The evils of gentrification

According to the Portland Tribune the influx of whites into black/Hispanic neighborhoods is an evil that should be prevented. The Northeast Portland neighborhood of Cully is in the throes of gentrification. According to a current article in the Portland Tribune:

Despite the welcome attention, some residents wonder if they’ll get pushed out as Cully becomes more desirable. They’ve seen it happen nearby, where white-tablecloth restaurants and other developments gentrified Alberta Street — raising property values and displacing longtime African-American residents.
“Many people hold Alberta Street as an example of what we don’t want,” says Nathan Teske, economic development director for Hacienda Community Development Corp., a nonprofit that promotes affordable housing in Cully for Hispanics and others.
“I think there’s a lot of trepidation in the neighborhood about that,” Teske says.
At the behest of Hacienda and others, the city Bureau of Planning and Sustainability vowed to make Cully a model for preventing the ill effects of gentrification, while seeking to improve the neighborhood…
For starters, the city commissioned a study of what worked elsewhere to stem gentrification, and Zehnder will appoint a citizens group to focus on the issue. The city will periodically gather data to determine if gentrification or displacement are occurring…
Cully Grove, a cohousing project being built at 4745 N.E. Going St., symbolizes changes coming to what’s considered Portland’s most ethnically diverse neighborhood.
All but two of the 16 units have been pre-purchased, and future residents are planning how to share a 4,200-square-foot garden and other ways to live cooperatively as an intentional community. Though the incoming Cully Grove residents are of varying ages, family situations and education levels, none is a person of color, and the units cost more than most Cully houses.
It’s more evidence, one Cully activist says, of “white hippies” moving into the neighborhood, which in the 2010 Census was 58 percent white, 21 percent Hispanic, 16 percent black and 6 percent Asian.

Could you imagine a newspaper article stating something like:

Though the incoming Cully Grove residents are of varying ages, family situations and education levels, none are white…

I’d recommend that Steve Law, the author of the above abomination, take a course in economics. If an influx of whites bring property values up, this is an indication that they are bringing improvement to the neighborhood. Or perhaps lower property value is a good thing and this is the real reason blacks commit so much crime. It’s to make sure their property values stay low and their taxes remain manageable. It all makes sense now; it’s all part of a grand scheme.
Perhaps the civic-minded white hippies, who are gentrifying Cully, should offset some of the damage they are doing to the black community and take matters into their own hands. I’m sure local blacks would be kind enough to teach them the art of tagging, dressing like gangstas and playing loud rap at all hours. If the new white arrivals simply adapt to the local (black) culture, then the problem should be solved.
While the article does mention that gentrification isn’t “all bad”, it does so near the end – where most people don’t even read.  Also, the overall attitude is made clear when the article concludes:

Ultimately, Teske says, the best way to prevent gentrification and displacement in Cully will be old-fashioned political pressure from the community.

I’m still waiting for a corporate-controlled newspaper to publish even one article bemoaning the displacement of whites from their neighborhoods. Unlike the displacement of blacks, whites are displaced through violence and intimidation.  The massive, and ongoing, refugee crises we’re experiencing in the U.S., known as “white-flight”, is of no concern to the corporate media except insofar as it demonstrates the “racism” of said whites.
Steve Law lives in an upside down world where good equals bad and bad equals good. Where the forced displacement of millions of whites is of no concern and ghettos are something to be desired.
His call for “old-fashioned political pressure from the community” is ominous. If current diversity-worship trends continue, the time is not far off when the government will assign a specific ethnic mix (it will be, of course, called a “goal”) to each city and neighborhood. A citizen will have to get government permission before he can move somewhere. There is already a precedent for this in public schools, where “racial balance” has long been a government goal and an excuse for every sort of crime.
Good equals bad. War equals peace. Government micromanaging. It’s people like Law who are making Orwell’s 1984 a reality.

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  1. countenance says:

    At the behest of Hacienda and others, the city Bureau of Planning and Sustainability vowed to make Cully a model for preventing the ill effects of gentrification, while seeking to improve the neighborhood…

    That’s an oxymoron.

  2. Whenever Whites enter a neighborhood, the frequency of cats and dogs living together goes up. Older people often speak in tongues while suffering from strange cases of anemia often coïnciding with strange paired punctures on the neck. Packs of rats march in ominous double-file down the streets just after nightfall. You can often see the silhouettes of broom-riding witches superimposed on the full moon. Toccata and Fugue in D minor is often heard even when there is no church organ visible.
    God, reading that bogus stuff I wrote above I only wish that it were true, minus the part about senior citizens getting neck injuries. Whites would be so much cooler if we were all like Peter Murphy circa 1981. Alas, we are more likely to end up like Peter Murphy circa right now.

  3. Apopkian says:

    Somebody needs to tell him that race is just a social construct.

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    OT, but on Lawrence Auster’s “View from the Right” I came across this refreshingly candid comment from Aditya B., who writes:
    “Your commenter Robert B. has described, succinctly, something I’ve understood ever since I began researching the British Raj.
    The British ruled undivided (British) India with about 1,000 officers of the elite (and when I say elite, I mean elite—it was the toughest entrance exam in the world). With the exception of World War II, they never had more than 100,000 white troops on Indian soil.
    Did they do this by mere force? No! It is because the population was in awe of these people. It is my theory that most people in the world are awed by whites and, in fact, want to be white. However, the closer one gets to whites, the more one realizes that, in spite of one’s best attempts, one can never be white. And the frustration and angst, which is a consequence of the inability to alter one’s genetic make-up, is most violent in people who are in closest proximity to whites.
    The white, Western man is the world’s most formidable opponent. If only he would get his act together, he would assume his natural position as the master of the world. His renunciation of that role has not lead to a kinder, gentler world: it has led to a more turbulent and violent world, where the white man is neither feared nor respected.
    Whites will never be “liked” of “loved” by non-whites. There is simply too much psychological “baggage.” One can never be comfortable around a race which one conceded, in his heart of heart, is “better” than his race.
    Liberalism, which is sort of like a Hollywood-esque flesh-eating virus, consumes the soul of the white man and leaves him bereft of that natural confidence and ease with which he formerly gained supremacy of the world. The non-white world, like hyenas smelling weakness, have encircled him and are preparing for the kill. Each and every minority group that currently lords it over the white man is doing so because the white man lets them do it. If whites were restored to their pre-Great War level of confidence, then not a single minority group would be in the position to wrangle any concessions, much less actively push for the dispossession and ever-greater humiliation of whites.
    The problem is a spiritual one. The awakening must come from within. No legislation, no “education” or “revolution” can accomplish that. Of course, if the awakening happens, there will be a revolution, the likes of which will make 1776 pale in comparison.
    I am longing for that day, Lawrence. I thought I had moved to a white country. I want to live in a white society where white men administer government efficiently and fairly. A place where white men administer justice without fear or favor and in accordance with a thousand-year old tradition that hasn’t been mutilated and dishonored. A place where my nation’s borders are well-guarded as are the streets and neighborhoods. In short, a world that would have been a natural evolution of the West before it committed suicide in Flanders.
    Do you think the Wheel of Time (or History—or both) will turn? Do you think a time will come when the white population has had enough and is able to unite and re-take their nation and heritage?
    White solidarity, outside of a few colonial places, and placed with high concentrations of non-whites (e.g. the American South) is a myth. It has never existed. India obtained her “freedom” because whites were disunited, and well-fed, well-clothed, self-righteous whites decided whites must begin a seemingly endless expiation of sins, real and imagined, which continues to this day. However, the past is not always a good indicator for the future, and I am open to the possibility of a spiritual awakening. I just don’t have much faith in such an event.”

  5. Stealth says:

    Why is anti-white sentiment so pervasive among whites ourselves? I don’t understand why someone white (assuming the writer is white) would write an article like this, which is clearly anti-white. Also, these same journalists have to consciously decide to whitewash or just plain cover-up what is clearly anti-white violence committed by black people. Placing white women and black men together in advertisements a little too often can’t be accidental, either. Every time I log in to my hotmail account, I get to see a young white woman – blond, to enhance the effect – holding the arm of a black kid with a halfro. It’s not subconscious.
    What motivates whites who work against the interests of their own people? It didn’t just happen. What are they thinking? How is it that anti-white leftists came to dominate all of this country’s institutions? Can anyone here shed some light on this? I’ve complained about all of this for a long time. Now I’d like to know everything I can about it.
    The only guess I have is that these folks have a false sense of security via their belief in white privilege, a force they think bestows invincibility on the white race. Could white privilege be wishful thinking? A white power fantasy for liberals?

    • There are a some whites who agree in principle with Charles Manson’s view of race relations, i.e. that the highly-sexed, militarily formidable Black warrior race would overthrow the weak rich White majority, but that the former would need cool whites to rule after the uncool Whites had been swept away. They’re not quite aware they feel that way, and they’re probably unaware that Manson originated that belief system.
      Other Whites are just brainwashed by racial Marxism. They get it with their free (monopoly) public education. In monoracially White schools, they only have the propaganda view of blacks–saintly, brilliant, good-looking. This is certainly the case in the schools around where I live (which my son will not be attending).
      In mixed-race schools, they have countless (probably hundreds) of examples (never described aloud) of White students backing down in sub-violent altercations with Blacks. The Blacks travel in bigger packs, are less scrupulous about using violence, are louder and more intimidating, and, as children, are larger than same-age White children. Blacks also have less reason to be worried about punishment since being punished is a source of pride in lower-class cultures and shame in middle-class cultures.
      In other words, in our formative years, we are given exactly the sort of demonstrations of weak and strength that make most sense to children and teenagers, and least sense to adults. Backing down in a shouting match might make a White kid seem mature, forebearing, even Christ-like to grownups, but to other students he seems like a “wimp”. The Black kid who outshouts and outflails the White may not be able to outpunch a White*, but it doesn’t matter if the Whites never fight back.

    • Separation is really Whites’ only option in the absence of a shooting war. The point of the article J.A.Y. aptly replied to is, separation and integration must legally always be done on Black terms, to advantage Black people. “Gentrification” is bad because it threatens the home bases where Blacks breed their new warriors–fearful Whites are also taxpayers and police-callers. Raising behavioral standards by example, and calling the cops when windows get broken, would prohibit young Blacks from the learning the ritualized disrespect for safety, property rights, and (don’t forget!) aesthetics that makes them what they are as men. Properly-raised Blacks are mediocre shock troops for hurting White neighborhoods (though, as the 50s and 60s demonstrated, they are good for shoring up propaganda about Blacks being innocent victims).
      “Integration” is only the same as gentrification if you are some sort of color-blind conservative type. To a leftist, it’s the opposites. It’s awesome for Blacks to move into an affordable White neighborhood, because there the bulk of Whites will be threatened, while the only kind of Whites desirable to Black thugs (young women–also the most important group demographically/genetically speaking) will be treated to … yet more episodes of Whites being forced (by threat of Nifonging, threat of the George Zimmerman treatment, threat of being brutalized on the street or in prison) to back down to Black behavior ranging from excessively loud hip-hop music to stabbings and rapes.
      * Whites always defeat Blacks in shooting wars, unless the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of Blacks. It took 140 British soldiers to defeat three thouand Blacks at Rorke’s Drift. What kind of Blacks? Innocent children, the leftists assume. (History tells us they were the greatest Black warriors ever.) But the British had machineguns, leftists assume. No, the British had single-shot rifles technically less sophisticated than lever-action Winchesters, and the Zulus had them too.
      It is imperative to leftist plans for race replacement that a generally shooting war not ever break out along racial lines. Whites would win if we were 14% of the population. With more than half of the population, considerably more than half of the adult population (even including only non-Hispanic Whites), we would win in a matter of days. This is why leftists still support some incarceration of Blacks.

      • The Boers had even more impressive results against overwhelming black odds. At the Battle of Blood River (1838) 400 Boer irregulars walloped 20,000 attacking Zulus using muzzle-loaders. An even smaller number overcame similar odds at Vegkop (1835). In both battles their women loaded the guns. Prior to Blood River 120 unarmed Boers were brutally murdered at Dingaans Kraal where they had gone to make a peace treaty. Foolishly they left their weapons in order to show good faith. How often must whites re-learn the lesson that blacks are untrustworthy?

      • Sounds like that would have made a great movie, only they couldn’t have plausibly cast Michael Caine in it. Rutger Hauer, maybe!

  6. Georgia Resident says:

    Right…so whites should not leave cities to avoid NAMs, but we should also avoid cities to keep housing costs low? Am I missing something?

  7. Gorbachev says:

    White people don’t actually believe these things. They always side with good-intentioned white hipsters. Ultimately, the only recourse black Americans have is to simply kill white people en masse:
    Not living with black people is bad.
    Living with black people is bad.
    Which one is it?
    Obviously, the mere existence of white people is bad. Therefore, conclusion is obvious. Permanent contrition or elimination. You hear both strategies advocated for by different segments of the “black progressive” community.

  8. sestamibi says:

    “Throes of gentrification”, not “throws”

  9. James Junior says:

    Where exactly are you frightened little boys, you thoughtless sheep grasping at the appearance of knowledge and the power you’ve been raised to believe is yours by birthright, getting your information? Tell me, exactly what “different segments of the black progressive community” you’re citing here friend? I don’t pretend to be well versed on the recent thoughts and ideas bouncing around the KKK think tank, so please don’t act as if your so dedicated to your own misguided and fearful ignorance that you’ve actually looked in on what the “progressive black community” is doing and saying. I’m going to take it upon myself to speak for the progressive black community when i say that if the ever shrinking population of black-fearing white people in America would spend less time seeking out evidence of anti-white actions on behalf of the black community, and spend a little more time on introspection, you would realize that your projecting your subconscious fear of retribution on to us by seeking out and making up proof of our moves to subjugate or eliminate the white populace. After all the evils that your ancestors have spread across the planet since the beginning of recorded human history, i understand that white people have A LOT to feel guilty about, and in this context, “white” people are to white Europeans/Americans as “black” people are to black Africans/Americans, and on behalf of my people, we forgive you. Now I’m speaking overall forgiveness, in general. If you want my opinion on the two races, there are still far too many ignorant black people out there that consistently contribute to the downfall of this great country with acts of violence, crime, and a subconscious pathology for self-destruction that, black hole-like, pulls in and crushes this country both in function and in image. If you haven’t gathered as much by now, I’m black, and i honestly believe those things about a select percentage of my own people. That being said, how are a select percentage of white people any different? Worse? Some black people steal from, rape and murder one another, as well as others outside our race and some black people smoke marijuana. Some white people shoot up schools and movie theaters, rape and murder and impregnate all races,and sometimes members of their immediate family, some white people chop other white people up and hide them in the freezer, some white people are priest’s that have sex with your sons when your not looking,and some white people smoke meth. Now on the drug front black and white people have peacefully shared common ground on the crack cocaine front for years, These are the things that make us similar in that we have members of our races that make the rest of us look bad. The worse? Some white people decided to systematically leave entire sections of California in the dark in order to sky rocket power prices, for years, and ultimately annihilated the state economy, Californian’s of all races with continue to drown in taxes for the foreseeable future. Did i miss the memo stating that corporate evil doesn’t count? Of course not, that’s business being business right? That’s the corporates fault, not the select group of mother fuckers at the top that decided their desire for even greater riches outweighed an entire state. If i have to take the blame for every “nigger” that breaks into a car or sticks someone up, you better believe I’m coming back at you with incest, serial killers and Enron. What is the point i should be trying to make here? The point is that regardless of our differences, and the fact that we met under less than desirable circumstances, most of us and most of you are extremely similar. Enough black men and women have realized it to start this black man/white woman movement that angers white men and black women alike( yet another similarity), and enough white people realized this to help elect a HALF black president into office( Obama is just as white as he is black after all). What we all need to do is shut the fuck up and realize is that a very, VERY select group of faceless white men have separated themselves from all races, including other white people, and they have set out to, and succeeded in, subjugating and enslaving us all. Mitt Romney doesn’t hate black people, Mitt Romney hates poor people, and not all poor people are black. More white people in America receive welfare than black people, that is a fact. Now that being said, it should be obvious that the attack on public assistance systems isn’t against these over exaggerated hoards of government dependent black people, it’s against the public, that’s you too. For far too long we have allowed this system to trick us into hating and fighting each other long a d passionately enough to distract us from the fact that the system hates us all. White people are indoctrinated into believing they are better than everyone on a subconscious level, but ultimately white people are the light and black people are the darkness, and anyone else is irrelevant. Black people are indoctrinated into believing that the white man has been and will continue to keep us down at every turn, and thus everything we do to ourselves can and should be blamed on white people, that white people control everything and they think they’re better, so automatically the world is against us, but since we’re American citizens we’re better than immigrants. Americans are indoctrinated into believing that we are better than everyone else because we’re American. It’s the same ole dance across the board, it’s just sectioned out to make it seem as though it’s the natural order of things. I , for one, am sick of doing the cha cha for a system that could give a fuck less about me and my family, or you and your for that matter. Wake up J.A.Y., you can sound as informed and educated as you want, but until you steep outside of this mental bubble you were forced into the second you were born into this world and start seeing the world for what it really is, you’re just promoting the continued ignorance and ill-informed opinion sharing that has kept white people down (yeah I went there) for so long.

    • Annoyed says:

      If there existed a rational thought in your rambling you sure didn’t get it across.

    • Stealth says:

      “If i have to take the blame for every “nigger” that breaks into a car or sticks someone up, you better believe I’m coming back at you with incest, serial killers and Enron. ”
      Not even really hateful whites blame all black people for the actions of a few. The problem is that the “few” form such a large percentage of the black population that the criminal element is almost always present in any area with a substantial number of black people. You’re essentially forced to take the bad with the good. I’ve been robbed multiple times by black kids. My mother was mugged by two black teenage boys who tried to steal her purse. We don’t just make this stuff up.
      A lot of your claims are unsubstantiated. Do you have any support for you claim that more white people use welfare than black people? Any backup for your assertion that white people are more likely to be serial killers, rapists, child molesters, etc. than black people? Incest more common among white people? Where are you getting this stuff?
      Given the fact that whites comprise a much larger slice of the population than blacks, I can believe your claim about welfare usage, even though I doubt the difference would be large enough to make a fuss over, especially in light of the fact that far more black people, per capita, are on public assistance.
      Lastly, there are a few of black people to whom I owe a lot. I’m not a “hater.”

    • Stealth says:

      “After all the evils that your ancestors have spread across the planet since the beginning of recorded human history, i understand that white people have A LOT to feel guilty about,….”
      If we whites are so vile, it’s strange that black people want to be right where we are. In most places, people flee oppression. Not so in the United States and the nations of Europe. Weird, huh? White folk are so awful, in fact, that black people want to…. move out of their own neighborhoods and right into ours. You’d think “white flight” would be seen as a good thing, but no.
      Is your air conditioner evil? How about that cell phone you’re so fond of using? Antibiotics got you down? Car giving you fits? Are these the evils you speak of?

    • jewamongyou says:

      You need to read more of this blog before assigning erroneous beliefs to me. I don’t hate/fear all blacks. I don’t blame all blacks for the crimes of some. But, as so-called “civil rights” organizations are so eager to remind us, there are “disparate impacts” whenever academic tests are given. It’s always blacks who, as a group, perform the worse. It’s always blacks, as a group, who end up incarcerated the most.. It’s always blacks, as a group, who do the worst in anything involving long-term planning. You are quick to assign collective guilt to whites for the sins of a few generations ago. So what’s wrong with people like me assigning collective guilt to blacks for the crimes, and shortcomings, they exhibit in our own generation? Even so, I don’t blame individual blacks; I speak of them as a group, just as you speak of whites as a group.
      As for the crimes of elite, wealthy, whites, I’m very outspoken about those. So it’s hard to see where we disagree on this.

  10. James Junior says:

    I’ll do this in chronological order.To Annoyed, you read the whole thing didn’t you? That was the point slick. To Stealth, 1. You have been wronged by blacks, I have had white kids, am I going to list them in a desperate attempt to justify prejudice and built a platform upon which to host my own personal pity party? Nay. If you want to dispute my claims, look them up and prove me wrong, and the irony that someone on a site that normally posts unfounded and personally distorted views on issues, is demanding that i cite my resources is almost too much. Through your whole sh-peal on how blacks have wronged you, I missed that part with you admitting that the people that screw both you and I over by out-sourcing jobs and laying off workers are, in fact, white. Where is the responsibility? Trust me, if black people could get all of the same advantages, breaks and benefits-of-doubt white people are given at birth, we never would’ve even fought against segregation, pinky promise. You want me to pat your back while you blubber about anti-white violence? Cry me a river John Doe. Racism is something black people just have to grow to accept in world built by black people, yet, run by white people. Without the slave labor provided by Africans selling their own, America would not be the country it is today( Try not to choke on that one), down the line white people just deciding to cut out the middle man and just steal Africans for free, the only logical conclusion any criminal minded individuals can come to in such situations. Now slavery ONLY lasted a few hundred year or so, assuming we leave out the civil rights era, you’ve still got far to long to go before you get to cry about unfair treatment of white. Alas, this well sculpted argument will fall on the ears of the ignorant and the bias, but I have to hold out hope that I light of higher level thinking just might shine through to SOMEONE who reads this pith. Here’s to wishin’ i suppose.

    • stealth says:

      When someone makes a claim, the burden of proof is on him, not the guy he’s talking to. Has no one ever told you that? Also, here’s a helpful tip: if you want people to take your insane diatribes seriously, spend a little less time writing and a little more time correcting your spelling and grammar.

  11. “old-fashioned political pressure from the (black) community.”
    code for anti-white Violence?

  12. The spiteful rantings of James Junior goes to emphasize what I said earlier – that no blacks – not even “educated” mulattos like him (I doubt that any full negro can write like that) – can ever be trusted. Compare his hate-spitting slander with that of the Indian contributor at VFR (posted at No 4 by Kiwiguy) – a brown-skinned man who has spirit of humanity and can see the anti-white leftist media propaganda for what it is – 98% lies, slander, and vicious distortions. It is as if these 2 are from either from different planets or created by different gods, the one good the other evil. Why is it that there are so very few blacks who have the wisdom and moral courage to give even an ounce of credit to whites, who have tried so hard to compensate a thousand-fold for their past wrongdoings – though even those are mightily exaggerated. The existence of beings like JJ simply confirm what I have come to believe about negroids – maliciously evil to the core.

    • stealth says:

      They’re not all evil. They’re just conditioned to hate us or at least to believe that we’re actively, willfully holding them down. You’re right about one thing you hinted at, though: the smart ones think of little else but racial issues. They’re the angriest of all. They believe we dwell on it as much as they do.

      • In the historical context of South Africa/Rhodesia, etc., the anti-apartheid crowd always accused the whites of “not educating them” (blacks) or at best giving them a very inferior “Bantu Education”. This they said explained why blacks were a) ignorant b) poor c) angry and violent. All of this would be rectified, so they knowingly lied, if equal educational resources were given to blacks.
        This of course was just another symptom of the fanatical self-hatred that has festered among white leftists since WW2, if not earlier. Many blacks who showed academic promise – not least Mugabe, Mandela, and Mbeki – but scores of other African “liberation heroes” one could name like Nkrumah, Kaunda, Nyerere – were given first class educations. Every last one of them used their “education” to spitefully and ferociously bite the white hand that had fed and nurtured them.
        “Education” only served to make them angry once they came to realise that they could not compete with modestly smart whites and therefore, under colonial rule, would never rise above the level of middle managers. Thus they agitated for “uhuru” knowing that this would give them the power and riches they so desired. Unlike the incorruptible white administrators they could not care less about the welfare of ordinary Africans since they (Africans) have little or no concept of morality.
        If you think about it, the entire exercise of Europeans granting “freedom” to their African colonies was the first and biggest AA experiment, and of course a catastrophic failure for the vast majority of Africans.

  13. James Junior says:

    Stealth, the fact that my grammar is all you have left to attack is sad and is indicative of the pathetic platform upon which you stand, I’ll make sure not to proof read myself so that you always have something relevant to complain about. spesbona, “mulatto”? Is that to imply that I am in some way white? Thus implying that only black people with some white in them can be intelligent?’Why is it that there are so very few blacks who have the wisdom and moral courage to give even an ounce of credit to whites, who have tried so hard to compensate a thousand-fold for their past wrongdoings – though even those are mightily exaggerated”? You’re an ass and your ignorance is suffocating, don’t think to claim any credit for your people at the expense of mine, I’m all black and proud of it. The saddest part about your hate mongering and bias “fact” sharing, is that you guys seem to view yourselves as above the conditioning and subliminal mind control that has divided our two races from the start. “Every last one of them used their “education” to spitefully and ferociously bite the white hand that had fed and nurtured them.”,Only a white person could complain about a people that they subjugated not appreciating the education they gave them. There are no such things as native white Africans, just Europeans staking claim to yet another thing that doesn’t belong to them. J.A.Y.,”You are quick to assign collective guilt to whites for the sins of a few generations ago. So what’s wrong with people like me assigning collective guilt to blacks for the crimes, and shortcomings, they exhibit in our own generation?”, It’s because you, as a race, expect to be forgiven for slavery, yet at the same time expect black people, as a race, to completely integrate into America society, slavery wasn’t long enough ago for you to as if we are on even footing, not to mention misguided, uncultured bigots like you who berate black people for not being farther ahead in society then turn around and fight to keep them out of your neighborhoods and schools. I understand that it may come off that way to sensitive right-wingers like you folks, but i only make general statements about white people to counter the general statements about black people, don’t act as if i started. Unlike any of you good ole boys, i have white friends, as well as Blacks and Hispanics, While i think it’s a pretty safe bet to make that all of your experience with black people consist of what you hear and see on television. If you were actually in a poverty stricken area, you would realize there are just as many white criminals as there are black for the same types of crime, there are plenty of white boys that think they’re “gangsters” and plenty of black people that are getting busted for insurance fraud nowadays, so it takes all kinds. America is a melting pot of different cultures and ideas, we’re are considered the world leader, not because we have the most high-minded white people in the word( the idea is laughable), but because we are the country of forward progress and innovative move making. Yet the white controlled media is still so ignorant as to refer to ethical peoples( people who’s culture consists of more than conquest, genocide, and a false sense of entitlement) as “minorities”, when white people are becoming less and less prominent, If I provide proof for anything, it should be this.

    • Stealth says:

      It wasn’t all I had left. I wrote that reply from someone’s phone, so I couldn’t get too long-winded. Had to pick my battles. Looks like you took what I said to heart. This rant is far cleaner than the last two. Now if you can just master paragraphs…..
      You have a lot of anger, but you’ve thrown out so many ridiculous, cliched factoids that I can’t possibly take you seriously. Please don’t write to me as if I’m as if I’m an idiot if you’re going to use information that is incorrect.
      For instance, it is absurd to say that black people “built America.” Do you honestly think that black people built most of the infrastructure of the United States? It’s impossible, if for no other reason than that aren’t enough black people in enough places to do the job. Do you honestly think that there are no white people working on construction crews or installing duct work in hot attics? How can you be so self-righteous while writing things like this? Did black people build New England or the cities of the west coast? Was Iowa solely built by black people? That’s nuts.
      Speaking of all that, have you ever worked in construction?
      Black people do commit more violent crime and theft than white people. This is a fact confirmed by FBI statistics and the (very rich) experiences of people like me who live in majority black areas. The difference is so stark that it can’t be denied even if you factor in any bias on the part of the justice system.
      I’m not attacking you with this stuff, just pointing out that the things you wrote, that you BROUGHT up, most of which are unrelated to the topic of the blog entry, are in many cases factually incorrect.
      Race relations is a complicated issue, and it doesn’t simply boil down to white people evil/black people wonderful-beyond-measure. The truth is that if white people were really that bad, a big percentage of your people would have bolted for the exits a couple of decades ago. Instead, black people from outside the US wish to set up shop here, and it’s not because America’s black communities are such wonderful places to live. Your interactions with white people have not been all negative, nor have your people been angelic. Blacks have benefited immensely from being in the United States and other white countries. That should also be acknowledged.
      “uncultured bigots like you who berate black people for not being farther ahead in society then turn around and fight to keep them out of your neighborhoods and schools.”
      White people don’t try to keep black people out of their neighborhoods. They simply move away. That’s because black schools and neighborhoods tend to be more dangerous than white ones and most white parents don’t see their children as sacrificial lambs to be risked on the altar of political correctness.

      • Stealth, you are a very clear and polite writer.
        This is my farewell to this thread. I will make it brief.
        You are all excellent men, you who write what is true and forbidden. My hat is off to you, whether you’re in South Africa or Sweden or British Columbia. You have remembered what you are despite what the chattering classes have told you, to make you forget. You have kept your head in spite of the violence that is directed at us. Every day you do us credit by reading, and thinking, and writing.
        Keep your eyes open and keep your families safe. I hope to see you on the other side, healthy and prosperous. It may take a while, but that’s how it is.

    • It must just kill you niggras (not to mention DWLs) that this country was founded by white Southern slave-owners.
      Yeah, you helped “build this country”, but to say you needed total supervision (uh, chattel slavery) is a wee bit of an understatement!

  14. @JJ – Why are you still so angry about slavery after 150 years of apologies and handouts and endless leg-ups? What more can you possibly want from us? Your “anger” is so obviously false, a swindle, a scam, an excuse to perpetually steal and kill and parasite off whites. Over at Amren a poster called “Thomas” nailed it for me, these are his words….
    “Blacks do not want dialogue; they want to be perpetual victims of “White racism.”Look at how far they have come under the auspices of being a “victim”of the White man. Everything they enjoy has come to fruition as a consequence of being a “victim.” Affirmative action, set asides, government jobs, academic admittances, etc, gov reparations (black “farmers”), etc. All possible because of contrived racism at the hands of White America. Who in their White mind believes blacks are going to abandon such a lucrative swindle. To admit that “racism” is not an issue would be to admit that all the fruits of racism would no longer be warranted. The fact of the matter is “victimhood” has been very rewarding for blacks- so much so – that militant illegal invading hispanics are trying to get in on the action. They have witnessed how successful blacks have been at exploiting victimhood to the extent they now want a piece”

  15. A few White men, coming together, with ears and eyes open, refusing to feel ashamed of who we are or what we can do–it worries some people. The old race-Marxist tactics just aren’t working any more, are they? Guilt-mongering, slanted views of history, unsupported assertions–this is what they use against our children. And in their boundless naïvete, they assume it just must work on White men as well.
    And then they find it doesn’t. The frustration is palpable. ‘Why, why won’t the White men shrink away? Why don’t they feel guilty? Don’t they know they’re second-class citizens? Don’t they know Blacks invented everything of consequence? Don’t they know all the difficult American farming, all the food farming, was done by Blacks? Don’t they know Black airmen defeated Nazi Germany singlehandedly? Don’t they know that if all non-White births, combined, outnumber White births, that that means that Whites somehow don’t form a majority? Don’t they know that while we were hurt as children by Whites, and thus have a legitimate racial grievance, we know that the only reason Rushton and the others are whining so much is that they were hurt as children by Blacks? Don’t they know a dozen other things that aren’t true?’
    I have come to conclusion that this is the best the race-Marxists have to offer. Susan Sontag hoped we would be excised, like a disease. The New Black Panthers want to burn us alive. Tim Wise hopes that we will just die. They have nothing, nothing at all, that is new or convincing. All they have is invective and put-downs, and, ultimately, whining.

  16. James Junior says:

    Stealth i could battle your endless stream of unfounded and uneducated statements until the sun explodes, but this isn’t the first presidential debate, Romney already won with that deceitfully effective tactic. I consciously made a plethora of grammatical errors in homage to your hyper vigilance, seems i overestimated your ability to read.. I’m going to continue talking to you like you’re ignorant because you continue to give me supporting evidence to that theory. First you attack my grammar, then you get obviously, unnecessarily literal with the statements i made to try and debunk them? That’s your play? I’m not so stupid as to post on a blog full or bigots expecting to change minds that have been conditioned towards ignorance for decades, I honest wanted to hear ,from the horses mouth, the excuses modern day racists use to justify their old world ignorance(I can’t call you ignorant enough), and your answers are appropriately pitiless and stupid. Spesbona, I’m not angry about slavery, If anything I’m annoyed that half of you think it was a favor for which you should be thanked, and the other think it was a poor decision that should be forgiven with a couple apologies. The second you start using quotes from some other uneducated or misinformed idiot, you are no longer worthy of response. I’ve gotten what i sought and, though I don’t agree with any of you, I appreciate you not only reading what i had to say, but responding. I abhor you opinions and viewpoints, but i respect the fact that you represent a human life, and all life is equally important. Though I’m nowhere near out of witty remarks and snarky condescension , I am done bestowing them upon you. If i can leave with any parting advice, it would be that you all open your eyes to the fact that your circle of hatred is what’s depowering white America, If Obama being our President proves anything to you, it’s that hating black people obviously isn’t doing much for you anymore, maybe you might wanna try doing something different no?

    • Stealth says:

      I didn’t say it was good. I said it was cleaner, which means it was better than the incoherent shit you wrote before. It was still pretty bad, just like the one I’m replying to right now. I was trying to be kind. I don’t need to be an English professor to recognize how atrocious your writing is.
      Please tell me how I should take statements like “black people built this country.” Seemed like a rock solid statement with a clear meaning. Are you backtracking now, after realizing just how truly damned stupid that was?
      “Though I’m nowhere near out of witty remarks and snarky condescension , I am done bestowing them upon you.”
      If I were you, I’d learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” before tackling more challenging words like “condescension.”
      I’m done.

      • Actually I thought his writing was pretty good. Well, I admit I may have subconsciously lowered the bar to make allowance for the lingering trauma of slavery he must carry and the massive prejudice he has been subjected to for his entire life.
        But I agree with you – he needs to learn about paragraphs but I also understand that he doesn’t want to be seen behaving like whitey.

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