The "White Card Campaign"

I found this on The Oculus Report:

But what if we could speak? What if there were a way that White people could let Mitt Romney know that they are willing to vote for him precisely because he is white? What if there were some method by which the Anglo-Saxon community could show the Gov that they are ready to support the White Candidate?
It turns out there is a way. A poster in a comment thread over at Occidental Dissent came up with it. “Write to Romney,” the commentator advised, “And tell him you are voting for him, Because he is the WHITE candidate. Say, ‘I’m voting Anglo-Saxon.'”
What an excellent idea.
I have taken the idea to heart. In order to make it easier to do, I’ve created a simple postcard by which we can communicate our pro-Anglo sentiments to Mitt. I call it the White Card. It is a standard U.S.-size postcard (4.25″ x 6″) with black-ink printing on one side. The card is pre-addressed to the Romney 2012 mailing address and has an area which can be filled out with the sender’s name and address. Below this is printed the following message: “I am a White person and I am proud of what I am. I am voting for you because you are the White candidate.  I’m sending you this White Card to let you know that I am voting Anglo-Saxon in 2012. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of our people.” A space for the writer’s signature follows. A box for the necessary $0.32 postage stamp appears at the upper left corner.
The other side of the card is white — beautiful, pure white.
You can download the card by clicking Save Link As on the image below (PNG, 68kb).

Great idea Oculus! I’ve sent mine out and I’ve given a couple to a friend. It costs 32 cents for the stamp and probably about the same for the card stock. What’s your excuse White America?
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  1. If I were to send a card like that, I’d say, “I’m voting for you because you seem marginally less anti-White than the other guy.” But that would be a lie since I’m voting for Virgil Goode.

  2. Brutus says:

    The .png printed all pixelated and ugly for me, so I made a higher quality .pdf, suitable for printing on a 4×6 inch unruled white index card, such as one might find at Staples.
    I might have preferred “I am a White man…” to “I am a White person…”, or simply “I am White…” (to avoid the need for another card for women, without using the PC-sounding “person”), but chose to stick with the exact wording and punctuation that appears in the .png. If a consensus on different wording should emerge, I can produce another version with relative ease.
    The typeface is Gentium, and the font is SIL Gentium Plus. It’s a nice serif typeface, which I find is very pleasant to read, and which performs adequately in my laser printer. I experimented with using blackletter and related typefaces, particularly a very attractive not-quite-blackletter typeface called Hamlet (“Hamlet or Not” that was originally used to set an edition of Shakespeare, but found them a little too affected. If anyone has trouble printing it, let me know and I’ll try making a version with a Bitstream Charter derived typeface (Charis SIL, which should perform very well with most any printer: Bitstream Charter was specifically designed for use with laser printers.
    Regarding the idea I have seen in the comments here, that Romney is only “marginally less anti-White than is Obama,” I think that while Romney and Ryan are not explicitly pro-White, their policies would be substantially better for Whites than would the policies of Obama. Particularly, the “opportunity versus entitlement” line of thinking is very pro-White, since Whites are better equipped to benefit from freedom and opportunity, while Blacks, mulattoes, and mestizos benefit disproportionately from entitlement. It is not a coincidence that freedom is essentially a White, indeed an Anglo-Saxon idea.

    • I can’t say you’re wrong, but I don’t know if their policies have anything to do with what would be done under a Romney administration. Just tryin to b realistic.

      • Brutus says:

        That’s a justified concern. I’m excited about Romney, but I know that I could end up disappointed. Still, I think that the only reason not to vote for Romney is the desire to see the political, social, and economic chaos that would result from a second Obama term, in hopes of building something new out of the wreckage of what once was America. I’m not saying that’s not a valid position, but I’d rather fix America if we can.

  3. As an Englishman, I’m a little concerned about the colloquial use of Anglo-Saxon. Given it is more often than not used in the pejorative (even though I understand how it is applied) I believe it just contributes to the deconstruction of the English people’s sense of identity through it being associated with something bad and political rather than a rooted thing.
    Just a thought.

    • How would you phrase it? “Freedom is essentially a British idea?” That would be fine by me.

      • Annoyed says:

        No, freedom was the idea of a few british men who left england. If there was any who wanted freedom in England, they have long died or been silenced by the majority.

      • Well, I think we’re all talking about 17th Century British folks. You could even date it to the period between England and Scotland got the same monarch, and Act of Union.
        I personally have tremendous respect for Nigel Farage and UKIP.

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