A funny video

Thanks to my friend Portland Realist for sharing this with me. Read between the lines for race-realism. I especially like the part where they both claim they’re not racist because they “like black girls”. It’s always been customary to “like the girls” of the people you’re exterminating. Blacks do it all the time – so kudos to those two for dishing some of it back.

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3 Responses to A funny video

  1. sabril says:

    It also debunks the myth that black people are macho warriors. The reality is that blacks generally start trouble with whites only when they are confident they have a big advantage, for example 10 black kids jumping 1 white guy and kicking him when he’s down. Or a black guy punching somebody’s 80-year-old grandmother in the face.
    The brave black warrior is probably a television myth just like the brilliant black scientist.

  2. Georgia Resident says:

    “The brave black warrior is probably a television myth just like the brilliant black scientist.”
    It’s also a prevalent myth concerning Amerindians. Last stands, of the sort where a small, terrifically outnumbered force faces off against massive odds seems to be mostly a white thing.

  3. Nathan Wartooth says:

    The comment about how white people just laughed at him and knew it was a prank was pretty telling and it shows something that I have long thought to be true.
    Black people are much more likely to believe in supernatural forces being real. Such as ghosts, zombies, etc. Even most highly religious people don’t actually believe that there are real supernatural beings on earth.
    I would love to see a study done on this. Just to see how much % of each population believes that there exists actual supernatural forces on earth. Not just the invisible hand of God.

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