A study in propaganda

Somebody sent me the following YouTube video. He’s involved with this school and is very proud of it. While I agree with many of the explicit statements made in the video, there is also an undercurrent of lies and propaganda. Yes, it’s important to know your students in order to teach them well. Yes, it’s important for people to get along regardless of their backgrounds. Yes, mutual respect and scholastic achievement are important.
But the first, and primary, boast that’s made about this school is that it’s “majority minority”. I suppose that, together with the fact that most of its students are eligible for free lunches (I.E. poor), this is to emphasize the impact of their accomplishment. But Asians are also considered “minorities”. If we exclude Asians from the school’s academic credentials, how would it fare? We are not told how well “African-Americans” are doing. We are not told the details of the Hispanic students either.
Furthermore, if it’s boast-worthy to have a school that’s “majority minority” and successful, then clearly this is not the norm (and it’s not) – so why should we be hastily transforming the entire country into “majority minority”? Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow it to remain “majority majority”?
We can see that there is a “black student union”. We are told that “African-Americans”, Hispanics, Asians etc. are made to feel proud of who they are. There is no indication that white students merit the same treatment. Apparently the only pride they are permitted to harbor is that of their own individual achievements.
We are shown several frames prominently featuring black boys with white girls. As far as I could tell, there are no similar frames featuring white boys with black girls.
The “diversity” that the producers take so much joy in is doomed from the start. If each of those communities maintains its traditions and distinctions, then what sort of country will we have in a hundred years? It will certainly not be a nation; it will be, at best, a confederacy of nations. At worst, it will be a bloody mess with each group at each others’ throats for the same pieces of government pie. If history is any guide, harmony will not be the result. Strife will be the result.
If those communities melt into each other, and lose their distinctiveness, then “diversity” will have turned out to be a fleeting luxury, followed by blandness.
Watching this video is a lot like playing a hidden object game. Average viewers can only see the general picture. They cannot see the hidden meaning. With training, the hidden messages become painfully obvious.
Here’s the video:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov–5BeDCF4&w=560&h=315]

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  1. countenance says:

    Still waiting on an explanation why diversity is desirable, or why or how “our diversity is our strength.”

    • Yew Among You says:

      For me religious diversity in the form of religious pluralism, or having access to various religions and their practicioners has benefitted me in that I found one that I liked and converted to. So there’s at least one example of diversity desirability.

  2. Yarilo says:

    It would be interesting to speak to the European-American kids attending that school and asking them: “What is your culture? What performance would you give in front of the school to define your heritage?” I suspect most would have to think long and hard about this – and many might not come to an answer.
    It’s a sad state of affairs when European kids have lost a sense of connection with their culture, whether that be Irish, German, Scandinavian, Russian, or what have you. European culture is ridiculously diverse, and most of it is simply awesome. From pre-Christian religion, to food, to clothing, to languages – there’s just so much to it.
    Maybe it’s just the way the video has been edited so that it focusses heavily on the majority Mexican/Asian/African-American student population, but the general feel is that they have little room for European culture there, even though white students are present (despite being a minority). I know if I had studied there, I would feel quite left out not having a chance to show my heritage.

    • fnn says:

      Aside from anti-Regime media, I think you have to look to structural solutions to begin to solve problems like these. In the case of schools, change the system to large school boards (no salaries or expense accounts) elected by PR -with as low a threshold as possible. Although leftism is hegemonic everywhere, the problem is especially egregious with school systems since local school boards are typically dominated by leftist teacher unions.
      Change-even if only at some minimal level at the start-shouldn’t be
      impossible given the obvious level of discontent among non-SWPL whites.

    • Yew Among You says:

      Yarilo, Americans have rejected their pre-Christian European roots and opted instead for a bland Christian materialism, as well as the bland food that goes along with that. So yeah, in essence you can say America has no real or enduring culture. Sorry kids, “pop culture” doesn’t count.!

  3. Doug says:

    Virtually all wars, ethnic cleansing, genocide, etc, are based on DIVERSITY — i.e., differences. Homogenity is safe; diversity is a room flooded with gasoline, waiting for someone to light a match.
    Want conflict? Want war? Then vote for DIVERSITY.

    • jewamongyou says:

      We never get an opportunity to vote when it comes to diversity; it’s always forced upon us.

      • Yew Among You says:

        I don’t know what you mean by “forced upon” you. Could you explain? Are you forced to participate in cultural events that you don’t like? Forced to go to a gurudwar, mandir, mosque or church in lieu of synagogue? Forced to eat sambar instead of falafel?

  4. mindy minsky says:

    At the 4:04 mark he says something about being in the 60th percentile then he says 85th percentile for africans and hispanics.

  5. mindy minsky says:

    Not being an american, i could not understand what the ‘reading and writing HISPEED’ was. IS he talking about the reading and writing part of the SAT? I wonder why he didn’t mention the non-verbal part.

  6. mac says:

    meanwhile back in mandelatopia the multi culti paradise things are happy as usaul: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2012/08/2012817171839499732.html

  7. Stealth says:

    “We are shown several frames prominently featuring black boys with white girls. As far as I could tell, there are no similar frames featuring white boys with black girls.”
    I notice this all the time. There was an episode of a television show hosted by Morgan Freeman that addressed (in a rare instance) the differences in average intelligence among the races. It would occasionally cut to a crowd of nude people (shown from the shoulders up) walking through a desert, mostly in a single file line. What a coincidence: the only two females of the group were a blond white woman with blue eyes and an Asian woman.

  8. Yew Among You says:

    ” If each of those communities maintains its traditions and distinctions, then what sort of country will we have in a hundred years?”
    But that’s a good thing in your eyes, right? I mean someone who describes himself as “Jew among you” is surely maintaining Jewish traditions and distinctions of some sort, right? And then there’s you youtube video which I mentioned before at confused me. The one with the blender. You didn’t want the 3 types of ice cream to be blended up into one mish mash but wanted to eat the 3 types separately and savor their distinct flavors. You used this as a metaphor FOR diversity.
    So you seem to be confused about the issue.

    • Yew Among You says:

      OK just watched the trailer and this school looks awesome. I would have loved to go to such a school as a youth. It looks like it has a major South Asian influence and I love South Asian cultures; from their phenomenal religious and philosophical traditions, to their literature, arts, music and dance, to the clothing and of course the delicious cuisines.
      You see in the beginning of the video one of the first students talking is Lovejit Chaot, that’s an Indian name. Then you see an Indian teacher in salwar kameez at the end and white people dressed in sarees and salwar kameez throughout. Very interesting.
      If there are a significant number of students from South Asian Indian ancestry then of course they probably account for a high percentage of the success rate of this school. Indian culture is an intellectual culture and one which values discipline and respect from the young.
      This is where diversity can indeed be a strength, if we promote and emulate those world cultures that have good things to share with us, like South Asian cultures.
      Had I gone to such a school I would have likely found and converted to the religion of my choose years before I actually did.

      • worx92 says:

        No way.

      • Yew Among You says:

        Yes way. As it is now I spent my youth in typical American nihilistic and materialistic fashion. It wasn’t until my late 20s that I found a religious/philosophical tradition that I could sink my teeth into and that made sense.
        Had I gone to a school like that with a high percentage of South Asians then just by exposure to their religions and cultures I would have found it much earlier. My first trip to South Asia wasn’t until I was almost 30. So much time wasted.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I never advocated having a society with zero diversity. There’s always going to be some and there always has been some. Can you name one civilization where everybody followed the same exact religion, belonged to the same exact ethnic group, followed the same exact traditions etc.? There’s never been such a thing. But to transform something like diversity and turn it into the basis of one’s country is insane. Nations are built on unity – but they can tolerate some diversity. A nation based upon diversity is not a nation.

      • Yew Among You says:

        Jew, I think the bottom line is whether or not the diverse religions within a nation can respect each other. Not “tolerate” but respect. Islam and Christianity are two religions that historically have had major problems respecting other religions. Their very ideologies are anti-respect for religious freedom. The good news is that at least Christianity is slowly dying and/or being replaced by a more benign new version, which I welcome because that version at least understands the concept of respect for religious freedom. The same process is going on with Islam but at a much slower rate. It will happen.
        I see the future optimistically.

      • RichardS says:

        **Nations are built on unity**
        Thank you so much for you common sense post. Not only nations but people & communities are also built on unity & focusing on our COMMONALITIES not out differences.
        As a American Jew myself I too am increasingly concerned about Diveristy (Nothing more than Divide & Conquer), by the Corrupt Elites and Bueracrats running this country. You can still be a Jew or a Hindu but as a society we need to focus on our commonalities and unity not our Diversity (Differences). Look at Multi-Lingual / Multi-Cultural Countries that have traditionally focused on their diversity (differences) they are a mess and more often than not have internal conflict or strife.
        The US needs to focus on its Unity & Commonalities rather than its diversity and differences, which it did do until the 1960’s and then unfortunately common sense / logic and reason got thrown out of the door. I mean please tell me how can a nation or community be cohesive and united, with 57 language, 57 cultures and 57 different traditions. I can tell you having travelled to diverse Asian and African Countries it will be a mess!

  9. worx92 says:

    Most Americans don’t know or care what they are. They laugh and say, “Mixed” or that “It doesn’t matter”. But it does. For thousands of years, man defined himself by who he was, where he was from, who his father was, what his family lineage was. You even see this with primitive cultures. But the Modern American has given this up for a nationality, “American”. It is a nationality, not ethnicity. Everything is all mixed up. They call Mexicans “Hispanics” but they have little Spanish blood. They haven’t been mixing with the Spanish since they came here. Most are just Indian tribes south of the border. They are not Spanish or “Hispanic” because they speak Spanish.
    When they can get people to not care what they are, or know what they are, they will mix and become nothing. Every great civilization had people who knew who they were and what they were. Without this, there is no cohesiveness.
    Some are just born communists.

    • Yew Among You says:

      “Every great civilization had people who knew who they were and what they were.”
      Another thing that I love about South Asians. There long lineages; cultural, religious and familial. Imagine being able to trace yourself back that far! At least now I can do it religiously, if not genetically.

      • Annoyed says:

        If you love south asians so much, I suggest you move to a country in south asia(if they will have you).
        I suspect you will not be nearly as enamored by them once you move there.

      • Yew Among You says:

        I already do live there half a year round. Will be able to live year round in a few years.

  10. IDeen says:

    Diveristy is to Divide. No nation can hold together by focusing on ones differences. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE DIVERSITY.
    But making Diversity “Official” rather than focusing on peoples commonalities, is a recipe for disaster. Being of Indian Decent I can tell you India is very (overly)diverse and many think it may simply not hold together, due to its over diversity (65 years on, since Independence), they are still fighiting about their 6 odd languages, the Hindi Nationalist trying to impose Hindi only through out India Etc….! This same recipe will not be good for America and the Western World.
    The Only Hope America has is Intermarriage which is very High Amongst Whites/Hispanics and Asians, only the future will tell if our Nation will use this to its advantage and forge 1 Common and United People, rather than the current strategy of squabbling groups and Nationalities / Identiy Politics.

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