My response to Irish Savant's observations on Anti-semitism

In a recent post, titled, “An Observation on the History of Anti-semitism“, Irish Savant writes (in part):

I’ll just make one observation at this point and it’s on something that absolutely jumped out at me. It’s this. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, did I encounter any acceptance on the part of Jewish sources that Jewish behaviour might have contributed in any meaningful sense to the problems they encountered. (And folks, they did encounter endless problems, no arguing with that). But in every case it appears that the Christians, Muslims, Nazis…….Stalin when he turned on them, in every case the opposition was irrational, based on falsehoods and caricatures and hence totally unjustified.  Essentially anti-Semitism has been, and continues to be, driven by Christian antipathy towards those guilty of deicide, and/or envy at Jewish accomplishments.
Let there be no doubt that those two factors were powerful motivators throughout history.  But come on…there has never been a dispute in the history of man where one side was totally right, the other totally wrong.
Now I discern a larger – much larger – problem with this.  You see, if you believe that your behaviour is perfectly reasonable and acceptable, if you’re impervious to the real impact on and the perceptions of others, well, it seems to me you’re heading for a fall at some point. I believe that in fact there are many signs of this at present.

It’s painfully obvious that official Jewish sources (including the rabbis) avoid blaming Jews for anti-semitism as a matter of policy. But Jewish tradition is quite conscious of the fact that bad behavior by Jews can cause ill feelings among the gentiles. There is even a name for this: “Hillul haShem” (literally, “the desecration of the name {of God}). Conversely, when Jews behave well in front of the gentiles, it’s considered praiseworthy. This is called “Kiddush haShem (literally, “the sanctification of the name {of God})*. So, in theory, the cause-and-effect relationship is recognized. But I’m not aware of mainstream Jewish leaders saying such things as, “If only we weren’t so stingy, there would be less anti-semitism.” Though individual Jews will often recognize this.
Every ethnic group will have traits that other ethnic groups consider negative, especially if the group in question is from a different part of the world. This cannot be avoided – and it is also inevitable that outsiders will notice these flaws. It was not by choice that Jews became a Diaspora people (though individual Jews may have made that choice). This was forced upon us by the Babylonians and the Romans. Once we did become a Diaspora people, we wished to maintain our identity. Any time there is a distinctive people living among other peoples, there will be animosity. In theory, this is possible even if the distinctive people were above reproach. Over a long period of time, history will always accumulate a record of anti-“fill in the blank”. This is especially the case when the people in question are middlemen. Witness the Chinese in Malaysia or the Lebanese in West Africa. I believe that such persecution only makes the negative traits worse. It makes clannishness even more pronounced. It makes penny-pinching even more common. It accentuates distinctive physical traits (due to stricter patterns of in-marriage).
Regarding Savant’s statement: “… there has never been a dispute in the history of man where one side was totally right, the other totally wrong”, Savant almost makes it sound as if there has been an ongoing conflict between Jews and non-Jews non-stop throughout history. Reading histories of anti-semitism, it’s easy to get this impression; there has been a lot of it. But if things were that simple, with the two camps going at each other as the normal state of affairs, then Jews would have been exterminated long ago. In reality, there were many times when Jews and gentiles got along very well. Kings, emperors and Caliphs were intimate friends with famous rabbis. The Gentile peasantry and the Jewish peasantry were both very poor most of the time. They had more in common than differences. It often took venomous sermons by priests, reminding the masses that “the Jews killed Jesus” to whip them up into a bloodthirsty frenzy. Looking back at Jewish history, it’s the bloodshed, persecutions, expulsions and libels that stand out. But this was not the normal state of affairs.
The gentile peasantry was held in a state of slavery for centuries. Sometimes, it revolted and their resentment needed to be held in check. It is no secret that a scapegoat is sometimes needed to divert this frustration. Within our own lifetimes we’ve seen our governments eat away at our liberties, using the scapegoat de jour as an excuse. I remember when it was the communists. Then it was extremist Muslims. Racists and pedophiles are favorites these days. But an oppressive power always needs some sort of scapegoat and sometimes, in the past, it was the Jews. I must interject that the concept of Jews as scapegoats has been repeated ad nauseum by the Jewish hostile elite. So I hate to write the same thing myself. But let’s face it, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Getting back to Savant’s statement about blame-sharing for past anti-semitism, as it stands, most Jews place all the blame on the gentiles, while many (if not most) white nationalists place all the blame on the Jews. It would be nice to have more balance in both camps.
It’s not possible for us to conduct surveys of past anti-semites, but no doubt a variety of root-causes were at work. My own early encounters with anti-semitism led me to believe they were fueled by tradition. I remember three off the top of my head: One from a ghetto black, another from a redneck white and a third from neo-Nazis. None of those people knew me personally and the first two were very young and must have learned it from their parents. But the anti-Semitism of today is most likely fueled by abominations such as Ireland’s Alan Shatter, who do everything in their power to destroy the indigenous peoples of Europe. If Shatter were about to be burned at the stake, I would gladly provide the match.
*This is not merely because good-will is beneficial to Jews. It’s also because it’s considered a duty to sanctify the name of God.

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24 Responses to My response to Irish Savant's observations on Anti-semitism

  1. Stealth says:

    I would say that most modern antisemitism is fueled by the activities of such gifts-to-humanity as Mark Potok and Abraham Foxman. After all, the SPLC is probably one of the gravest threats to American freedom that you can think of because of its large resource base and close relationship with law enforcement. It is a de facto Jewish organization, albeit one with a few token gentiles thrown in for good measure. What irony, too: the gentile co-founder of the SPLC even has a Jewish (or very Jewish sounding) middle name.
    Someone should tell these jackasses that it doesn’t engender a lot of good will when gangs of them organize into very conspicuous groups for the purpose of working against the legitimate interests of another group. Do they think no one notices?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Ah yes, the SPLC gang. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re aware of the fact that they fuel anti-semitism – and this is by design. Increased anti-semitism means more job-security for them.

      • Stealth says:

        I’ve come to the conclusion that most civil rights crusaders these days are simply trying to make a comfortable living. It’s all method and no madness.

  2. Annoyed says:

    I agree that jews will rarely if ever accept group blame or criticism for their actions. You are an obvious exception.

    • Stealth says:

      Most antisemitism throughout history probably was unjustified through and through.

      • Stealth says:

        Not to mention the fact that most Jewish people are probably just normal folks with many of the same concerns that white “conservatives” have, despite voting for the Democrats.

  3. JI says:

    I don’t think that Savant meant to imply there is a constant struggle between Jews and Gentiles. I think his statement about it taking two to tango should be taken at face value. That said, I have never heard of Irish Savant and, as far as I know have never read anything by him, so maybe I’m wrong about this.

  4. YEW AMONG YOU says:

    Sure, some behaviour of Jews may contribute to anti-semitism. All people have flaws, there is no perfect culture or religion. Simultaneously there is a real envy amongst those who cannot manage to keep their ancestral lines, families, ancient tradititions, and pre-christian religions/cultures in tact against those of us who can.
    I see it as the envy of the rootless against the rooted.

    • really? says:

      It’s comments like this that make Irish Savants analysis all the more poignant. This guy is exactly who Savant is talking about.
      Obviously, no one is talking about stuff of the “all people have flaws” variety, but rather about behavior of a very particular sort, much as the behavior of Gypsies and Irish Travellers is particular, which is not equally particular to Jews and non-Jews.
      Yet it’s stereotypically common to see comments like that of Yew Among You, which pretend to misunderstand the point of a particularly Jewish flavor of misbehavior.
      “Flash Mobs are bad if the people doing it are black or not black”, yes indeed they are. But why pretend to miss the point?

  5. irishsavant says:

    No argument with you Jay. I made the point that my post was on just one aspect of the history of anti-Semitism. I agree that the post could infer that history was non-stop animosity but of course, as you pointed out, this was not the case.
    I might add though that my Jewish friends and acquaintences fall into the same pattern…………anti-Semitism is totally unjustified. Maybe they’re just trying to take a rise out of me!

  6. Very good points my good man. You are, “a light unto the Gentiles.” We should try to be, individually, light unto the Jews.
    “I might add though that my Jewish friends and acquaintences fall into the same pattern…………anti-Semitism is totally unjustified. Maybe they’re just trying to take a rise out of me!”
    IS, It is unjustified, though aspects may be understandable.

  7. My opinion on the subject:
    Jews are a highly influential group blessed with above-average intellect but unfortunately not with spotless character. Their influence has been far and wide. Anti-Jewish sentiment is sometimes justified but not usually. Violence initiated against ordinary Jews is never justified. Jews should accept being teased even as Jews with a grin. Jews should be the leaders in publicly educating the world about deeply evil homicidal individuals like Genrikh Yagoda.
    Here is one of my off-topic opinions:
    Britons are a highly influential group blessed with above-average intellect but unfortunately not with spotless character. Their influence has been far and wide. Anti-British sentiment is sometimes justified but not usually. Violence initiated against ordinary Britons is never justified. Britons should accept being teased even as Britons with a grin. Britons should be the leaders in publicly educating the world about deeply evil homicidal individuals like Oliver Cromwell.
    To the extent that Jews act like Britons as far as the latter two assertions are concerned, for me there is no Jewish Question.

    • The point about teasing reminds me of a joke about the new hit released by a Mariachi Klezmer band:
      “Hava Tequila”
      The joke was met with outrage from a Jewess who heard it. Something about “mocking my people’s heritage”.
      Check this out. Do you think she is outraged about that? It strikes me that there are many Jews out there who don’t object to mild jokes about Judaism at all–they simply object to be treated as equals by gentiles.
      If anyone is curious, “Hava Nagila” is not a Jewish religious song. It is a party song sung in Hebrew. There is sense that Jews “own” Hebrew, and it makes sense to think that way. That still leaves a problem: what language do Britons, Australians, and Americans “own”? Where is our linguistic “home turf”, to which we can retreat to celebrate what is ours without intrusion?
      There is none. Ditto for Frenchmen and Spaniards. (Incidentally, France, Spain, and the UK are Islamifying faster than other places in Europe. And whither the USA?)

      • SFG says:

        We’re a little paranoid because of our history. You’re quite right about the double standard, though, and I wish more people would recognize it.
        Really, it boils down to not having your own country, I think. A minority can either assimilate (in which case it disappears) or remain separate, in which case it is going to annoy the host people at some point.
        America theoretically allows you a bit of an out with its relative cultural diversity–you can be American and Italian/Irish/Jewish-American etc. Also the country is so huge and diverse (in the true sense of the word) that if you don’t like the South you can head North and so on.
        Of course, ‘diversity’ carries its own set of problems, as we all know too well…

      • It seems like the existence of Israel (in a not-nuked-by-Iran condition) should have the effect of getting the world’s Jews to lighten up a bit. So far it hasn’t seemed to work, but it’s only been a few decades versus centuries of conflict.
        It would have made world of difference in my life had any Jew ever told me, in person, something like, “It’s true we can be hypersensitive sometimes. We don’t need to rehash the reasons. Pay no mind to ADL and SPLC; they are just professional loudmouths who represent our very worst. Just don’t take any in-person bristling too much to heart, and we won’t take personally any ungentleness on the part of gentiles. Deal?”
        As of now, the difference has pretty much been made. I don’t know any Jews in person because of where I live, but I’ve run into several Jews on line who have said more or less what I wrote above. J.A.Y., Ilana Mercer, etc.
        My little sorrow is that I spent a long time among smart US white people (i.e., among a population with a lot of Jews) and never heard anything, any peep along these lines. No self-examination, no admission that maybe Jewish influence in Hollywood is disproportionate, no verbal recognition that World War II is a part of world history, never even a suggestion that my opinions could matter much.
        There was a gulf between me and significant fraction of the people I socialized with from about age 12 to age 28. The area of common interests was enormous, the depths unplumbed, the friendships cool and superficial. Of course, Hans Zarkov did pull a handgun on Buck Rogers near the beginning of what turned out to be a beautiful friendship. So why be pessimistic?

      • SFG says:

        Olave: you get this a lot from conservative intellectual types. (viz. Derb’s lack of antisemitism, which I suspect may fade now that Taki instead of NRO’s paying him–poor guy’s on chemo and needs to eat) Because of the IQ distribution, and the relative lack of intellectual types who go in for conservatism (business and law are usually more appealing to bright people with conservative temperaments), you tend to run into a lot of Jews in any place which has a reasonable distribution.
        Also, Jews all live in cities, and the current parties are distributed along an urban-rural axis.
        The other thing is that it has to do with perceived threats. France’s Jews shifted heavily to Sarkozy because they were (quite rightfully) afraid of France’s Muslims. America’s Jews still think the Christian Right wants to convert them (which I think is true) and the Left stirs them up with rather unfair Nazi comparisons (the Nazis didn’t want to save your soul, they wanted to kill you!). Note that Ilana Mercer had to flee South Africa, largely because of the fear of violence from Africans. The most conservative Jews I’ve met have frequently been Russian. Heck, Florence King said Ayn Rand’s books were informed by the experience of antisemitism, even if her heroes all looked Nordic.
        There is also a cultural factor–the Right is heavily into ruralism and anti-intellectualism, which makes sense given their base, but…you do the math.
        I wouldn’t expect it to change any time soon, and I’m genuinely sorry, because I don’t think the browning of America is good for any pale people, whether their ancestors are from Israel, Italy, or Innsbruck.

      • SFG, thanks for your reply. I’d like to think I’m not the only one who has had these unfortunate experiences. Also I’d like to think that there are going to more people thinking like J.A.Y. in the near future.

    • Yew says:

      “Really, it boils down to not having your own country, I think.”
      Jews do well wherever they are born. Plus you have Israel. What more do you want?

      • SFG says:

        Eh, one good Holocaust in America and it’s pretty much over. Unlikely, I know…
        My point was just that being a chronic minority group pisses off the locals.

  8. ski says:

    It’s true that the Jews didn’t become a diaspora people by choice; but otoh a great many Jews did willingly leave the land of Israel before the famous destruction of the Temple and related events.
    One interesting thing about Roman history that’s often overlooked is that there were two main minority groups in Rome and Italy that formed very large and influential segments of the population: Jews and Greeks (these categories overlap because of very many Greek speaking Jews). It’s a very fascinating history.
    One thing striking thing I’ve found is that the Greeks are often given the same stereotypes as Jews were in the later Christian period, i.e. they were considered to be by no means stupid or “conventionally inferior”– rather: extremely intelligent with a glorious past, but at the same time crafty, tricky, treacherous, greedy, etc. The parallels between Euro-Christians vs Jews and Romans vs Greeks are more than that though.
    Like the Jews, the Greeks had a former history of being a great military people in the past, but by the time the Romans conquered them they were already shifting to a more mercantile ethos which only intensified during Roman subjugation; whereas, Romans payed less respect to mercantile success– military glory was where one got high social status– just as how in Christendom glory came from being a great Knight or general (or saint/holy man); and there was natural resentment towards ethnic groups associated with mercantile classes.
    Romans adopted much of Greek culture and had Greek heroes like Achilles just as the Euro-Christians had Jews like King David, and other OT figures as well as the Apostles and Christ himself as heroes. Thus in both cultures there must have been a confused mix of resentment and admiration towards the Jews/Greeks– the necessity to admire their past while hating them in their present form.
    In Virgil’s great epic, the Aeneid, we see the Greeks portrayed as tricky and treacherous: their victory in the Trojan war won by deceit and the trick of the Trojan horse rather than by valour and fortitude. And the origin of the Roman state is connected to the survivors of ancient Trojan who make their way to Italy, persecuted by the Greeks, just as the origin of Christendom is connected with the Jewish persecution of Jesus and his Apostles.
    Ooops, didn’t intend to write such a long post, but there ya go, just a bit more:
    “In reality, there were many times when Jews and gentiles got along very well. Kings, emperors and Caliphs were intimate friends with famous rabbis. The Gentile peasantry and the Jewish peasantry were both very poor most of the time. They had more in common than differences. It often took venomous sermons by priests, reminding the masses that “the Jews killed Jesus” to whip them up into a bloodthirsty frenzy. Looking back at Jewish history, it’s the bloodshed, persecutions, expulsions and libels that stand out. But this was not the normal state of affairs.”
    ^This is possibly the most important point to emphasize if we’re ever to solve the Jewish/Gentile questions in a mutually beneficial manner. Reading the wiki about the Jews in Italy above for example shows, imo, that despite the common Jewish memory of Romans as merely the people who destroyed the temple (which is understandable) there were also some periods of very friendly and cooperative history between the ancient Jews and ancient Romans.

    • Yew says:

      “It’s true that the Jews didn’t become a diaspora people by choice; but otoh a great many Jews did willingly leave the land of Israel before the famous destruction of the Temple”
      Hindus have suffered destructions of their temples in South Asia for millenia. Now they are building them globally. A change for the better.

  9. CanSpeccy says:

    “Getting back to Savant’s statement about blame-sharing for past anti-semitism, as it stands, most Jews place all the blame on the gentiles, while many (if not most) white nationalists place all the blame on the Jews. It would be nice to have more balance in both camps.”
    Perhaps it would be more useful to consider the issue in terms not of blame but of causation.
    Judaism is a fundamentally racist religion (Christianity, through its Jewish origins, also), which means that diaspora Jews, whether religious or not, are obliged to place the Jewish interest above that of the people among whom they live. Hence, AIPAC, American Israel firsters, and condemnation of those who point to the disproportionate Jewish influence in American finance, media and entertainment.
    Group self-promotion within a largely atomized society can yield a substantial payoff. Jews, thus tend to be upwardly mobile. Those who are not upward mobile may be more inclined to drop out, which would explain the generally high educational and intellectual achievement of Jews.
    To make statements such as these is, by definition, anti-Semitic. But it seems factually justified. If so, anti-Semitism is a rational and morally justifiable attitude among non-Jews adversely affected by Jewish political and economic influence.

  10. Tom says:

    I was always under the impression that most Jews well knew the reasons for anti-semitism, and even if those reasons made logical sense to them the knowledgable Jews in question would suppress any sense of justice or fairness for the benefit of their political self-interest ie: deny that reasons for antisemitism exist.
    Becase I give JAY the benefit of the doubt, to an extent, I will take his expressed innocence and naivete at face value.
    First, let me explain a little bit about me. I have several close Jewish friends. Very close friends. I have associated with Jews my entire life. Therefore, Jewish/gentile politics with negative outcomes are very socially painful for me to accept.
    After I woke up to the racially oriented social issues a few years ago, it wasn’t long before I came upon the opinions of the ADL, the SLPC, liberal Jewish columnists, Jeiwsh owned movie and television media, Jewish financed movie media, Jewish political activists, and Jewish politicians both here and in Europe.
    At first glance, it’s hard to deny the anti-white politics and racial / nationalist / internationalist hypocricy eminating from the majority of these sources. It was shocking, and it still is. However, I’m not someone who will ever close his mind. I’m someone who makes objective decisions about probable reality based on the current evidence that I have. Remember, also, I have a large amount of social collateral at stake. So, I began to search for new evidence. I spent the next two full years trying to disprove what seemed to be obvious extreme Jewish hostility toward white society. What happened was, in earnestly searching for anything that would outweigh the evidence that I had, I managed to become very educated regarding these politics. Very sadly, the reality that I began with only became much worse than previously held. I didn’t disprove my prior perception, but managed to prove it to a degree that is today hard to deal with. Evidence that defies the readily attainable information is very sparse, and mostly exists in the form of mostly powerless individuals such as JAY and Half-Sigma. While you guys give me hope for Jews as individuals, it doesn’t change the fact that organized Jewry works against us, and that I have yet to see individuals such as yourselves organize so much as a single movement against the blatantly obvious double standards, oppression, and bigotry of the ADL or the SPLC. A poster above attempted to dismiss these organizations as only ‘loudmouths’, but they are much more than that. They are the monolithic powerful politically correct czars that determine who and who can not organize for their self interests. They are very effective at destroying the lives of those that they condemn. As of now, white people can not politically organize under the banner of whiteness (indigenous Europeanism) while every other group can do so, and wield that very significant racial political power against the interests of white society. This is the stark definition of political oppression. It is painful in the extreme to be the recipient of this oppression, and it seems to every white gentile paying attention that:
    1. There is a blatant double standard at work – which means that the ADL and the SPLC aren’t agents of egalitarianism but agents with an agenda of oppression.
    2. It is the Jews who are enforcing this double standard.
    For the previous poster to minimize this double standard and the ADL/SPLC as bening mere ‘loudmouths’, causes most aware whites to think that Jews of her ilk are being disingenuous. After all, the double standard isn’t hidden.
    This insanity is a primary cause of antisemitism. If you don’t fight against it, as a Jew, with at least a website, then most whites will eventually see you as aprt of the problem. It’s sad that we are at this point, but the fact is that the poltiics are so far advanced, and that most Jews appear to supprt these organizations, that it willt ake action from every single dissenting Jew to make a dent in gentile perception.
    Next, your journalists routinely slam and denigrate whites (especially males) and white identity (Aryans), while adhering fiercely to their Semitic identity. Semitic pride is allowed. Aryan pride is not. Fighting Arianism is fighting Nazis. Fighting Semitism is anti-semitism. This double standard is obvious. The thing is that I didn’t really know what an Aryan was (excpet that they were Nazis) until respect for Semitism was so consistently pushed down my throat. What I know now, despite the best efforts of the educational system to enforce the aforementioned paradigm, is that the classification of Semitism necessitates the category of Aryanism. That is, they are a part of the same classification system of racial descriptors for differing peoples. Accepting that, elevating one while denigrating the other is absolutely bigoted. The fact that this is now institutionalized is a very compelling reason to be ‘anti’ the elevated group, especially since they are seen as the people behind the political denigration of the oppressed group.
    I frequently run into the writing of journalists who will write an article on week supporting extreme liberalism, anti-white sentiment, and multicultralism in the United States, and then will either casually express or even write a formal article about the sanctity of Israel’s ethnic (implicitly racial) identity or otherwise rail on about ‘anti-semitism’, essentially affirming their racial identity. A gentile white journalist absolutely could not do that today (shout about anti-arianism). I am using the Jewish example, but the same holds for other racial groups. The Jews are just seen as the obvious enforcers of the paradigm.
    Consistently, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef doesn’t do the Diapsora any favors. His Quote, as verifiable in Jewish publications online. Just google it:
    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat.
    According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews.
    “In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.
    This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said.
    “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.
    That is why gentiles were created,” he added.
    Consider the fact that this quote was addressed in all of three or four written lines by the ADL, the same organization that writes long essay after long essay about David Duke, a man who has never advocated anything that remotely resembles the oppressive slavery and supremacism that the good Rabbi professes. More double standards.
    Here’s a recent Twitter by Journalist MJ Rosenberg (he hates anti-Semites, btw):
    “Without white males there would be no gun massacres,no assassinated presidents or mass victim pedophile monsters.&Obama wins easy.” Go to his Twitter feed for more entertainment.
    Read these two article by Menachem Rosensaft of the Huffington Post, written within weeks of one another:
    “White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won’t Go Away”
    “Israel’s Jewish Essence Is Non-Negotiable: A Response to Mahmoud Abbas”
    How many immigration secretaries/czars in the western world are Jewish?
    1. USA
    2. Ireland
    Barbara Spectre’s “Britain must be multicultural and Jews will be at the forefront of this movement” rant on video didn’t help the opinion of Jews in the western world.
    The disproportionate power of AIPAC at the highest levels of government, who continues to manage to elude registration as a foreign agent.
    The 29 standing ovations that Bibi Netenyahu got when speaking in front of Congress. The senior House members really should have just given him oral. Anyway, it was a truly bizarre display of wildly disproportionate power and influence wielded by a foreign prime minister.
    The constant and cynical abuse of the “Antisemitism” slur to attempt (its effects are decreasing) political dissent against influential Jewish political groups or Israel.
    The 10,000 Gentile Eastern European Women trafficked to Israel each year as sex slaves. Look it up.
    Jewish Feminists spearheading Feminism (along with the Rockefellers)
    Jews spearheading the NAACP
    Disproportionate Jewish involvement in Investment Banking and the resultant bubbles and crashes of the pat 15 or so years, in addition to Goldman Sachs ubiquitous involvement in a myriad of other contentious situations. Greece comes to mind, currently.
    Jew Tim Wise and the entire white privilege movement. I really, really fucking hate that guy. He’s at the top of the list.
    I could go on and on. That’s not an exaggeration.
    So, don’t be confused about antisemitism. I gave you the naive benefit of the doubt, but that is only because of your much appreciated work here.
    I really do appreciate your blog. And that of half-sigma. And I appreciate my Jewish friends. You guys just have to do a lot fucking more to combat the CAUSES of antisemitism, and encourage the abandonment of the traditional Jewish method of just suppressing forbidden thoughts and opinions. I’m not accusing you of that, obviously, but organized Jewry. You guys have to make a large collective effort, because the juggernaut is cruising along and ruining your collective reputations throughout the western world. It’s not pleasant for me to be under the political thumb of Jewish organizations, and with that in mind gentiles aren’t going to differentiate between ‘good Jews’ and ‘bad Jews’ as there are WAY too few ‘good Jews’ speaking out against the oppressive mechanisms of Jewish Power. The opinion is widely held that doing nothing is as good as being an accomplice, as it is assumed that all Jews benefit from organized Jewry in one way or another, even if its being exempt from ant-white contempt to a certain degree, or having a vibrant and politically acceptable nationalist culture and country to seek refuge in if absolutely necessary. Non-Jewish whites don’t have that.
    Again, thank you. I do appreciate you as an individual, and I hope that you keep up the good work. Stay safe.

  11. Will says:

    “Wherever the Jews settled after ceasing to be a nation ready to defend its liberty and independence, one observes the development of antisemitism, or rather anti-Judaism; for antisemitism is an ill chosen word, which has its raison d’etre only in our day, when it is sought to broaden this strife between the Jew and the Christians by supplying it with a philosophy and a metaphysical, rather than a material reason. If this hostility, this repugnance had been shown towards the Jews at one time or in one country only, it would be easy to account for the local causes of this sentiment. But this race has been the object of hatred with all the nations amidst whom it ever settled. Inasmuch as the enemies of the Jews belonged to divers races, as they dwelled far apart from one another, were ruled by different laws and governed by opposite principles; as they had not the same customs and differed in spirit from one another, so that they could not possibly judge alike of any subject, it must needs be that the general causes of antisemitism have always resided in Israel itself, and not in those who antagonized it.”
    (BERNARD LAZARE: Antisemitism: Its History and Causes, The International Library Publishing Co., 1903).

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