The ever-expanding definition of "racism"

The word “racism” has never had a precise definition. It’s a tool of oppression against whites. As such, its definition is constantly changing. Though, according to reputable dictionaries, it is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits, or that one’s own race is superior to others, these days it can refer to practically any statement involving non-whites.
Take the case of Voula Papachristou for example. Her life ambition has been shattered because she pointed out the obvious in a tweet. According to Opposing Views:

Voula Papachristou was kicked off Greece’s Olympic team on Wednesday for making a racist, derogatory comment on her Twitter account.
Why did her insensitive tweet bring about such a harsh punishment? Well, according to the Times Union, because she made ” statements contrary to the values and ideas of the Olympic movement.”
Papachristou, an unapologetic supporter Greece’s extreme right Golden Dawn party, posted this controversial message last Sunday:
“With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!”
As you would expect, the joke was met with something of a negative reaction.That plus her affiliation with Golden Dawn (a party which rose to international infamy a few weeks ago when spokesperson Ilias Kasidiaris smacked a communist woman in the face) ultimately forced Greece to seriously reconsider her position on their national Olympic team.

Perhaps it’s just me but I don’t understand what’s so controversial about her comment. It’s a harmless joke that indicates no hatred or animosity whatsoever. She didn’t call for the killing of those African invaders. She didn’t say they are dangerous, stupid, ugly or unwelcome. All she did was point out, in a colorful way, that there are many of them in her country.
It appears that these days it’s “racist” even to notice that there are many foreigners in your country. Failure to ignore this fact leads to harsh consequences. Even George Orwell would have been shocked at this state of affairs.
To make matters even worse, she did the worst thing possible after the accusation was made: She grovelled. When will people learn that grovelling accomplishes nothing in the face of accusations of racism. But Papachristou is still young, and she is beautiful. I hope that she accomplishes great things in her life, that she encounters no harm from the Africans of whom she spoke, and that she has many Greek children.

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  1. CS says:

    Perhaps one day someone ruined by a spurious charge of racism will sue their accusers. It would be a delight to see.
    Voula Papachristou has been damaged by the implied and unwarranted charge of racism.
    Why should those who have punished her for a harmless witticism not be required to defend themselves on charges of malicious disparagement, discrimination, career sabotage and libel?
    And anyway, what’s Papachristou’s unapologetic support for Greece’s Golden Dawn party got to do with it? Are they trying to make membership of a political party critical of the commie-liberal establishment a crime?

  2. Reminds me of the British ballerina, a member of the BNP, who was drummed out of her occupation for racism. But in her case, she never actually said anything objectionable at all, she was just a member of the party.
    I’m not really happy with either the Golden Dawn or the BNP, for reasons Unamused “Richard Smith” makes clear in this awesome audio track (courtesy of a commenter named Patrick). Ditto Front National before Marine. (Whether I’d vote for the radical nationalists or even more obscure traditionalist-right alternatives (Popular Orthodox Rally, UK Independence Party, Phillipe de Villier’s party, etc.) is a matter of strategy I have not actually worked out.)
    World War Two was (a) unpleasant, (b) not relevant to immigration, affirmative action, or other anti-White threats, and (c) over many decades ago. There’s no reason for modern politicians to talk about it. That goes for Pat Buchanan too, whatever his other virtues.
    We need to think hard about what subjects to address and address the hell out of them. We may not agree (there’s a disagreement on this very site about whether or not homosexuality is germane), but at least we need to have a shot at it.
    I suggest we start with immigration, followed by opposing PATRIOT (or at least its “national security letters” provision) and the National Defense Authorization Act’s “indefinite detention” provision. Next we need to bring the troops home from Afghanistan, South Korea, and anywhere else they may be stranded in Asia.
    After that, we can talk.

  3. Annoyed says:

    She’s White, beautiful, a worldclass athlete and doesn’t like nonwhites.
    Shes what the leftists fear the most and is a symbol of a national ideal they want to destroy.
    Is it any surprise they removed her? They were planning long before this comment, they simply needed a specific reason.

    • GreekDude says:

      They want all who oppose them to never be part of the “beautiful people” set. When they are they lose it.

  4. Perhaps the people who saw her tweet don’t realize that the Nile is in Africa. You know, education these days isn’t what it used to be.

  5. Iforgot says:

    I’m sure she grovelled because she has put her whole life up to this point into making it into the olympics and didn’t want to see that go down the tubes. I feel so sorry for this girl.

  6. jewamongyou says:

    So do I. This is reason enough to boycott the Olympics.

  7. Exurban says:

    Based on knowing some Greeks and living there for a month about 30 years ago, I suspect the main ingredient here is her support for Golden Dawn. In Greece all officials of anything like an Olympic Committee will be partisan political hacks. Whether they are PASOK hacks or Neademokratia hacks probably won’t matter much. They don’t want any new political formations cutting the gravy train.

  8. JI says:

    Racism “… is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits”
    And here I was concerned that I am a racist. It is actually something of a relief to know that I am not.
    What happened to this poor girl is terrible. The Olympic Committee is a disgrace. Well, all of the international organizations run by the French are disgraces, politically correct cesspools of mindless adherence to ever-changing notions of what is acceptable to believe.

  9. Ack, does anyone believer race is the primary determinant of human traits?

    • Here is something irritating:
      First, the race Marxists created a web of lies so dense that many, many sociological truths become mysteries because noöne can admit that Blacks are dimmer than average, more criminal than average, etc.
      Race is the answer to every sociological mystery.
      Unfortunately, this truth is easily, often intentionally, confused with the falsehood,
      Race is the answer to every sociological question.
      Race-realists are often accused of believing the latter. Race Marxists like to pretend that there is nothing odd about dozens of social scientists, civil servants, etc. studying problems like urban crime, drug abuse, broken families, sexually-transmitted diseases, declining education standards … and continuing to discover the same “solutions” and fail to solve the problems.

    • curious cousin says:

      Yes, I do. I believe that race even determines the culture. Although both race and culture are in a slow equillibrium with the environment.
      -> Environment ——— x100— > Race < ——-x100 ———- Culture <–
      Here is a basic model of most racists’ belief:
      1) Everything starts with environment. Eg, whiteness did not occur in a vacuum; it was the product of a particular environment. If white people had never left Africa, there would never have been white people.
      2) It take a long time for an environment to create a new race, and in fact, with technological human races in particular, humans change the environment faster than the environment changes the humans. This is born out by white people’s continuance of Western culture in the Americas.
      3) It takes a longer time for culture to change the character of a people than for race to change the culture. So for example, African Americans were subjected to Western culture for a few generations, but within a single generation of “integration,” American Blacks reverted in many ways to their tribal past.
      4) Since culture is predominately the product of race and since race is predominately the product of environment, culture changes environment quickly.
      The Jews are an interesting people to me, since the environment in which they evolved was afforded to them solely on the basis of Western civilization, the very civilization that many of them wish to destroy. For centuries, Jews performed only what would today be considered “white collar jobs”. Over a span of hundreds of years, the character of this endogamous group of people changed so that the typical Jew is capable of performing white collar jobs efficiently. But, of course, the existence of white collar jobs is dependent on greater civilization. You can’t have a banker, for example, without someone working to produce wealth. You can’t have a factory manager without the factory worker.
      The only conclusion I can make is that Jews plan to fill the ranks of the working class with mediocre aboriginees and then monopolize the higher ranking positions for themselves and their progeny, wihtout having to worry about intellectuals emerging from the working class to challenge them. I have a serious problem with that for two reasons:
      a) It’s morally unthinkable. It’s like the caste system in India.
      b) I have no reason to believe that masses of people who have an ethnic interest opposing this minority of rulers would not notice their situation and revolt, killing both Jews and the remaining non-Jewish whites.
      The lachymose ethnic history would lead you to believe that Jewish intelligence is the product of persecution, but I can’t help but wonder how persecuted I would feel to be forced to be a banker.

  10. Stealth says:

    Good job, JAY! I’ve thought for a long time that this word needs to be examined and, until it is clearly defined, rejected outright by those accused of it because of its ambiguity.

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