When white men mass-murder

It’s no use trying to ignore it. A white man massacred dozens of people at a theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 of them. It’s not the first time something like this has happened and for the pro-white crowd to remain silent about it*, even as we constantly draw attention to the (much worse) black/Hispanic proclivities for violence, only serves to diminish our credibility.
None of us ever claimed that whites are perfect. It goes without saying that, in a country that includes tens of millions of whites, some of them are going to be crazy or disturbed. But this sort of thing does appear to happen more often as the years pass – or perhaps it’s only the fact that today’s media works at the speed of light.
The enemies of gun rights are, predictably, leveraging this to their advantage. They claim that, had guns and ammo not been available to James Holmes, the mass killing would never have occurred. Yes, this is possible – but the shooting should not serve as justification for depriving us of our guns. The biggest murderers, over the last hundred or so years, have been agents of government. Are “gun-control” advocates demanding that guns be taken away from government?
A republican representative has stated that the loss of Christian values contributed to the massacre. That and the fact that none of the victims had his own gun with which to eliminate the threat. Considering how well-armed Holmes was (and dressed in body armor), I doubt it would have made much of a difference.
It’s too early for us to know what motivated Holmes to take the lives of so many innocent people. It’s possible Holmes himself doesn’t know. But it’s not too early for me to make two points:
1) Some tragedies are just that, and nothing we do can prevent them. We punish, we weep and life goes on. I don’t know if this is one of those tragedies.
2) Pro-whites should talk about such incidents openly and head-on. Whatever it is that motivates white males to commit such deeds, should be laid bare for all to see and pro-whites should be at the forefront talking about it.
*Of course I’m not accusing anybody of ignoring it; the incident only occurred yesterday.

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  1. Red says:

    Body armor wouldn’t have stopped him from going down. You endure a lot of pain when being hit in body armor and and multiple shooting at him would have put him on the ground easily. Oddly enough the movie theater layout would work against him. His targets have all the cover they need and an elevated position to rain fire down on him.
    I’m just speculating here, but I’ll bet this is a really smart guy who couldn’t start a family due to modern life’s lack of arranged marriages. Today’s screwed up marriage system results in a bunch of guys like Ted Kazincki, Anders Breivik , ect. All these guys were a bit nuts to start with and the very fact they were not grounded via their own family makes things like this easier.
    I’m for gun control. I think only land owners should be allowed to own guns. If you’ve seceded well enough in life to have your own land then your probably responsible enough to have a gun. Same goes for voting. Giving some people guns when they turn 18 is as dumb as giving the vote for turning 18. You must prove yourself worthy.

    • For some reason, this incident reminded me of a documentary I saw on schizophrenia:
      [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCbf-pKtkhU&w=420&h=315%5D
      While I do think there’s something to what you say, about marriage, I’m not sure that marrying a schizophrenic could save them. One of my second cousins is schizophrenic, and I’m honeslty glad that she’s not married and has no children. I would never advise a guy to “man up” and take care of her, ditto the other way around.

  2. Annoyed says:

    This is insensitive but accurate:
    Once in a while shit happens including shootings, the US has a population of over 300 million(if I am recalling the stats I read correctly). A statistically insignificant occurence shouldn’t be the basis of any thing.
    Also in a movie theather bombs would have been more effective then gun fire, his goal wasn’t to maxamize total casualties but to emulate parts of the film.
    And Red, I find your posistion completely absurd.

  3. spesbona cape says:

    Yep, these events seem to be increasing and one cannot help but wonder whether he was “inspired” by shoot-em-up computer games? Nevertheless, the biggest surprise for me was that this presentable young white man – who certainly doesnt appear to be a “tough guy” who can handle himself – did not go down shooting or take his own life. Did he not consider the probability that he will now spend a “living death” for the rest of his life in jail as a sex-slave of degenerate blacks? The full horror of what happens to young white men in black-infested jails is kept secret. If he had read “white man in a black jail” (on the Amren site) I doubt he would have allowed himself to be captured alive.

  4. Bay Area Guy says:

    @ JAY
    Absolutely spot-on regarding point #2. Better we talk about it than the anti-racists.
    On a more fundamental level, I believe that too often, pro-white activism focuses almost entirely on external threats. Whether this external threat is black crime, Hispanic immigration and birthrates, or among some more radical white nationalists, the Jewish Question, it seems that everything has to do with the enemy.
    However, if you look at the history of any semi-successful nationalist movement, nationalism should also be about internal conversations, and cultivating self-improvement.
    Pro-whites should be at the forefront of analyzing what causes certain crazy white males to tick, and devising ways to help counter the conditions that breed such killers.
    Pro-whites should be going to rural areas or small towns, and doing whatever they can to combat meth usage/addiction.
    Pro-whites should be volunteering their time to help motivate white kids to succeed academically. If we’re going to be a successful race, it is essential that we are educated. We need to motivate our kids to compete against Asians academically, and not allow ourselves to continue to lag behind.
    Pro-whites should be providing support for kids whose parents have been divorced. After all, white nationalists are always going on about the problems caused by such an excessive number of black single mothers.
    Pro-whites should be encouraging their followers and other whites to exercise vigorously, and thus combat the obesity epidemic among white America.
    Etc, etc.
    We’ve been focusing for too long on the external enemy. Now we need to focus on internals. We need to improve ourselves emotionally, spiritually, physically, and educationally.
    Once we have corrected our deficiencies and elevated our way of living, then we will be able to deal with hostile forces.

  5. Apopkian says:

    It seems white and Asian people are just better planners. So when they snap they do it in a more methodical manner.
    So the questions is how to keep people from snapping, or how to able to see the warning signs and prevent it.
    It seems in most cases stronger communities, family and religious life would have prevented these incidents. Of course many HBD types are very secular and can’t accept that the majority of people aren’t capable of living an unstructured life.

  6. Georgia Resident says:

    The fact is that blacks are the most likely individuals to murder others. Mass shootings like this are a rare occurrence, whereas cases where a gang of blacks gang up on a hapless victim, viciously killing or maiming him or her, are commonplace. Widespread gun ownership can protect against the latter (black crime), not so much against the former. But the latter is a much bigger problem in our society.
    In overwhelmingly white and Northeast Asian countries, gun control may make society safer, because the “lone killers” account for a bigger share of a smaller overall amount of violent crime. But when one imports millions of feral blacks, gun control only serves to disarm their victims, as Europeans are quickly learning, thanks to the onslaught of immigrant crime. Europeans will either have to expel these third-worlders, change their attitudes (and laws) towards guns, or simply accept their mass victimization (basically what they’re doing now). Banning guns in the US would amount to declaring open season on whites (and anyone else who runs afoul of black criminals).

    • JJP777 says:

      I suggest that we reconsider how we measure white murder.
      Maybe we ought to multiply the number of white murderers by the number of people they kill. I.E. the columbine two time 20 plus. The Terry Nicols and Timothy by the 160 victims. Maybe the bombers in Miss. Killers of the 4 black girls. Maybe the hangers of thousands of black men hung in the south for the color of their skin.
      Maybe we ought to multiply the number of Nazi murderers by the number of people they killed. White Nazis killed maybe 12 Million people who were non combatants.
      Maybe we ought to multiply the number of murderers in the white race by the number of people they killed and compare the numbers with the numbers in the black race. Might come out about the same …..

      • Georgia Resident says:

        “Maybe the hangers of thousands of black men hung in the south for the color of their skin.”
        Lynching, a form of extrajudicial punishment, was practiced on both blacks and whites, when it was felt that the legal system would not deliver justice. It’s unlikely that the “victims” were all, or even mostly, innocent angels minding their own business, especially given how disproportionately criminal black men are in the US today. And the number of lynched individuals was small compared to black-on-nonblack murders today.
        As to the other points: It’s been acknowledged here that all groups (tribes, nationalities, races), including whites, engage in organized violence (violence waged in concert by a large groups against other groups or individuals), and unorganized violence (violence within the group, such as murder). Most societies have distinguished, historically, between killing enemies, even noncombatants, in war, and the murder of another person within their society. When Plains Indians killed entire settlements of Whites, down to the last child, it was qualitatively different to them than if someone in their own society had killed a child in their own society. Mass rape is also something that has been tacitly approved of with regards to the treatment of outgroups. The former was seen as a necessary act to protect their territory against an outgroup, while the latter would have been an unpardonable offense against a member of the in-group. The belief that “killing is killing”, and deaths in war should be treated the same as homicide within a society is an idea of recent (and largely European) origin.
        In terms of the effect on “in-group success”, one might also profitably distinguish between different levels of organized violence, from the most basic (such as warfare between clans) to the most extensive (warfare between nations and races). In general, societies practicing more “basic” organized violence have fared badly, at least in the last 500 years, with tribal societies being swept aside by societies with larger, more organized in-groups, even if the tribal societies were numerically superior. An example here would be the domination of the Congo by a handful of whites, conquering tribal Africans who were no strangers to warfare, but who were largely incapable of organizing themselves to fight the white conquerors. Another would be the conquest of the Americas by whites, in which alliances between settlers and particular Indian tribes, against more powerful tribes served as a large part of the undoing of the Amerindian populations as a whole.
        Of course, manipulating relatively disorganized foes has also been used against whites in the past, such as when the Moorish conquerors of Spain played the Christian kingdoms off against each other to weaken them, or when the Turks used similar tactics to waylay effective resistance by the peoples of southeastern Europe. It was also used by nonwhite people who wanted to be left alone by other nonwhite people, such as the Chinese against the tribes of the Mongolian steppes, in that case primarily to ward off an invasion threat (a prescient concern, given how dangerous the Mongols became when they were united). And, of course, more clannish whites have fallen against less clannish whites, such as “Highland” Scots who were eventually conquered by the English and the Lowland Scots.
        Still, it must be said that Whites have, for the last 500 years, been very successful in practicing organized violence, in part because white (at least, Northern European societies) had lower levels of the unorganized variety (which makes it harder to wage war). Of course, I’m still thinking the Mongols were the most “successful” practitioners of organized violence (given their numbers vs. the number of people they killed or conquered), but nobody outside of Asia remembers them today because Mongolia itself is a poor and unenviable country.
        More salient to my point about organized and unorganized violence is Japan, which engaged in a fairly brutal spate of organized violence, relatively recently in history, but which is now the safest country on earth, in terms of avoiding murders. A similar thing can be said of most White Britons, or Scandinavians, or Germans. However many people were killed by their ancestors in warfare, individual persons of these nationalities are not prone to committing murders. This even includes groups that they have historically not gotten along with. I am pretty sure a Chinese man would feel safer in Tokyo, Japan than in Soweto, South Africa, despite the Rape of Nanking, and a Jew would feel safer in Berlin or Munich than in Detroit.
        Finally, I would point out that for the last several decades, the percentage of murders in this country committed by black men has held pretty constant at around fifty percent of all murders committed, despite their making up only 13% of the male population, so their murder-to-population ratio is far worse than for whites. If the trend towards “mass killing” is significantly more common among whites, then it actually means that even fewer white men are likely to be murderers (smaller number of murders divided by larger numbers per murderer).

      • JJP777 says:

        Murder is murder whether organized or disorganized, whether the murdered cilivians were part of the persons clan or a complete stranger, whether during peace time or war. During world war II as we both know the Nazis killed 6,000,000 million jews who were civilians living in Germany at the time. Overall 12,000,000 million or so civilians were killed by these crazed, homicidal white murderers.Please note that these murders are to be distinquished from the soilders that were killed during the war.
        So if I divide 12 million by 65 years that comes to 185,000 murders per year. That would be 10 to twelve times the rate of murder in the US each year. My point is that maybe black men are ahead in murder rate at the moment but eventually white murderers will catch up!

  7. jewamongyou says:

    Via Half-Sigma, I just found an excellent blog post about this incident:

  8. SarahSue says:

    I live in Colorado. Many people own guns here because of our sensible gun laws. And where were our guns when we needed them most? At home, locked up. Because it is against the law to carry a concealed weapon, no one was carrying one.
    We should be able to carry our weapons, concealed or not for the following reason. James Holmes picked a movie theater because he assumed, correctly, that no one would be armed. If he had thought that half the audience could shot back, he never would have picked that venue. He picked that theater because he felt safe, no other reason.
    People rob houses based on the likelihood that the occupants are not armed. Any house that displays a ‘Protected by Smith and Wesson’ is never robbed. Guns owned by law abiding citizens are a deterrent, not an excuse to kill someone.
    Colorado is being ridiculed because of our gun laws, or lack thereof. Yes we can and do sell guns out of the trunks of our cars. Where else should we keep them, in the back seat where they can be easily seen and stolen? In the glove compartment, where every thief looks first?
    People are also asking why someone feels the need own assault rifles, machine guns and sawed off shotguns. Many think we should be allowed to own some guns and not others. I do not understand why people want to own them either. I also so not understand why people want to own Chihuahua’s. They are nasty, ugly little dogs. But pass a law against them? That is my idea of crazy.
    Anders Behring Breivik killed 70 kids and 8 adults last year in Norway. He did it because he wanted his manifesto read and he wanted publicity. He got both. His motivation was pure narcissism. This is the same thing that motivated James Holmes. Now everyone knows his name and face.
    This is not a white versus black issue, nor is it an insanity issue. The issue is that some people are bad, pure and simple. Let’s outlaw them.

    • Zimriel says:

      “Any house that displays a ‘Protected by Smith and Wesson’ is never robbed.”
      Problem with that: I lived in Houston once upon a time, and my garage opened directly onto the street. When Katrina hit, we got a surge of gangbangers sauntering up and down that street. They could tell that I lived alone. My primary “protection” therefore was to give the impression that my house didn’t have anything worth stealing.
      If I’d had “property protected by Remington”, or your brand of choice, on my property – then, sure, I wouldn’t have had a *home invasion* at *night*. I’d have had an in-and-out *burglary* by *day*, whilst I was at work.
      The better plan is just to be armed and live in a neighbourhood of like-minded people. Then the gangbangers don’t know what you’ve got, weigh up the risk / reward ratios, and maybe decide they’re better off raiding one another.

    • Annoyed says:

      Holmes went into the theater because he wanted to bring a part of the movie into reality, it was planned in that way. If he wanted to maxamize people killed he would have used bombs.
      “Anders Behring Breivik killed 70 kids and 8 adults last year in Norway. He did it because he wanted his manifesto read and he wanted publicity. He got both. His motivation was pure narcissism. This is the same thing that motivated James Holmes. Now everyone knows his name and face. ”
      I disagree, Breiviks actions were a means to an end, for Holmes his actions were in and of themself the goal. Holmes had no ideology, he had no point to make and he didn’t even bother dieing during the process.
      Anyway this isn’t a basis to ban anything but just in case you will see a ton of further stockpileing on behalf of the gun owning community.

  9. Probably the next Hitler says:

    What is it about white people (or asians) that makes them relatively prone to this sort of thing? Whiskey seemed to skip over that entirely and put the blame on societal forces. Seems a bit disingenuous given the general thrust of the alt right.

    • Red says:

      Relatively prone to what? Mass killings? Blacks almost have that market cornered. They’re simply not as successful as whites(Lower body counts) and their atrocities are always minimized by the media.

    • Stealth says:

      Blacks do attempt this sort of thing. As someone else previously stated, it seems as though the whites who’ve tried have just been a little more successful. However, that doesn’t mean that black people haven’t done this sort of thing. And mass murder by whites is still a rarity. In a white area, statistically, you’re safe. However, violent criminality is so common in black areas that you’re most certainly NOT safe – merely walking down the road.
      While we’re on the subject of murder, be it mass or otherwise, I’d like to make a statement: THANK GOD WE DON’T LIVE IN MEXICO. Their criminals are a mixture of the Mafia, US NAM street gangs and third world military death squads.

  10. Plumbum says:

    “None of us ever claimed that whites are perfect.” You could have ended your article here. As to “They claim that, had guns and ammo not been available to James Holmes, the mass killing would never have occurred.”, my response is sure, just like the daily black pogrom on society does not occur. Oh, their guns are illegal, so… um, so what do we make of it? The old and boring thing: legal guns are not the problem.

  11. Plumbum says:

    Red wrote:
    “I’m just speculating here, but I’ll bet this is a really smart guy who couldn’t start a family due to modern life’s lack of arranged marriages.”
    Comments like that leave me bemuzed and speechless. How in the efin world did you manage to come to this conclusion? A lack of marriage made him do it? He’s 24 years old, hardly overdue for marriage. _Arranged_ marriages? what the hell are you talking about?! The man is a fucking fruitcake, that’s all there is to it. What we need to investigate is not the (supposedly lamentable) lack of arranged marriage in our culture, but wheter there were any detectable signs of this guy’s schizophrenia.

  12. WmarkW says:

    About 15 million people saw The Dark Knight Rises its opening weekend and one in 1.25 million of them were killed. There are 40 million African Americans and about 50 of them are murdered every three days, or one in 0.80 million.
    It’s 50% more dangerous to be an African American, than to see The Dark Knight Rises it’s opening weekend.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      You left out the fact that the reason it’s dangerous to be black, is that you’re more likely to be in close proximity to black men, the most likely demographic to commit murder.

      • JJP777 says:

        There are many more salient factors that determine how dangerous your life is than “race.” If your friends are skinheads, or haters than surely that counts as one of these factors. In most of life you reap what you sow. How you conduct your self, whether you trust in God and his son Christ, and living a life that is goal oriented all matter more than our hypothetical barrier called “race”.

      • WmarkW says:

        Yes, there are other salient factors besides race, but…
        For the white homicide rate to equal the black, whites would have to experience an additional Aurora shooting EVERY THREE HOURS, or one September Eleventh per month.

      • JJP777, are you speaking to some published fact about skinheads? What exactly do you know about skinheads? They strike me, as a group, as every bit as politically correct as the rest of society. All the skinheads I’ve ever known were part of SHARPs, i.e. Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice.
        I.e., the kind of people who say,
        “Race is a feeling, nothing more. Our nation has no need of the delirium of race”, and
        “How you conduct your self, whether you trust in God and his son Christ, and living a life that is goal oriented all matter more than our hypothetical barrier called “race”.”

      • JJP777 says:

        To Olave
        As I was saying about skin heads and Nazis who kill people….

  13. Blog Raju says:

    Sometimes people go crazy. There is nothing we can do about the occasional freak. We do not need more restrictions on guns. Even countries with strict gun control have mass murderers.

  14. These lonely-guy-snaps-and-carries-out-a-mass-shooting things aren’t a trend though. Aggressive populations will off eachother with such frequency that it barely registers as news.

  15. Tom says:

    A White man would need to committ a 14 murder killing spree 18 times per year just in the Metro where I live, alone, for White people to even be in the same ballpark as the amount of murders that black people committ (about 320+ another 80 for Hispanics). That’s just in my city.
    Factor that accordingly to take the National situaton into account.
    Forgive me if I’m not sympathetic to being paranoid of the white man.

    • JJP777 says:

      Fact is that the number of murders by blacks and whites are about the same according to most recent statistics. So I seriously doubt your statement unless you live in a nearly all black community.
      And as I said, the Nazi ‘s (remember them) killed 12 million civilians and that equates to 180,000 per year since world war II. So while it is true that blacks kill people in their circle, whites kill people outside their circle. While it is true that black kill at a steady rate, whites catch up with sparotic instances of violence that kill many people at once.
      The point is that neither whites or blacks can take the high ground regarding being murderers.

      • jewamongyou says:

        You should take the 12 million figure with a grain of salt.

      • Plumbum says:

        JJP777 Says:
        > Fact is that the number of murders by blacks and whites are about the same
        > according to most recent statistics.
        Really? Source please. What “most recent statistics”? Blacks have consistently (over the thirty years ending in 2005) committed over fifty percent of murders in this country (US). They constitute – NOW – 12.6% of population; in 1975 their numbers were much lower.
        > And as I said, the Nazi ‘s (remember them) killed 12 million civilians
        What do Nazies have to do with anything here? And where did you get the 12 mil number? Source please. The WWII resulted in deaths (overall) of about 50 million people. I don’t know the split between military and civlian deaths, but usually it’s mostly civilians. So it’s probably more than 12 million. That said, why are you comparing war with peacetime? Just cause it’s a lot of deaths and it makes (in your mind) blacks look better? OK, if you want to compare war, then compare war with war: like in Africa for example, there’s been plenty of black wars, so get their numbers to compare with WWII. Take Rwanda for example, they killed about a million people within like a week. I think it’s so impressive, Nazies have nothing on them authentic black people.

      • JJP777 says:

        I love the way you argue with me but ultimately agree. What I said was that blacks and whites kill the same number of people in the US. You are pointing out that the number of blacks who did this killing is much smaller. With regard to the Nazis you ultimately agree that the number is atleast 12 million. You realize that there is such a thing as murder in war, don’t you? It is one thing to have collateral damage that kills people in the pursuit of the enemy. But he Nazis (who incidently were murderous white men and who wore skulls on there military caps) pursued a policy of ethnic cleansing of Jews, poles, homos, and anyone that did not agree with their policy. To exclude this in a discussion about black vs white murder would only serve your arguement not mine. Most certainly Rwanda should be included.
        The point as I said before is as people white and black we humans are a murderous lot. Neither blacks or whites have the high ground.
        Once again, murder is murder. .

  16. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The Colorado shooting was just another in a long string of media hoaxes.

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