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"What you can't say"

Fortunately, you can say almost anything in a blog. The challenge is in speaking the truth, speaking it well and in getting people to read it. But public figures  face dire consequences for breaking the rules of political correctness. Syndicated … Continue reading

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"The Imaginary War Against White People"

Google “black victims of white crime” and this is what you get: Clearly there’s not enough white-on-black violence to write about, and it’s not as if people aren’t looking. A search for “Afro-American blog” yields over 92 million results. There … Continue reading

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Hollywood pilots versus real-life pilots

In the 2012 movie “Flight“, Denzel Washington plays the heroic pilot who manages to save the lives of all 102 people on board his plane. He later gets in trouble for having alcohol in his system. I haven’t seen the … Continue reading

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Snopes on the Knoxville Horror

Regarding the horrific murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, known as the Knoxville Horror, demonstrates its ignorance of the media double standard in racial matters. It starts by quoting an anonymous email account of the victims’ fate, and … Continue reading

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"French group" threatens lawsuit over anti-Semitic twitter posts

Mercury News of Silicon Valley, California reports that a “French group” is threatening to sue Twitter over some posts that violate France’s hate-speech laws. PARIS — Twitter agreed to pull racist and anti-Semitic tweets under a pair of French hash … Continue reading

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Third-world immigration might cause earthquakes

Back in 2010, Georgia representative Hank Johnson made a fool of himself by suggesting that the island of Guam might capsize due to increased U.S. troop levels. Now it turns out he may not have been that far off the … Continue reading

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Homeopathic morality and Muslim sexuality

According to Livescience: Of all the world’s major religious groups, Muslims are the least likely to have sex outside of marriage, new research found. And as a country’s Muslim population grows, the rate of premarital sex declines for all residents, … Continue reading

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A partial retraction from my previous post

A couple of commenters, Hugh and Ivan, set me straight on my appraisal of the movie Agora. I should have done more research before posting. It appears that the producers of Agora took some liberties with historical facts – which … Continue reading

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Agora: The story of Hypatia

While visiting a friend recently, he persuaded me to watch the movie Agora with him. Accolades flowed from his mouth. “You must see it”, he said. In the end, I regretted it. The movie is extraordinarily well done. Indeed, I … Continue reading

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Jared Taylor speaks at Towson University

I just finished watching this video and thought I’d share it with the rest of y’all. It’s interesting to watch low I.Q., brainwashed, attendees asking questions that show how much they fail to comprehend. Speaking to them is like speaking … Continue reading

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