The Stanley Dunham complex

In the South Park episode “Fatbeard” Cartman convinces some of his friends that their comfortable suburban life is miserable, and that a better future awaits them as pirates in Somalia. After their arrival in Somalia, Cartman manages to maintain this illusion for a while – until reality catches up with them.
Spoiled children in well-to-do countries like to imagine that life would be better elsewhere, if only they could escape the boredom and monotony of the only life they have known.
Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, was an only child.  As a leftist and an adventurer, Stanley seems to have been partial to non-white men. Perhaps white men were too “bland” for her. She ended up marrying an unprincipled Kenyan philanderer who had abandoned his pregnant wife in Kenya. Through him she bore the illegitimate son we now know as “Barack Obama”.
Purely by chance, I came upon a blog that contains first-hand accounts of a woman much like Stanley Dunham: Sacha Stevenson. Like Stanley, Sacha is an only child. Like Stanley, Sacha had a bit of gender confusion and grew up fatherless. Both women moved around a lot and lacked solid roots in any one place. They were both “hippies” and they both ended up in Indonesia. Both women also dated black men first and then moved on to Asian men. I believe that Sacha’s account of her experiences in Jamaica throw some light on this type of mentality and how they try to reconcile it with reality. Here are excerpts from Sacha’s Jamaican experience (my comments in parenthesis and bold):

At 17, I arrived at the Kington airport in Jamaica. I remember feeling absolutely free for the first time in my life. I had all I needed in my life in my backpack, adrenalin pumping through my veins, and a rape whistle that my mother gave me tightly attached to my wrist. She said, “if you are in danger, blow the whistle!” You see, Kingston, Jamaica, at that time anyways, was not well known for its hospitality. In fact Kingston was labeled “The murder capital of the world”! Luckily for me, I had no serious problems, but it REALLY OPENED MY EYES! I got to see Bob Marley’s house. I got to see the bullet marks in the wall from the assassination attempt he spoke of in the song “Ambush in the Night”. (Jamaica had been romanticized for her from an early age. Her young mind was overwhelmed with excitement – and she was emotionally vulnerable).
I was the target of racism myself for the first time in my life and I understood completely why some people there held a grudge. (She couldn’t accept that blacks can be bad people; instead, their racism was understandable because it was a “grudge”. I wonder if she is as forgiving toward white racists).
I saw poverty for the first time, I saw guns and violence, but I also saw the kindness and beauty of perfect strangers in the least expected places. (Up until that point, she had led a sheltered existence. She didn’t understand that all human societies contain kindness and beauty of some sort – or they wouldn’t be human at all. But this was a place where guns and violence were far more common than in Canada and, in her mind, the presence of kindness and beauty offset this flaw).
I also met a Jamaican guy in Kingston and we started seeing each other, but because Kingston became too dangerous for us (he was physically attacked for dating a white woman). (It was inevitable that she would meet a Jamaican guy; it was probably part of her fantasy – and a dream come true for the lucky Jamaican. But she discovered that racism is far more prevalent among blacks than among whites).
Living in Jamaica was a treasured experience I’ll never forget, but it was so difficult to live there due to the racism, poverty, hatred, jealousy and domestic abuse that was encircling me. I was endangering myself and my boyfriend by staying any longer. This is when I left Jamaica…. (She discovered that life among blacks is not a bowl of cherries. One wonders if the “domestic abuse” was also directed at her sometimes).

Her experience in Indonesia was completely different. She had received a real-life lesson in HBD and learned that Asians, overall, are much safer to be around than Africans. She remains in Indonesia to this day. It’s a pity that she never really gave her own race a chance.
From the stories of Stanley Dunham and Sacha Stevenson, we can identify some common factors that might cause young white women to lose their own racial/ethnic identities and seek greener pastures:
1) Growing up with a single parent, specifically only a mother. Incidentally, this may also explain why so many black men seek out white women: They have no father figure to look up to who had married a black woman – and available black women probably remind them too much of their own domineering mothers.
2) A lack of solid roots in one place and no real attachment to any community.
3) A parenting style that deprived them of a sense of adventure in their own lives, causing them to seek it elsewhere and with “the other” (men of other races). But this is only an educated guess; I have no evidence for this.
4) Discomfort, of some sort, with their own gender. A girl should have a girl’s name and be encouraged to act like a girl.
5) A lack of siblings. This probably goes hand in hand with a lack of community, and a lack of a sense of belonging.
I might add that the mothers of both girls failed to provide their daughters with solid knowledge of other cultures and countries. In Sacha’s case, she was infused with idealistic visions of Jamaica. Fortunately for her, she escaped that island alive and without child. Apparently the same applies to Stanley’s upbringing. How else can we explain that she accepted the word of an older Kenyan man, that he was divorced. Her mother should have warned her about men in general, and black men in particular. But it would also be a mistake to fill a child’s head with unreasonable fears of other peoples and races. At some point these fears are bound to be exposed as lies – and then the child will abandon all caution. The child should be taught caution but not hysteria.
Overall, I’d have to say that Cartman caught on a lot quicker than either of these two women.

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  1. Apopkian says:

    I would add that the main reason some white women are attract to blacks is because the white men they grow up around are weak. Constantly apologizing for your race or history doesn’t make a good impression on anybody.
    Compare this to the natural over confidence of black males, and it is understandable why dumb and naive women end up with blacks.

    • That is a fine hypothesis, Apopkian. To it, I would add that when White men exhibit strength/ confidence / ethnocentrism similar to what Black men exhibit, they only benefit from it with a small group of eligible women. Most women will recoil from any sort of strength* among White men. White women have been inoculated against White ethnonationalism but continue to hunger for it.
      I’m not gay or female, so there I can’t relate to this particular group of White women on a sexual level. There was a time, decades ago, when I was quite into the rap group Public Enemy. Not too much other rap has appealed to me. Why Public Enemy? Because so many of their songs are lyrically spot-on if you reverse the races.
      It does take a nation of millions to keep us back.
      “Too White, too strong” is the taunt the mainstream media hurls at us.
      9-1-1 is a joke of a response to Black-perpetrated violence.
      We need to build our own nation and stop expecting help from other groups.
      * That said, the big exception is actual physical strength. I recommend that all skinny White men bulk up. I don’t recommend body-building, but I do recommend a good “self-defense build”–the physique which serves you best at defending yourself in a fight. I believe (I’m no expert) that that build approximates what most het-females find most attractive in man.

      • Apopkian says:

        I am not sure women will recoil from strong or proud white men. I always got the impression that most women don’t really hold any strong political views beyond the general fashionable or tribal views or what gets them the most government money. Like blacks, and animals, they do seem to have an instinctual sense that can sniff out fear or confidence.
        Compare how a rich and powerful white liberal in America acts to how a rich and powerful Arab or African acts. The liberal will constantly be embarrassed and ashamed of his privilege. He will adopt habits and tastes that will make him appear modest and working class.
        In contrast a rich third world millionaire is the exact opposite. Throwing money around and adopting habits and life style of what used to Western aristocracy. He treats servants like servants, and his not ashamed of his status even if it is inherited or achieved entirely through luck or criminality.

      • I should specify that most White women will superficially, initially recoil from mental strength in White men. Even that is an exaggeration; rural, Christian, and right-wing women are big exceptions. The main group I was thinking of are coastal urban educated young women, mainly because they were the type I tried to date for too long.
        So anyway, I agree with you more than it seemed at first. (Sorry I forgot about this thread.)

    • anon334 says:

      “Constantly apologizing for your race or history doesn’t make a good impression on anybody.”
      I don’t know any white men that act that way. Some of you need to meet white men outside of your liberal arts classes.

      • Apopkian says:

        Every single job or school I attended in my life began with me signing or repeating a leftist manifesto to celebrate and respect all cultures, races, religions, genders, and perversions.
        Of course I don’t believe these lies, but I repeat them because it is the only way I can support my family.
        Most white men are in the same position. You think that those who repeat the lies but don’t believe them are not weak, but the opposite is true. The average white man is dominated.
        A fat lazy black woman with an IQ of 90 is more powerful and protected in the workplace than most productive white men. Meaning a white man would be wise to avoid any confrontation because most often he is in the weaker position and will be fired first regardless of past performance.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Apopkian’s experience is close to my own. I work in a job where the rank and file workers are not liberals. And yet we still have mandatory diversity training. I actually spoke up against diversity and in favor of whites at that training and kept my job. But I was once involved in an “ethnic incident” involving whites and Mexicans. I was told that whites will always be considered at fault in such incidents. It was my bosses who told me this.

      • You are a lucky person, anon334! Send some of your cool white dudes my way. 🙂

    • Stealth says:

      I think you’ve fallen victim to the idea that women are primarily attracted to a man’s character and that all other traits fade in comparison. This is not the case. Women are attracted to physical features, just like men are. To make look better, women will lie and say it’s not true, but every friend I’ve ever had who was really successful with women was ALWAYS better looking or more muscular than I was. No exceptions. And for all the “game” they believed they had, most of them were pretty obnoxious to the women who lusted after them.
      Given this observation, I think white women who date black men simply like big, well-defined muscles, a trait that is rare in the white population but far more common in blacks. Very large or unattractive white women might date fat, short, or skinny black men, but the good-looking respectable white women who date black guys almost always go after the really athletic, tall ones. How often do you see a skinny black guy (a la Chris Rock), arm-in-arm with a white chick? Almost never.
      Black male charisma is also a myth. Their pick-up attempts are often really pitiful.
      Most white women, I believe, are not attracted to black men, anyway. These guys have been fed, their whole lives, the notion that every blond white chick desires a big ole black guy in the sack. You almost feel sorry for them when they find out it isn’t true.

      • Stealth says:

        Whoops. It would seem I’ve replied to the wrong post. This is a reply to apopkian’s original comment.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        “respectable white women who date black guys”
        That’s practically an oxymoron.

      • Stealth says:

        Maybe I should have put “respectable” in quotes, but there is a difference between the peckerwood women who date black men and the middle or upper middle class white women who do the same. The former date black men because their options among white men are limited. The latter do so because of ignorance or conformity. These more desirable women usually pick black men who are ,more muscular and athletic.

      • Apopkian says:

        I am not denying that a man’s appearance aren’t a big factor for women, but it’s just not the biggest factor.
        Imagine an office environment. Would a young woman be more likely to be interested in a relationship with a handsome man who has the same or lower status as her? Or the average looking boss or manager with a dominant personality and more income?
        The reality is that women dismiss men who have lower status then them. It is true that most black men have lower status than white men and I agree that most white women aren’t attracted to them, but we are talking about specific type of white woman.
        While blacks have less money than whites they are more confident and aggressive. This will appeal to certain type of white woman who has never developed fully emotionally.
        I wouldn’t call it charisma, but blacks are certainly confident and are more likely to initiate or not avoid confrontation, compared to the average white man who lives in fear in an occupied country.

  2. When we see how (many) women behave having been “liberated” it reminds me that, by denying them the vote, our wise ancestors knew something about the nature of women that has been mostly forgotten today.

    • Stealth says:

      Women are a mixed bag. On one hand, they’re better at the game of life in some respects than men are. You don’t see too many women shooting up theaters or molesting children. For the most part, they don’t take a lot of stupid risks, and, contrary to popular male wisdom, they’re better drivers than we are.
      On the other hand, women can be REALLY irrational and gullible. They’re also very quarrelsome.

      • Women better drivers than men? Absolute bollocks (and I’m trying to be polite) – if you believe that then you’ve clearly fallen for the regularly re-girgitated PC lie that women are “better drivers” because that is what the insurance stats seem to say. This being just another front in the war to ridicule and drive men down.
        Women, with a few rare exceptions as always, are technically terrible drivers (as are most Asians, intriguingly) but they drive far fewer miles on average than men – I’m guessing here but probably at least 50% less. True, they are much more cautious but there is such a thing as over-caution..! When they have accidents (which they do far more frequently than men per mile) it is usually at slow speed with a stationary object, hence the lesser damage and insurance claims.
        If what you say is true, where are all the women F1 drivers??? Oh, sorry I forgot – they are too busy multi-functioning in the home..!!!
        I cant believe you said what you said..!!.

  3. countenance says:

    We have to stop thinking of “boring” as a bug and start thinking of it as a feature.
    The reason life is boring is because people strive for boring. When your life suddenly gets exciting, you want it to stop ASAP.

  4. anti-racist says:

    just out of curiosity how many of you guys are married?
    how many of you guys have kids?

    • I’m married and I have a boy toddler. First marriage.

    • jewamongyou says:

      “Anti-racist” can come up with only ad hominem attacks (I.E. “you can’t get any and that’s why you’re a racist”) so most likely this is what’s behind the irrelevant question. Even if none of us were married and none of us had kids, it would have no bearing on our arguments.

    • Stealth says:

      Just out of curiosity…. Are you white? I’m guessing so, as not too many folks of color identify themselves as anti-racist – non-white being sufficient enough. Do you have some sort of personal tie to the black community or any other non-white group that isn’t superficial?

      • anti-racist says:

        i am white
        i am also a loser
        no job, no wife, no kids, no achievements, still live with my parents
        that’s why i find hbd and people like you guys so annoying
        there are bad people in every race

        • jewamongyou says:

          Well then anti-racist, you have my sympathy. I hope you overcome your personal challenges. I get the feeling you’re still young – so don’t give up hope. It’s too bad you find us annoying. We’re just people who have rejected, for good reason, the dogma about race that we have been fed all our lives. If you’ve read much of this blog, you’d know that I don’t hate all blacks. I don’t hate all Mexicans and I certainly don’t hate all Asians or Jews. The power-establishment refuses to be critical of non-whites, so we sometimes compensate for that.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        “i am white
        i am also a loser
        no job, no wife, no kids, no achievements, still live with my parents
        that’s why i find hbd and people like you guys so annoying
        there are bad people in every race”
        It also proves nothing about hbd. I can’t think of a single HBDer who believes that all white people are awesome, and most don’t think that every single black (or Mexican) is horrible. If that’s really your reason for “finding hbd annoying”, then it’s a foolish reason.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        Thank you for correcting my error.

    • destructure says:

      I’m happily married and have 3 children.

      • anti-racist says:

        Thanks for the kind words JAY. I’m almost 29 so I’m pretty old.
        Actually, I have been reading “HBD” sites for quite some time. I played a sport in junior college and that was my first intimate contact with blacks. Needless to say it was quite an experience. That is what lead to places like VDARE, Sailer, and the like. I’ve read a lot of alt-right stuff as well as stuff by Tim Wise and other ant-racists. I cannot fully buy into HBD’s view on race, intelligence, and such.
        I look at myself and the life I’ve lead. I had every advantage, opportunity and privilege. I couldn’t do anything with it. I cannot think of myself or whites in general as superior
        Plus, it is just a fact that People of Color have lots of kids. I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m trolling when I point this out.

      • destructure says:

        anti racist
        It sounds like your life has lost any sense of direction. Would you like some advice?

      • anti-racist says:

        Any advice would be most welcome.

      • destructure says:

        @ anti racist
        It sounded like you could use a “nudge” in the right direction. I have a plan that will change your life. I came up with it on my own a few years ago. I know it works because it worked for me. But it’s not like I can tell you a secret or a proverb like “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” and fix everything. It’s a process. And I’m going to have to walk you through it one step at a time or it won’t work. Email me and I’ll walk you through it. It will work. You’ll see.

  5. Stealth says:

    “1) Growing up with a single parent, specifically only a mother. Incidentally, this may also explain why so many black men seek out white women: They have no father figure to look up to who had married a black woman – and available black women probably remind them too much of their own domineering mothers.”
    Many black women can be very unpleasant. About half of them are ill-mannered, impolite and confrontational in the extreme, and every bit of it is deliberate. They TRY to start conflicts with other people in just about everything they do, right down to the tone of their voices. Then they wonder why most of their own men would love to find a woman of another race.

  6. JI says:

    To all men of the world, of any race, anywhere. If you see a woman like “Stanley” or “Sacha” coming your way, run, don’t walk, run away. You will be very happy you did so.

  7. Californian says:

    I can remember getting off the plan in Cape Town back when apartheid was in force. The airport was clean and efficient, the taxi drivers were honest, there was order on the streets, women did not carry rape whistles, people (even if they hated each other personally) were polite, the lights went on when you flicked the switch, and you saw a first world country which was going into the future with a space program.
    I understand that SA has changed somewhat since those days, i.e., degenerating into third world status ala Jamaica. Then again, I am sure the Stanleys and Sachas will find it more amenable to their “tastes.”
    i am white
    i am also a loser
    no job, no wife, no kids, no achievements, still live with my parents
    that’s why i find hbd and people like you guys so annoying
    there are bad people in every race

    Perhaps the reason you think of yourself as a “loser” is because of the anti-white agitprop which is being projected at you every day via the media, schools, government, ad nauseam? And consider how you are discriminated against via affirmative action and other race hustles: maybe this has prevented you from achieving what you wanted in life.
    I am interested in why you read HBD websites. Do you sense that there is some truth here, a clue as to why you find yourself in your current situation?
    Many race realists are married and have families. They became race realists because their families and homes were threatened by high rates of black crime, and their schools undermined by the failure of blacks to perform up to standard. The system in this country will not defend the interests of white people. So more white people turn to alternatives, such as the growing race realist movement.
    As for bad people being in every race, true, but the reality is that blacks do commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime, and do have a very high rate of illegitimacy. At the same time, blacks seem unable to maintain modern cities such as Detroit, Kingston, Mogadishu, or Johannesburg. Standards of living degenerate into crime, poverty, ethnic conflict, political demagoguery, and attacks on white people. These are perhaps unpleasant facts, but the truth often hurts.
    Anyway, perhaps you would care to continue the dialog, if JAY is so kind as to permit?

  8. The dialog with Anti-racist is very interesting.
    I’ll try to avoid advice per se, but let me tell you what has worked for me:
    I took my nerd skills to a temp agency and told them I was most interested in temp-to-perm work. That got me out of unemployment after one of my employers went belly up (back in 2001 before it was cool to go broke!) I was a good typist, good at ten-key, and good at Excel. I got a few temp jobs before I got tracked to be permanent at a local utility. It was about 14 months before I was permanent.
    Going from unemployment straight to permanent is much harder.
    I have found that getting soda and caffeine out of my diet, and cutting back (not as much as I should) on wheat products has helped a lot of with waist size. Not with weight though, because I’ve combined it with pushups and pullups. I am much bigger in arms and shoulders and smaller in tummy.
    “Practice typing, avoid wheat, and do pushups” would have sounded like joke advice to me at age 25.
    As to people of color having kids, I think you could too even at this point in your life. The fact that you don’t is credit to you. Plenty of unemployed 29-year-old Blacks are wandering around looking for teenage girls with broken self-esteem. And for some reason, they don’t use contraception.
    Do you really think you’re such a loser that any fertile female would reject you? I don’t. I don’t care who you are, there’s a confused, naïve, fecund teenage girl in driving distance, whose adult “caregivers” are never around, who would do pretty much what you ask if you came on strong enough.
    That’s how sick the ultra-permissive world is. It’s the kind of thing that brings me down if I think about it too much–like dolphins caught in gillnets or someone in a wheelchair because of a car accident.
    Do you want to be a baby-daddy for some mixed-up girl? I’ll go out on a limb and guess: You don’t. You’ve made a choice to hold out for someone who isn’t confused, isn’t 15, isn’t immature. Someone who wants you to complete her adult world, not a child who needs you to be her world.
    I’ve written enough for now. Let me conclude with:
    We’re really not trying to irritate you. Most of us are painfully aware that leftist attacks on our self-esteem hit some people harder than others. This is not about hatred of everyone who isn’t White. It’s about looking, not at generalities, but at the actual nuts and bolts of what is hurting our people. Without getting into details of HBD, for example, we wouldn’t know why affirmative action is such a scam.
    Okay enough. Goodnight all, and chin up.

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