Allah's P.R. problem

If not for leftist Westerners, Allah’s reputation would be in tatters by now. There seems to be one embarrassing incident after the other in the lands of Islam. Now they want to execute a mongoloid teenaged Christian girl in Pakistan. According to Alarabiya:

A Christian girl with Down’s Syndrome has been arrested on blasphemy charges in Pakistan, accused of burning pages inscribed with verses from the Koran, police and activists said on Sunday.
Police arrested Rimsha, who is recognized by a single name, on Thursday after she was reported holding in public burnt pages which had Islamic text and Koranic verses on them, a police official told AFP.
A conviction for blasphemy is punishable by death in Pakistan.
The official said that the girl, who he described as being in her teens, was taken to a police station in the capital Islamabad, where she has been detained since.
Angry Muslim protesters held rallies demanding she be punished, said the official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.
“We had to register the case fairly quickly to prevent any unpleasant situation,” he added, referring to the demonstrations.

People worry about the day when Muslims will be a majority in Western European countries. But Sharia law will be implemented well before that. A political block does not need a majority in order to impose its will upon the host country. What it lacks in numbers, it can easily make up in its willingness to use violence and in solidarity. This photo could be from Pakistan circa 2011 or U.K. circa 2030:

If tens of thousands of enraged people want you dead for saying the wrong thing, then there is a very high likelihood that you will die. Your death will serve as a warning to others regardless of whatever “freedom of speech” laws may still technically be on the books. With mobs such as the one above, the government cannot protect you even if it wanted to.
For us infidels, it’s difficult to understand the mentality that would demand the execution of a mentally retarded teenaged girl, even if she actually did something wrong. The minions of Allah are working hard to show the rest of us what happens when they gain too much power. If they were smart, they’d hire a public relations firm to put a smiley face on the “religion of peace”. They’d put a stop to some of their more outrageous practices. But no. Instead, they insist on harassing their own Olympic athletes (thanks to human stupidity for the link) for lack of piety. They insist on executing people for saying the wrong things. They chop of hands and force little girls to marry. Through all this, where is the outcry from “moderate Islam”? It doesn’t even much matter whether authentic Islam actually condones such practices. What matters is that a lot of people from Muslim countries follow them. They are practically shouting from the rooftops, “This is what we do. This is what will happen in your countries too, if you let us in!”
I’m not convinced that honor-killings are a real part of Islam. But it doesn’t matter. Like an infectious disease, the practice follows them around wherever they go. The same applies to female genital mutilation. Britain brought hordes of Muslims to its shores – and now they’ve got honor-killings and F.G.M. as ongoing problems. Is anyone surprised?
I fear Islam but I am not an “islamophobe”. A phobia is an unreasonable fear. My fear of Islam is reasonable. I harbor no ill-will toward individual Muslims; I’ve known kind and decent people who are Muslim. But I know what happens to a society when it becomes dominated by Muslims. On the world-stage we’ve seen it over and over again. A formerly progressive, liberal, country is freed from the grasp of a dictator and given free elections. Inevitably Islamic rule is voted in and then it’s all downhill. Are there any predominantly Muslim democracies where the people can be said to be free? When I visited Brunei, I got the impression that the people were happy overall, and that they loved their king. Admittedly, I don’t think they were free. But this is my free P.R. advice to Allah: Make sure your people are ruled by kings, not by “democracy”.

A happy child in Brunei

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  1. Black Death says:

    “If they were smart, they’d hire a public relations firm to put a smiley face on the “religion of peace”.
    George W. Bush?

  2. My hope is that the various race-Marxist, Islamist, feminist, crypto-gnostic, what-have-you forces all decide they are just about to win, and drop their collective P.R. campaigns about ten years too early. If they enrage of enough western taxpayers, colonels, policemen, and engineers, we stand some chance of creating a haven for ourself.

  3. Yew Among You says:

    The sad thing is, all these South Asian and Southeast Asian countries used to be Hindu during the height of ancient Hindu civilization, which gave rise to the greatest philosophical diversity the world has ever seen – to date. Freedom of thought and of speech was paramount. How they have allowed themselves to fall to something like Islam just astounds me.

  4. Yew Among You says:

    Hold on! Did you just call a Down Syndrome patient “mongoloid”?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, why? Do you consider it offensive? I’d be willing to bet that the mongoloids themselves have little opinion on the matter. As for me, I have no desire to be mean to them and I consider “Down Syndrome” to be a more negative term than “mongoloid”.

  5. Yew Among You says:

    For Jew;
    “The Jews came to India after the Jewish temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70
    A.D. and the Jews were kicked out of their homeland. In the book – Who are the Jews of India? -(University of California Press, 2000), Nathan Katz says that
    India is the only country where the Jews were not persecuted. The Indian chapter is one of the happiest of the Jewish Diaspora. Both Christians and Jews have existed in
    Hindu India for centuries without being persecuted. Christianity came to India with St. Thomas in the first century A.D.
    Zoroastrians from Persia came to India in the 7th century to flee Islamic
    conquest. They are known as Parsees in India. The Parsees lived in India without a sense of having been persecuted through the centuries.
    Pluralism and tolerance of diversity are built into Hindu theology. This is why I find all the Hindu Fundamentalists (ie groups like the VHP) to be so sad, Not only are they killing innocent people but they are destroying Hinduism from the inside.”
    The one thing about Jews I really respect is their non-proselytization.
    That’s the type of “diversity” I’d like to see more of in the US and in the world. So far we’ve been to tolerant of missionaries. That’s gotta stop.

  6. “A political block does not need a majority in order to impose its will upon the host country. What it lacks in numbers, it can easily make up in its willingness to use violence and in solidarity.”
    An important point which liberals, with their almost religious belief in the miraculous healing benefits of majoritarianism, simply do not get. The IRA, for example, probably never had anything like majority support amongst N.Ireland Catholics yet they were feared with good reason. Likewise with the ANC and their “necklacing” punishment of “collaborators”.

  7. SarahSue says:

    You have not met any kind and decent muslims because there is no kindness or decency in islam. We keep trying to deceive ourselves into thinking that muslims are ‘just like us’. They are not. They do not share our goals or values.
    No religion that kills their own children (honor killing), kills the weak and defenseless and kills anyone that does not agree with them cannot suddenly become kind and decent, or good in any way.
    We need to reject them as a group, not parse the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ or the ‘moderates’ from the ‘extremists’. Islam is extreme and everyone that follows it is extreme.
    Until we all realize this, we will never be able to defeat them. They are well on their way to defeating us, because unlike us, they share a common goal. They are a religion of peace and peace will come when we are all under sharia law. Let’s not let that happen. We need to reject islam and all muslins.

    • Yew Among You says:

      SarahSue, I get what you’re saying but disagree to a point. When exclusivistic religions like Christianity or Islam reach tipping points then they become problematic for lovers of religious freedom, but in isolation the practicioners are ok and can be decent people with a vaneer of respect for religious pluralism. Its when they reach the tipping point %, organize and try to impose their will on others that you get things like missionaries, conversion politics, religious fanaticism, etc.

    • jewamongyou says:

      When it comes to people, very rarely do statements that begin with “all” or “every” turn out to be true. We can agree that Islam is an evil religion, but this does not automatically make everyone who professes it evil. Some might be deluded or naive or ignorant. If you are so certain that every Muslim is evil, then it follows that you would have little problem killing them if you could get away with it. I’d be happy just sending them back to their native lands.

      • SarahSue says:

        Muslims have lost the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. So, yes, I am comfortable saying all muslims are bad people.
        As far as what we should do with them, sending them back to the hell holes they have created is a good idea.
        It is not fair for them to make their countries unlivable, then decide to come to ours and make ours unlivable. But then fairness is a western concept as are all our concepts of mercy, kindness and forbearance. Muslims refuse to integrate and learn our ways. Because we are civilized, mass murder is not a solution. That is another big difference between us. But sending them home and making them stay there is a good solution.

      • Yew Among You says:

        Foreign Muslims are less than 1% of the US population. I rarely meet one over here. Christians on the other hand…….

  8. Rob says:

    JewAmongYou, do your colleagues/friends/family/employer know about the controversial material you post here? And if so, does it cause you any problems? I have a few controversial opinions of my own (similar to yours) that I am quite tempted to publish on my blog, though I’m slightly afraid of bearing the social penalty entailed in doing so — especially as I’m currently looking for work.
    I guess I should create a separate site that isn’t tied to my real identity, but part of me sees that as cowardly. I am not ashamed of my opinions after all.
    I’m just curious to know your experience in dealing with people (in real life) who find your views abhorrent.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’m outspoken in real life as I am online. My friends and family are aware of my views – though I try to be diplomatic of course. Of course, if I had to find another job, I realize it could be a problem but I’m not willing to sacrifice an important part of my identity because of this. There have been unpleasant confrontations with friends and family but I’ve never backed down and things tend to settle down after a while anyway.

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