ABC's blatant double standards

An ABC headline reads:

Class Reunion Letter Lists ‘White Graduates Only’ Party

Graduates from the St. Martinville, La., Senior High School Class of 1973 decided that after nearly 40 years, they would stop holding segregated class reunions, but a letter announcing the change included an after party for “white graduates only.”
Michael Kreamer, who is the principal of the Louisiana school, said the letter was brought to his attention on Friday morning.
“It’s disappointing to see something like this,” he said. “The school was really not involved at all in it.”
On Sept. 21, a reception will be held at the school, followed by the homecoming football game, which the letter notes all graduates are welcome to attend.
After the game, “white graduates only” are invited to a classmate’s home and are encouraged to bring a “food dish to share.”

Sadly, those naive souls who depend upon the corporate controlled media for their news/worldview believe that what they are getting is “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. One comment (in reply to another comment) expresses this sentiment well:

What’s the big deal?? I can guarantee that if the blacks held a graduation party for blacks only, nothing would be said. Why is it only racist if the whites do it? Posted by: JimP | September 2, 2012, 8:29 am.
LOL! Because it IS only the Whites that actually did it HERE, TODAY, in REALITY. Just because you BELIEVE that IF some Blacks also did it, no one would say anything, does not make your belief a fact. Or a statement of truth. It is nothing more than your own personal opinion. And clearly your opinion is, racism is OK. What’s the big deal?

The writer is oblivious to the fact that any blacks-only reunion would simply not be reported. Thus, he would know nothing of it. People actually believe that if ABC fails to report something, it never happened!
One recent incident that “never happened” according to ABC is the vicious beating of Andrew Quade, in Savannah, Georgia, by a mob of blacks. They sent him to the hospital because they didn’t approve of his dating a black girl. So, according to ABC, what is more newsworthy, anti-white mob violence by blacks in the South or a whites-only class reunion in the South? Good luck getting a straight answer from the editors and staff of ABC.
It’s not as if this recent beating was an isolated incident. Back in 2010, a white teen was savagely beaten by blacks for the same offense. In 2008, Sergeant Jan Pietrzak and his black wife were tortured and murdered by four of his black men. It is likely that racial animus was among the motives for this heinous crime.
The fact that ABC, and all the other major networks, filters its “news” according to its own agenda turns even its “accurate” reporting into propaganda.

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7 Responses to ABC's blatant double standards

  1. Georgia Resident says:

    What world does the PC commenter live in? There are lots of organizations which are, explicitly or implicitly, for blacks only. There is an African Student Union at my university. And it’s clear that it’s really a Black Student Union. Many of the members are US-born blacks whose ancestors were in the US during the colonial era, and there is not a single white member. Not that I am really bothered by this. If blacks prefer to stick with their own, that’s fine with me, but they should not complain if whites do not want to invite them into our organizations.
    And has he forgotten things like Ray Nagin’s “Chocolate New Orleans” statement, which however you interpret it, essentially said that the whole city should not have more than a specific percentage of whites in it? Or Coleman Young’s campaign to drive whites from Detroit?

  2. Annoyed says:

    It’s racist possibiliy but not wrong.
    The double standard is a problem but if suddenly the double standard dissapeared, that wouldn’t deal with the diversity pushers.

  3. destructure says:

    Public high schools might be run by the government but reunions are completely private. There is no reason whatsoever to “integrate” their reunion. Nor is there any reason for graduates not to hold private reunion. Not only is this a non-issue but ABC is engaging in racial agitation by even mentioning it.

  4. Apopkian says:

    Would it be racist if they held a separate reunion for graduates with no criminal record, gold teeth, or loose pants?

  5. Stealth says:

    “The writer is oblivious to the fact that any blacks-only reunion would simply not be reported”
    And then there are the numerous [insert ethnicity] graduations at the various colleges and universities across the country. How about the fact that [insert ethnicity] studies are all positive save one: whiteness studies.

  6. Kwame says:

    Delta Airlines has a Black Employees group, the US Postal Service has, the Federal Government has a group, Teachers Unions have Black groups, etc, etc, etc, get your head out of your ass and stop regurgitating your own brand of racism!

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