The ultimate crime: Being a white supremacist

The opening line in a recent Oregonian article reads:

An intensive interstate hunt for the white supremacist accused of murdering a Lake Oswego high-tech engineer ended quietly Saturday, when police arrested Erik John Meiser in Corvallis.

Even if Meiser identifies as a white supremacist, there can be little doubt that he also identifies as other things. He probably identifies himself as “straight”, “a sports fan”, “a Marlboro smoker”, “a drug user” or “a burglar” or any number of other things. The crime he was sought for, the murder of another white man (Frederick Hayes), seems to have no relationship to his white supremacist views. In an earlier era, a similar report might have read:

An intensive interstate hunt for the homosexual accused of murdering a Lake Oswego high-tech engineer ended quietly Saturday, when police arrested Erik John Meiser in Corvallis.

Or perhaps even:

An intensive interstate hunt for the negro accused of murdering a Lake Oswego high-tech engineer ended quietly Saturday, when police arrested Erik John Meiser in Corvallis.

Was white supremacy the centerpiece of Meiser’s criminal career? Apparently not. The article goes on to say:

Meiser was particularly worrisome to police because he has a history of arrests for hate crimes, drug crimes, assaults, burglaries, theft, domestic violence, assault/cruelty toward a child, obscene phone calls, vandalism, disorderly conduct, trespassing, providing false identification to an officer and resisting arrest.

Certainly, if his “hate crimes” included other acts of violence, we would be told about it. As far as I know, a “hate crime” charge can only be added to an existing charge as an enhancement. Perhaps a reader can enlighten me as to how a person can be charged with a “hate crime” that is not also another crime (with the exception, perhaps, of ethnic intimidation).
It’s telling that the Oregonian puts “hate crimes” at the very top of the list, above all the other heinous crimes listed. It seems that, according to the Oregonian, being a white supremacist is worse than abusing a child, worse than beating your girlfriend, worse than violating the property of others and worse than assaulting another person.  According to the Oregonian, all other aspects of your personality are secondary to being a white supremacist. It is the single most defining feature by which you are known, rendering you an untouchable or some sort of inferior species.
It now turns out that Meiser wasn’t even a white supremacist or neo-nazi; he had renounced those beliefs and had been married to a Jewess for several years. Personally, I think it’s better to be a neo-nazi than to marry a Jewess. Neo-nazis help bolster Jewish identity and thus strengthen the Jewish people. But gentiles who marry Jews are killing the Jewish people through assimilation. But this goes to show how desperate the corporate media is to condemn any sort of pro-white sentiments.
The underlying message here is that white supremacists are out there, they are evil, they are dangerous and they need to be eliminated. The fact that black/Hispanic gang members are far more numerous than white supremacists, more dangerous and more hateful, never even comes into consideration.
This is especially so if you count people like myself as “white supremacists”, as the editors of the Oregonian certainly would. The only way they could avoid admitting that many “white supremacists” are harmless is to make  a distinction between non-violent academic race-realists, and wannabe academic race-realists, and full-blown neo-nazis – and they are unwilling to make such a distinction. According to them, anybody with pro-white beliefs is a neo-nazi skinhead.
Would we ever encounter an Oregonian article that stated something like this?

An intensive interstate hunt for the black gang member accused of murdering a Lake Oswego high-tech engineer ended quietly Saturday, when police arrested Jameel Johnson in Corvallis.

Not likely. Instead we might find, in paragraph 11, “gang activity did not appear to be a factor”.

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  1. Hey, where does the asterisk go to? I bet you have a good statistic there, waiting in the wings, for after the audience demands an encore.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I thought it was an important enough point to incorporate into the body of the post. I figure, until there are comments on a post, I can still go back and edit it as I please 🙂 After there are comments, I allow myself only proofreading edits. Oh, and I forgot to delete the statistic. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. sabril says:

    Of course the media also regularly does the reverse, for example stating something like “A New Jersey man has been arrested for the murder of his teenage daughter” without disclosing any kind of information about the man’s religion, ethnic, or cultural background.

  3. Stealth says:

    Leaving actual white supremacists aside, it seems some people believe that simply disliking another ethnic group or race, for whatever reason, is the worst thing in the world. It’s worse than being a child molester, worse than having sticky fingers and worse than having so little regard for human life that you would whack someone for the cash in his billfold. It’s worse than actually raping a woman. To dislike black people, for example, is worse than committing any actual crime that harms another person.
    No matter what someone has DONE, the ultimate offense is simply to dislike another group, especially if that group happens to descend from African slaves.
    You have to wonder what life would be like if it were ok to say that you don’t like another group of people and to give a list of reasons why.
    Good entry for the day, RH.

  4. Gem Junior says:

    Wow what a great article. You really put things so that people can understand it. I will show this to some of my brainwashed friends but I wish that this and articles like it could be published in the paper but that will NEVER happen.

  5. DiverCity Jones says:


  6. ed says:

    For what it is worth, it looks like you might not have to worry about assimilation.
    “Murder suspect Erik John Meiser renounced his neo-Nazi past years ago, married into the Jewish faith and is raising his children with Jewish traditions, his attorney said Friday in a hearing in Clackamas County Circuit Court.
    In a phone call after the hearing, a woman who identified herself as Kiva A. Gerber, 27, of California, told The Oregonian she and Meiser have been together for nine years and have two children, a 4-year-old son and a 4-month-old daughter.
    “I’m Jewish. I had my bat mitzvah,” Gerber said. “We are raising our children Jewish.”
    Gerber said Meiser covered up his neo-Nazi tattoos long ago and participates in Jewish traditions. “We are registered with a temple,” Gerber said. “We celebrated Passover at our house. We had a Seder.”
    Although Gerber identified herself as Meiser’s wife, she declined to say when they were married and wouldn’t talk about Meiser’s past or the accusations against him. Asked if she planned to come to Oregon she said, “I don’t know. I love him.” “

    • SFG says:

      LOL. Just the sort of background that you’d think would endear him to the media… 😉
      One of the things the Northeastern media doesn’t get, because they’re hung up on the old-money finals club they didn’t get into at Harvard, is that for most white ethnics and nonwhites, Jewish is up. For nonwhites in particular, Jews are a hardworking, thrifty bunch of white people who know how to get things done (Asians and Hispanics) or a sneaky bunch of white people who know how to get things done (Blacks). If you’ll notice, the rates of being raised Jewish in mixed-religion couples are highest in NAM-heavy cities like Cleveland or St. Louis, where Jews are one of the few groups that reliably keep their noses clean and go to school. Even if they get into organized crime they get legit within one generation.
      You know, Jay Lefkowitz argued much the same as you do. Before that there were Orthodox rabbis who used to pray for the czar because they were afraid a liberal Russian government would allow Jews to assimilate.
      But I don’t agree. Too easy for neo-Nazis to become real Nazis, who can send you to a concentration camp. Only reason the Holocaust failed was because Hitler couldn’t cross the Atlantic.

  7. Georgia Resident says:

    “The crime he was sought for, the murder of another white man (Frederick Hayes)”
    I wonder if they deliberately left the name unmentioned in the first line, hoping that the “high-tech engineer” part, coupled with the “white supremacist” label, would imply that he killed an Asian. After all, they need to shore up the Coalition of the Diverse, so you’ve got to convince the Asians that they’re in constant danger of being murdered by neo-Nazis.

  8. Neo-Nazis may boost Jewish ethnic identity but they also seem to push Jews away from the right (including, for some reason, the anti-socialist right). The current mainstream ideology declares:
    Our nation is all about equality, not a specific group of people.
    This equality can only be achieved through affirmative action, progressive taxation, and subsidies for poor people.

    In other words, the mainstream ideology state:
    For us, nationalism equals socialism.
    I can’t quite make out why anyone would be driven from National Socialism to the above ideology, but there you have it.
    Reading Anthem and as much of Atlas Shrugged as I could get through, it seems there already is an ideology custom-designed to gather up all the bright, hardworking, secular people. As SFG noted, the latter descriptors fit lots of Jews yet Objectivism is still a small movement, a civic-nationalist fragment of the minarchist portion of the small libertarian* movement. It’s clear why Lawrence Auster (ethnically Jewish, religiously Christian, IIRC) and religious Jews wouldn’t be interested in Rand, but they still fall functionally closer to her than the typical Mandela- Obama- until-recently-Mugabe-worshipping Jewish leftist.
    I’m a little disappointed that everyone seems to either:
    (a) advocate incremental change that wouldn’t be enough to stop American decline even if it were enacted, or
    (b) advocate radical change based on such a purist philosophy that noöne buys it.
    Rand advocated an end to selfless giving, but never adopted pacifism or condemned the US military. Her idea of taxation was that it should be voluntary, i.e., only the selfless generous people should give it, i.e. it should only be taken from victims who sanctioned it. In other words, her tax policy was directly at odds with the rest of her philosophy.
    She could have adopted a cleaned-up tax qua tax policy (i.e., don’t disguise taxes as charity or vice versa) by borrowing from Henry George, Mencius Moldbug, or Jim Bowery. They all emphasize the destructiveness of taxes on economic activity but accept the need to tax property since, after all, property doesn’t exist without the state to protect it. Rand gives us “voluntary taxation”.
    * I know Rand considered herself at odds with the libertarians, but her criticisms always seemed to apply to anarchists, or else LP candidates she thought would take votes from Republicans.

  9. Noachideous says:

    Judaism seeks to impose Noachide Law on the Goyim. Jewish racial activism necessarily seeks to destroy the ability of the Goyim to self govern. Having the ability to self govern as racially distinct and identifiably different people is an impediment to the Jewish Noachide imperative.
    Jewish racial activism as it applies to the “Goyim” makes perfect sense in the context of global jewish governance administered by the Sanhedrin out of Jerusalem Greater Israel.
    Jews need to decide who their with. A bipolar world of raceless “Goyim” and the ontologically exceptional, “Jews” as a symbolic duality of Good and Evil in the purest Kaaballahic sense, or a world where the Truth is the highest ideal…. pure and unyielding to the precious sensibilities of the Pious.
    After all, the Daughter of Saturn most High, claimed by the Jews as “God” and represented by the 6 pointed Star also worn upon the Orthodox cranium as a Black Cube is Veritas or Truth.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Olave, your link doesn’t seem to work.

      • Oh, my link was supposed to go to a blank Google result, indicating that when I search on:
        “Black Cube” “Saturn Most High”
        (with quotes) I got nothing. I tried to do a few minutes’ research on Noachideous’s points but I got nothing; it was just a self-deprecating way of noting that I may be gettin’ royally trolled, or maybe I just don’t know how to research this. Of course, Google is so quick that now my link links to this page, which means I got *whooshed* in a totally different way.
        Cabalistic stuff is interesting but I rarely have the stamina to follow it for long enough to see whether it is just someone messin’ with me or if there is real history intertwined with it.

  10. Noachideous says:

    It’s OK Olave, the Jews are the Good in the symbolic duality according to Rabbinical narrative. If I’ve erred in my interpretation of Talmudic imperative regarding the destiny of the Goyim in the world according to Judaism then please correct.
    In calling themselves “Jews”, it is only reasonable that we Goyim assume Jews concur by default with the destiny of the Goyim according to the Rab.
    Jews don’t have to be “Jewish”, which is to identify with all the behaviours, entitlements, licenses and permissions described in the Talmud. Some have suggested that “Jews” as a people are an invention. I’ve seen nothing in my personal interactions Jewish acquaintances, and there’ve not been many that would lead one to believe that Jews are intrinsically “ontologically exceptional” as some Wieselly wailer may have whined. There are millions of decent and smart people of other persuasion.
    Noachide Law is necessarily foisted upon the Goyim by the Fabian encroachment of Law by stealth….. all the while the media ensure the Goyim remain completely and utterly ignorant of that fact. The Goyishce Police forces are rightly loyal to policing the policies and laws derived of the parliamentary legislature of our nations, no matter how corrupted by the judaic imperative they may personally feel the law to be.
    When we begin to notice the deception Jews call us “Jew Haters” and wail that there’ll be ‘another’ holocaust because they forgot that the 6 million numerology of the holocaust of the last is derived of Kaaballah and the import of the number 6 and 8 derived of 4 and 2 in Kaaballah. That much we do indeed affirm. In many countries to affirm that fact is to ‘deny’ the holocaust.
    We hear that certain of the Jews feel that 1000 Arab lives are not worth one Jewish finger nail…… Would’ve been Germans pre WW11. If Jewry were openly at war with the AngloSaxons and the Celts it would be us who Jews disparage. Some of us do not wish to murder millions of Arabs for Greater Israel. We suggest Jewry do that work themselves openly and not by proxy.We feel that Jewry has encouraged and advocated with complete cynical utilitarianism the immigration of millions from the Middle East into Europe for the purpose of teaching Whitey Goy who to H8 for the purpose of Middle East wet work by proxy.
    Can Jews understand that their ‘religion’ teaches Jews as children to treat others with utter contempt ? and that at best, in the Jewish spirit of “Buyer beware”, as ‘buyers’ we must regard Jews with suspicion and as fair weather friends only.

  11. FD says:

    IIRC, one of Rand’s essay collections states that government should be funded by contract fees. Any contract not processed by the state would not be enforced by the state.

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