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Mangan’s blog is now available to invited readers only. I’m certain that Mr. Mangan knows what he’s doing, but I can’t help but wonder what the purpose of a blog would be if only subscribers (I.E. those who already agree with you anyway) can read it.
The Tribe of Ice People hasn’t posted anything new since early December of last year. It appears all she wanted to tell us was that anti-semitism is bad for whites. Well, alright then. I’ll keep that in mind.
StatSquatch hasn’t written anything new since October of last year. His blog has now become a statistic.
Uhuru Guru (sometimes confused, by yours truly, for “South Africa Sucks”) hasn’t posted anything new since November of last year. I hope the Kaffirs haven’t gotten him.
Seed of Japheth has retired from blogging as of April of this year. May Krishna smile upon his next reincarnation.
Robert Lindsay still experiences some sightings, but he seems to focus mostly on Bigfoot and socialism these days – which is fine if that’s your cup of tea. Keep leaving those tracks Robert!
Reluctant Apostate has published nothing new since December of last year. I understand he’s a busy person; hopefully he’s doing great things in real life.
Eugenicist posts rarely these days and not on matters that pertain to this blog.
I know I’ve missed a few and yes, I realize that blogs come and go. Most of the above blogs, though not active, are still online – and they still link to me. So I’m not sure if I should remove them from my blog roll  and replace them with more current blogs.
Please share your opinions, insights and gossip in the comments!

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  1. I used to enjoy “Guy White – making sense of race” but its gone private and only open to those who have been “invited”. But how does one become invited if there is no way to contact the owner?

  2. Yew says:

    Its a good sign whenever a prolific blogger goes offline. It means he or she finally got a life worth living!
    Seed of Jahpath is probably experiencing the ananda of a daily Hindu spiritual practice and the draw of the net pales in comparison.
    Robert Lindsay’s blog was ruined by an Indian Muslim living in Canada troll coined “dota” who while claiming to not be a “practicing muslim” always popped up whenever any commenter, no matter what time day or night, even remotely questioned anything about Islam.
    He also was certain to chime in with very bigoted anti-Hindu sentiments whenever anyone wrote anything remotely positive about Hinduism.

  3. That’s a pity about Mangan’s.
    As for me, yes, I’ve been busy. My blog’s currently in a state of slumber, though I think an obituary is probably a bit premature.

  4. Yew says:

    Persian ex-muslim advises oppressed and pussy-whipped Hindu husband to use PUA (pick up artist) “dominance game” and male chauvanist pig game against his oppressive, macho Muslim wife.
    Quite a read!

  5. sr says:

    Making your blog private is just the easiest way to take it down, at least if you’re on blogspot. You can assume that means the blog is dead (at least for now), not that there’s some in-crowd that you’re not a part of.

  6. Remnant says:

    OneSDTV’s blog has also been locked down. It seems like a number of the grangdaddy alt-right blogs have been slowing down lately. Maybe some of them just feel they had already said what they had to say.

  7. WmarkW says:

    It’s possible there’s only so many times you can repeat the same themes over again. Even the daily news on AmRen gets pretty monotonous:
    “Latest affirmative action about test scores”
    “Media suppresses black crime story”
    “Muslims in Europe accommodated with differential free speech or criminal justice treatment”
    IMO, the realist blogosphere needs to focus on media strategy and spend less time repeating the same complaints.

  8. Happlily “Uhuru Guru” is alive and well in England where he has had to start a new life after he and his family (wife and 2 young girls) had their home invaded by ANC “police” thugs on trivial cahrges and were then basically forced to leave Apezania, er sorry Azania. Sadly he is not blogging anymore, and I for one really miss his brilliant satirical style. He is a martyr to our cause and hopefully one better day will be recognised as such.

  9. Remnant says:

    Have we reached Peak Alt-Right? 🙂

  10. I am pretty sure Mangan doesn’t want potential employers stumbling upon his blog.

    • Dennis Mangan? Maybe looking for a job? I think he has zero chance of getting hired by anyone who doesn’t like WNs, realists, etc. I had assumed he was retired or independently wealthy.

  11. countenance says:

    Well, Countenance Blog is still going strong.
    Shameless self-promotion.
    BTW, greetings from semi-beautiful but fully hot Columbia, Missouri.

  12. Zimriel says:

    My blog’s back. Mind you, I’ve always shifted between race, Islam, and anthropology of American Conservatives; and even on the topic of race I’m not up to par with (say) Auster. So I’m not sure if I count.
    This is, IMO, the best I’ve done on race: An Index to Reconstruction in Texas.

  13. WillieMaize24 says:

    Sofiastry and Aaron’s Holy Mountain are now private.

  14. Marin County says:

    I salute Hoosier Nation and Matt Parrott.
    We’ve lost some good blogs recently.

  15. David D. says:

    Forgive my bias (I’m an Australian Jew) but I think the best one , which you missed, which has gone down recently was Pat Hannagan’s ‘M4 Monologue’. I
    saw you comment there occasionaly JAY, Pat H. was critical of left-wing Jewish elites but IMHO he never wrent over the top (at least at his blog). Plus those guys were seriously funny!!!

  16. Apparently The Truth Shall Set You Free is also gone.

  17. Tarl says:

    Are you one of the elect who has been invited to view the new, hidden Mangans blog?

  18. Erik says:

    Mangan’s is back for the moment. 🙂

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