug says:

    I grew up in an “economically-depressed” multicultural neighborhood in California. I can tell you this: Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners, Muslims, and Native Americans ALL dislike Africans much, much more than European-Americans. Stealth (above) is correct in that African-Ameridcans will be in a very bad position, once Hispanics & Asians take over America.
    Even immigrant Africans, straight from Africa, don’t like African-Americans.

  8. anon334 says:

    I dunno Doug. Non-black minorities have a lot of clout in California and blacks have it pretty good there.

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  10. joetexx says:

    What’s with the “Sally Thorner”?
    So far as I can tell, Thorner is the TV reporter for this case from 2009.
    The text at the link is quoting the father of the murdered girl, Aysha Ring.

  11. sammy says:

    they had ever right and duty to kill the bastard and should of never got caught that shows bad planning…on the other hand they was lousy parents to let the scumbags near her..

  12. sammy says:

    why don’t they show the white girl the showed the black scumbag

  13. Caiden says:

    Hope Rosanne or Spike Lee hears nothing about this case. They’ll tweet the address of the parents and wish them dead for killing a ‘child’ (“He was only 22, barely old enough to drink and drive! Killed in cold blood!”)

  14. Techno Dan says:

    The article linked to at the end about a father who beat his daughter’s molester to death has a nice diversity angle: the perp was Jesus Mora Flores, probably an illegal alien, although that was not mentioned (purposefully, I’m sure). To any like the saintly “Jesus”, I wish you good riddance. I hope to hear of more stories like this in the future, not for the evil side of it (the molesting), but the justice side (swift capital punishment for molesters).

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