Norway insanity continues…

Norway has appointed a Muslim woman as its “culture minister”.  According to Alarabiya:

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has appointed a Muslim woman as part of his government during a Cabinet reshufle this week.
Hadia Tajik, 29, from Pakistani decent, was appointed on Friday as Norway’s minister of culture.
Hadia has become the first ever Muslim cabinet member and youngest ever government minister in the Scandinavian country.
The newly appointed minister of culture has already publicized her program for the upcoming months and highlighted that cultural diversity should become an undisputable part of Norway’s everyday life.
In 2009 she was elected as MP for the Norwegian Labour Party that represented Oslo.

It’s not clear why there needs to be a government minister of culture in the first place, but if there is to be one, shouldn’t he represent the indigenous people of Norway? With traitors like Stoltenberg comprising the ruling class, it’s easy to understand the rage of Anders Behring. As for Tajik, my guess is she was hired for her good looks – to give genocide a pretty face.

The new face of Norway: Not Norwegian

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  1. anti-racist says:

    I would imagine that future “Norwegians” are not going to look like traditonal Norwegians based on immigration and disparate birthrates.
    The choice of a Pakistani cultural minister serves the purpose of: 1) admitting defeat of the indigenous peoples; 2) looking to provide for the future demographic; and 3) siganlling an acceptance of alien customs.

  2. CanSpeccy says:

    The nation state is the greatest impediment to imperial power. The aim of the European elite is thus to destroy the racial, cultural and religious identity of the European nations and make way for an undemocratic, fascist European superstate.
    The crass insolence of the Norwegian government in promoting its genocidal policy serves to demoralize the indigenous population and thus diminish the resistance.

    • Highlander says:

      CanSpeccy is spot on here.
      The EU is the worst thing to happen to Europe. And it is totally undemocratic. We in the UK have had only one ‘referendum’ in l976 when the odious,odious Ted Heath lied through his teeth and sold it to the public as a Common Market. Even his own people told him at the time that it would involve loss of Sovereignty whilst he went on television and said that it would not. This man was an absolute traitor.
      As CanSpeccy says, the Nation State is the only defense to imperial power. What these people want is a global world. One government with little despots being put in charge of ‘regions’. We would end up with being little more than a vast company – shareholders to Earth Plc.
      People need to wake up to this and defend the Nation State.

  3. Kiwiguy says:

    Canadian example being followed in Norway.
    “Ever since Canada was officially designated a multicultural nation during the prime ministership of Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the 1970s the age-old British character of this nation has been under relentless assaults. Multiculturalism promulgates the equality of all races, religions and cultures; accordingly, it demands a Canada in which no particular ethnic group has a privileged position in the nation’s history and culture. Will Kymlicka, the most prominent scholar and salesperson of Canadian multiculturalism, sums up succinctly what it all entails: ‘Adopting multiculturalism is a way for Canadians to say that never again will we view Canada as a “white”’ country … as a “British” country (and hence compel non-British immigrants to relinquish or hide their ethnic identity).’ Non-British immigrants can retain and affirm their ethnic identity; they have a ‘distinctive group identity’, which must be protected ‘from the impact’ of the ‘dominant’ white culture…
    Multiculturalism calls upon Canadians to ‘never again view Canada as a white [or] a British country’. This command has been thoroughly implemented in Vancouver. No one is allowed to call the city British. Anti-racist campaigns, regularly directed at whites, are enforced in the schools and workplaces. While the founders have been dispossessed, the Chinese migrants have been encouraged to celebrate their ethnic identity. How about some answers to these run of the mill questions: How can one argue that Han Chinese migration into Canada is a wonderful act of diversity when most of the ‘migrants’ come from places where diversity is suppressed and Han supremacist ideas are officially sanctioned? Why are ‘Anglo’ people the only ones disallowed from retaining their ethnic identity and ancestry? Why is the dismemberment of Anglo heritage, history, and ancestry in Canada viewed as progressive and its affirmation as xenophobic? Can we interpret Han migration into Vancouver, in combination with multiculturalism and the continuous campaigns against white racism, as a form of Sinicization? Why are whites the only people on the planet expected to accept diversity and massive immigration? Why is everyone assuming that pride, loyalty, and affection for Canada’s European heritage are incompatible with the liberal-democratic values Europeans developed?

    • CanSpeccy says:

      It wasn’t so much the multiculturalism that killed English Canada as Trudeau’s anti-reproductive policies, particularly no fault divorce, which makes every intelligent woman prefer a career to a family, and publicly funded abortion.
      As a result the Canadian fertility rate is 1.7, and less if you exclude the native people who have a fertility rate of around 3.5 (good for them). The failure of English Canada to reproduce itself makes mass immigration inevitable.
      And the Brits themselves have become largely infertile too, with the exception of the Muslim immigrant population that is doing really well — better in fact than back home in Bangladesh, and elsewhere. So Canada’s only hope of filling up the vast open spaces and keeping the system running is to import people from wherever they can find them, which is mainly not from Europe’s shrinking population.
      The replacement of the population by people from elsewhere suits the plutocracy since immigrants come full grown and more or less educated, i.e., they cost less than native Canadians and, being immigrants, they tend to be energetic and intelligent, which increases workforce productivity.
      Genocide really makes a lot of sense.

    • J. Cameron says:

      I don’t know where kiwiguy is writing from, but presume Canada. I have to tell you that things are not much better here in the UK. London has become a third world slum that most people leave as soon as they can afford it. I am frequently the only white person on the bus etc., and, as kiwiguy has experienced, we are expected to, I believe the term is, …revel in diversity. Yeah, right!
      This once greate country, seat of democracy, judicial excellence, medical, scientific, engineering greatness and excelling in just about everything else no longer teaches its history to children in school, has bread a nation of toddlers in adult bodies, drunkards and junkies – all in the name of ‘progress’.
      I know where I would like to live – England. But I can’t seem to find it.

  4. Yarilo says:

    Maybe Norwegians should take this as an opportunity to proudly and publicly demonstrate their indigenous viking culture. I bet Tajik would find that very “culturally enlightening.”

  5. Annoyed says:

    “minister of culture”
    More like minister of propaganda.

  6. She herself may be “pretty”, at least for now, but what comes out of her womb will be most definitely not pretty.

  7. British Person says:

    Anyone want to guess what she has in common with the Commissioning Editor Religion and Head of Religion & Ethics at the “hideously whiteBBC?
    *First comment, arrived here via Unamusement Park. Hope html/links are okay, apologies if they’re not. Thanks.

  8. Californian says:

    The nation state is the greatest impediment to imperial power. The aim of the European elite is thus to destroy the racial, cultural and religious identity of the European nations and make way for an undemocratic, fascist European superstate.
    Nicely summed up.

  9. JI says:

    Wait till the other Muslems in Norway get violent at her for not covering herself including her head.

  10. destructure says:

    “As for Tajik, my guess is she was hired for her good looks…”
    You’ve got to be kidding. I’ve turned down better than her.

  11. In contrast, Denmark appears to have an actual Dane for its Culture Minister. He’s married and everything! To a fellow named Jens.
    They do have someone born in India in their cabinet. (This makes sense, as reparations for the hundreds of years of Danish imperialism in India. Ever read any Rudyardstav Kiplingsen? Major Danish imperialist and author of The Jungle and Pickled Herring Book.) Anyway, so Denmark’s most powerful Indian is in charge of equality, religion, and Nordic affairs.
    I am waiting for someone to make a “too many Nords, not enough Indians” joke.

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