An Obama supporter in Portland

Once in a while I like to take cheap shots. So here’s an Obama supporter I saw in downtown Portland. But if he were truly loyal, he would have insisted on chocolate ice cream.

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12 Responses to An Obama supporter in Portland

  1. That’s just mean man. Who doesn’t look like a doofus eating ice cream?

  2. Apopkian says:

    Ice cream is a civil right.

  3. anti-racist says:

    Vanilla Ice Cream is apprporiate.
    Every Black Male I have ever known has had or has expressed interest inhaving intimate relations with white women.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Funny. I was kinda thinking the same thing.

    • Tulio says:

      I’m a black man, I have had intimate relations with white women. That does not mean however that I have not had intimate relations with black women, Asian women and Hispanic women as well. So I don’t know what your point is.

      • jewamongyou says:

        When I walk down the street, I see an inordinate number of black men with white women. I might see one or two white men with black women. This is the norm, it’s obvious and indisputable. So, though nobody is denying that black men date non-white women, the phenomenon of black man/white woman couples draws attention. Not only that, it’s forcefully encouraged by the media.

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    Anyone know why Occidental Ascent has marked his blog private?

  5. To be honest this is indeed a cheap shot and you could have chosen some smug SWPL instead. I do not reasonably expect black people to vote for anyone other than Obama.

  6. Tweety says:

    I am a White woman. The very thought of being with a Black man repulses me to no end.

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