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Again: The limits of verbal thinking

I just read a very good article about the pros and cons of legal prostitution. It is written from a libertarian point of view and pertains to other issues as well. I strongly recommend it, even if just to exercise … Continue reading

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A funny video

Thanks to my friend Portland Realist for sharing this with me. Read between the lines for race-realism. I especially like the part where they both claim they’re not racist because they “like black girls”. It’s always been customary to “like … Continue reading

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The "White Card Campaign"

I found this on The Oculus Report: But what if we could speak? What if there were a way that White people could let Mitt Romney know that they are willing to vote for him precisely because he is white? … Continue reading

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Malta to train Libya in border control

According to Times of Malta: A detachment of 46 officers and men from various sections of the Armed Forces of Malta has arrived in Libya to train Libyan forces. The detachment arrived in Tripoli harbour this morning on board patrol … Continue reading

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Lying through omission

Sorry about the slow trickle of posts recently; our short and miserable little Northwestern summer is already in its death throes and I’m loath to spend it sitting in front of my computer. Aside from that, I’ve been working on … Continue reading

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A wee bit fun for today

Purely by chance I found this fine YouTube video and thought I’d share it with y’all: [youtube]

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Allah's P.R. problem

If not for leftist Westerners, Allah’s reputation would be in tatters by now. There seems to be one embarrassing incident after the other in the lands of Islam. Now they want to execute a mongoloid teenaged Christian girl in Pakistan. … Continue reading

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Kippa walk in Malmo, Sweden

Some Jews have gotten together and openly flaunted their Jewishness in heavily Muslim Malmo, Sweden. reports: (JTA) – Several hundred kipah-wearing Jews and non-Jews marched in Sweden as a sign of solidarity with Malmo’s Jews. Some 400 marchers gathered … Continue reading

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We must discriminate

A recent petition seeks to overturn, through Congress, a University of Pennsylvania decision denying a 23-year-old autistic man a chance to receive a heart transplant. Here’s the text of the letter: My son Paul was denied placement on the … Continue reading

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A study in propaganda

Somebody sent me the following YouTube video. He’s involved with this school and is very proud of it. While I agree with many of the explicit statements made in the video, there is also an undercurrent of lies and propaganda. … Continue reading

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