Sins of their fathers

In a recent American Renaissance post, about the British grooming scandal, there are some interesting comments:
Jedsrael wrote:

Sadly, none of the elites’ White daughters are sexed by nasty Pakis, but even worse they probably all take up Diversity sex partners at Cambridge.

To which Davemm1 replied:

Actually I do know of a case in the USA where that did happen. She was a very nice girl, too. She had light brown hair and bright blue eyes and was very beautiful, smart, well-mannered, and sweet. It happened at a private College in a western U.S. state. This happened in 1984. There was an E.S.L. program at the college, in addition to the college curriculum. It was possibly not run by the college but was in the college. There were lots of foreigners there, mostly rich young aspiring professionals from wealthy Latin American families. In this case, there were also some Saudis there. I was acquainted with them. One of the Arabs told me that he was on the Olympic judo team for Saudi Arabia. One time he even told me to “go at him.” I thought that he just wanted to show me a move politely so I played the “uke” for him. I wasn’t fighting or using my skills. I thought that he was just going to “fit” the throw as we were on a marble floor. He threw me completely even though I was not contesting with him and was helping him. I was a wrestler and a good judoka and karateka and accustomed to contesting with national and international calliber judoka and State and National calliber wrestlers (there are a lot where I live). I got mad and ran over and put him in what we called the “Iron Jock” in wrestling (a form of sukui nage in judo). I threw him on his knees on the marble floor.
Anyway, in spite of the rudeness, I wouldn’t have thought that they would later do what they did. Some foolish idiot had housed these Saudis in a dorm mostly inhabited by young women in this formerly Catholic college. Well, one day these Arabs all got in the elevator with the nice young woman that I mentioned. While she was stuck on the elevator with them, they grabbed her, about 8 or 10 of them, and held her against her will, tore her panties off, and forcibly felt her up. I gather that the only thing that saved her from a complete rape was that she screamed and the elevator got to her floor and opened and their were people there.
Well, I didn’t know this had happened for a while afterword. I did notice that the Saudis were gone suddenly. Well, word started getting around and I heard the story a few times from several people. I always said that I didn’t think that they (the Saudis) would do that. Most of the people in the ESL program were from their countries’ “elite.” Finally, one day, this very sweet and beautiful girl with whom I was acquainted came and sat across from me at the cafeteria. She told me that the stories were true and that she was the girl who had been attacked. She told me what had happened. She also told me that her father was a prominent congressman from her New England state and that he had flown in to our city and state to deal with the situation. For some reason, even with his string-pulling and his influence as a congressman, all that happened to the Saudis was that they got forced to leave our campus and to fly to Texas for their ESL training.  I would like to have gotten my hands on them and so would several of the other young men on campus, at least one of whom was a wrestler and karateka, too.  Maybe some Texans got offended, too, and got ahold of them;)
That young woman was a very well mannered and sweet girl and she did not behave provacatively or dress provacatively. The Muslims always make such claims about their victims. She was a very kind, beautiful, sweet, and intelligent young woman and she did not deserve that and she was not socializing with the Arabs but merely wanted to get to her dorm room. I doubt that her influential father is a fan of Arabs or Muslims as a whole. As for me, I know that Muslims are incompatible and are a real threat to westerners and freedom.
I hope that the moderators let this comment through because I think that it is important for several reasons. It shows that the white victims can be completely innocent and do not deserve that treatment even if their parents are influential. It also shows that there are probably some influential people who know the score.

I have expressed Jedsrael‘s sentiment on occasion myself. We’re so used to seeing downtrodden, powerless, whites suffer from the evil policies of the elite that we yearn for the elite to taste the bitterness of their own medicine. We love to see them hoisted by their own petard.
But do the children of the elite deserve to get murdered or raped? If there’s one lesson we can learn from the Bible, it’s:

Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sin (Deut. 24:16).

The young woman in Davemm1‘s comment certainly did not deserve to be molested even though her father is probably a member of the hostile elite.
That young woman, though she didn’t deserve what she got, probably did not suffer in vain. When the children of the hostile elite suffer the consequences of pro-diversity decisions, it drives home a reality that may cause some of those elite to rethink their policies. It may force some light into the darkness that is the ignorance of their minds. It may remind them that their own flesh and blood is not immune to the sickness they impose upon the rest of us.
This is the silver lining when diversity attacks the children of elites. When it attacks powerless whites, the silver lining is minimal – because the hostile elite doesn’t give a damn about them. But they do, presumably, care about their own children.

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  1. I don’t shed a tear for the full-grown children of the elites when they get themselves into bad situations by holding on too long to their childish ideologies. I don’t consider college students to be fully-grown though, and the victim in the above situation didn’t “have it coming” or any of that. Getting into an elevator is not provocative, not generally foolish behavior. Slightly bad judgement given the lack of continence in certain males.
    What happened to her was a nasty crime.

    • … But the real crime is allowing immigration from cultures that are incompatible with our own. Cultural considerations aside, the fact that these people are taking ESL classes after they arrive in the Anglosphere is a huge wake-up call to anyone who isn’t a brain-dead leftist.
      I can’t even imagine packing my bags, flying off to Saudi Arabia, and then checking around for some free Arabic as a Second Language courses. To say nothing of the laughable concept that they’d be taught by some hot indigenous babe who’d always take care to make sure that my self-esteem was never hurt by Arabic ethnocentrism.

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