Lying through omission

Sorry about the slow trickle of posts recently; our short and miserable little Northwestern summer is already in its death throes and I’m loath to spend it sitting in front of my computer.
Aside from that, I’ve been working on my most offensive and controversial post yet. In fact, it makes me shudder just thinking about it. It involves me singing – and I’m one of the worst singers on Earth. When I do finally post it, let nobody complain that they were not warned.
But now I’d like to address something that I found on facebook (which I spend very little time on):

Yes, it’s true that Christians sometimes make life unpleasant for homosexuals. It’s true that Christians and Jews consider homosexual acts to be a sin. But neither Christians nor Jews are in the habit of executing people for being homosexual. Indeed, if traditionally Christian nations are so harsh to homosexuals, then why are the latter fleeing Muslim countries in favor of Christian ones?
Islam is perhaps the fastest growing religion in the world with over 2.2 billion adherents. When I pointed out the omission on facebook, the response was that, in the U.S., Christianity is the main problem.
An interesting response – considering that facebook is very much international and considering how foolish it would be to ignore the attitudes of one third of the human population. If the point of the flowchart is to change minds, it would seem to me that first priority should be given to those who would kill you rather than those who simply consider you a sinner.
Christianity has its problems, but its main (secular) opponents seem to be from the Left. It is those same people on the Left who advocate for open borders, multiculturalism and an international outlook. They like to think of themselves as “cosmopolitan”. Bring up a positive topic, holidays for example, and list them: Christmas, Easter, Hannukah etc. and they’ll be the first to interject “Eid-al-Fitr”. In their eyes, Islam is as American as apple pie – but only when associating it with positive things. When it comes to bigotry, only traditional “white” religions can be criticized. Islam cannot be criticized because it is perceived as a “non-white” religion. Criticizing a “white religion” makes you progressive, but criticizing a “non-white” religion makes you bigoted and intolerant.
This is why the old Hindu custom of Sati is rarely discussed among leftists. Hindus are brown, so to criticize them as a group would be a sacrilege. Traditional Chinese medicine is also “holy” – even though endangered species worldwide are being slaughtered for their supposed aphrodisiac properties*.
Oh sure, when the matter is brought up, even leftists will admit that Islam and Hinduism have their flaws. They won’t deny it – but they will not bring it up on their own, and their newspapers and T.V. stations will certainly not harp on it as they harp on the “evils” of pro-white movements. When they compose flowcharts, like the one above, they often show their true colors through what they omit.
* Perhaps we should declare NAM’s an “endangered species” and just let the Chinese take care of them. Nothing like a negro gall bladder, or a Mexican lymph node to stir up passions! 

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14 Responses to Lying through omission

  1. Nyk says:

    Every kind of even an attempt of an argument on behalf of leftists gets thrown out of the window the moment I or any other atheist reveal that we oppose gay marriage. Their minds simply cannot parse the existence of atheists who reject the Bible and also know a thing or two about darwinian evolution and natural selection, but still oppose leftist utopianism. They can only respond emotionally to such heretics, because to them, the only explanation is that we are Evil. Its just like with the real Muslims out there: you are OK with them if you say you know nothing of Islam, but the moment you reveal that you have studied Islam and totally reject it as a false belief, it gets personal and they start spewing emotional stuff, accusations of blasphemy. Same with Liberals: if they realize you are educated and know maybe even more stuff about natural selection than they do, you can only be Evil for rejecting the One True Faith and its tenets (including gay marriage).
    With the religious people it is not really personal, because the Liberals blame the religion for clouding their minds to the Truth. But with us reactionary atheists, some of us even defending religion for its good parts and usefulness in shaping a high-IQ, low time preference scientific civilization, it can only be personal.

  2. SFG says:

    Quite a few Orthodox Jews do, in fact, try to live by all of the horrifying 613 commandments. (This is why I don’t even bother trying to practice Judaism even though I technically fit the definition. Well, that and Jewish women annoy me.) You should accuse your friend of anti-Semitism and see how he reacts. 😉

  3. Apopkian says:

    What about the millions of people that died of AIDS because of the behavior of gays? I couldn’t find that arrow….

  4. The flowchart is full of strawmen. A lot more people say same-sex marriage is wrong (factually) because common recent western usage has defined marriage as one man one woman. I’ve never heard anyone say marriage is wrong (morally) because of anything presented in a glossary in the bible.
    It’s funny, because while this totally strawman Christianity and Judaism, and ignores Islam, it also seems completely unaware of Catholic and Orthodox reasoning. E.g.:
    Because my bishop, and archbishop, and patriarch, and their predecessors, all say homosexuality is wrong, and the civilizations governed under moral principles promulgated by bishops have been relatively successful and long-lasting, and are the kind of civilization I’d like to live in.
    Because I’d rather live in Renaissance Italy, or Enlightenment Italy, or modern Italy, than Swaziland or Sumatra. I’d rather live on Luzon than Mindanao. Etc.
    Because they’re nicer places, says me. If you’d rather live in a nice gay-friendly place like the Bay Area or Manhattan, fine, but keep in mind those places are only nice for rich people; there are crime-ridden hell-holes nearby that are much more “affordable”.
    In any case, you didn’t ask my why I want to stone homosexuals; my answer would have been different, because I don’t. You struck up a conversation with me about my opinion, game me prefabbed leftist strawmen with which to “explain myself”, and now you’re mad at me for having an opinion that isn’t yours. You sound like a leftist.
    Uhh … I guess because you wanted to sound like a leftist? Anyway, I’m overdone for my appointment to go and be a judgemental bourgeois patriarch. Oh, and my appointment to go and tote a gun. (I never carry a gun, I just tote one.)
    Wait, don’t you want to learn to be tolerant and compare white people to horrible diseases?
    No. Bye.
    (For the record, I don’t actually think homosexuality is sinful. It’s not my place to just someone’s choice of a (consenting sane adult human) person to be with. I recognize, however, that homosexual promiscuity is an even bigger problem that the heterosexual variety. Also for the record, I think cousin marriage vs. lack of same, is way more important than Orthodoxy/Catholicism vs. competitors.)

    • Ugh, I did not proofread that post very well. I may re-post it in edited form on my blog.

    • SFG says:

      Actually, I’m sure modern Italy’s a lot gay-friendlier than Swaziland. 😉

      • (I did see your emoticon but I want to explain a little more.) The persona I was wearing above is a very strong pro-nomian, someone unwilling to pick and choose which rules are right and which wrong. The sum total of Catholicism is to be compared against other totalities.
        In fact, it’s hard to even say whether non-Western countries are gay-friendly or not. Can’t you be stoned to death for gay adult consensual sex in Afghanistan? Yet pederasty is tolerated? Blekhh. What we think of a gay-friendly is totally colored by our habit of taking it for granted that children will be protected from violence and exploitation.
        Many of us are (rightly) willing to condemn and abandon the RCC for the scandals in the Boston diocese, yet we can’t quite bring ourselves to stop or even slow immigration from countries where that would not even have been a scandal.
        And now I’m way off topic.

  5. Sid says:

    I’ll just add that Leftists are often comfortable with the “New Atheist” tenet that all religions are equally bad. It’s better to claim that Christianity is worse than Islam, but it’s acceptable to hold that Islam is as bad as Christianity. When the matter is brought up that Muslims, on the whole, do worse things more often than do Christians, the Leftists will try to place the excesses of Islam into the category of “Religion.” And since Christianity is also a religion, that means what Muslims do for their religion also indicts Christians, because they also have a religion. Again, it’s acceptable to consider Christianity and Islam equally bad, and if one makes an effort to show that Muslims do worse things, then a sleight of hand is used to have Muslim crimes indict Christians as well.
    Of course, if one then explicitly claims that Islam is worse than Christianity, then panic will ensue.
    Now, I’m not going to criticize atheism proper. I have no issue with people not believing in god. I merely find the atheism of the Left to be intellectually vacuous. If one brings up the point that Stalin and Mao were diehard atheists, then a leftist atheist will try to either skirt around that issue, or try to depict Communism as its own kind of religion… and that point, “religion” is just a word for any world view the leftist dislikes.

  6. TWTS says:

    I’m not religious and don’t care about gay marriage, but the people who post this meme are usually the types who will blame racism or poverty for the behavior of the most uncivilized people in our society and never the savages themselves. However, someone like my middle class, 75-year-old Irish Catholic dad who has never even gotten as much as a freaking traffic ticket is considered “uncivilized” to them because he opposes poof marriage.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Westerners love their dogs. So much so that they often have dogs instead of children. Muslims prefer having children instead of dogs. Unless Westerners (whites) change their ways and start having more children, their fate (and the fate of their precious dogs) is sealed.

      • Apopkian says:

        The Japanese have even less babies than western countries and still don’t let in any immigrants. They also eat dogs I think, so that may have something to do with it.
        Since secularism is the cause of lack of babies in the west. Why not attack the problem at the source?

  7. destructure says:

    The flow chart attempts to portray any objection to homosexuality as solely religious. But my objections have nothing to do with religion. Open sexuality and promiscuity debauches society. Most homos don’t have a dog in that fight because they don’t have children. They can tramp it up while others’ children pay the price through illegitimacy, divorce and broken homes.
    Now one could say that its the families with children who should be most responsible for raising them properly. And I’d agree. But society has a vested interest in maintaining stable families. As much as I’d like to take a libertarian stand on this issue I have to recognize that families aren’t immune to a degenerate culture. When a group makes it their goal to break down taboos and normalize promiscuity then they bear some responsibility, as well.
    I am of course referring only to homosexuals who are promiscuous and/or militant and not to those who are discrete and restrained. And I’m certainly not letting promiscuous heterosexuals off the hook, either. The difference is that promiscuous heterosexuals are merely promiscuous and not deliberately campaigning to normalize a culture of open sexuality and promiscuity.

  8. Me says:

    To be homosexual is to be unclean in the eyes of god. In hell you will hear nothing but screams if agony and see nothing but darkness as you lay in pain alone for all eternity. Save yourself and as many others as you can while it’s not to late. Jesus loves you and will forgive all his children if you embrace him ask him into your heart now and beleive that Jesus died for the sins you are commuting.

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