"Hate crimes" in Eugene, Oregon

I just visited Eugene, Oregon and couldn’t help but notice prominently displayed signs such as these:

From what I’ve seen of Eugene, it’s an ultra-liberal, almost entirely white, college town. Any “hate crimes” against non-whites must be few and far between. The City of Eugene website has a presentation about hate crimes in which only four incidents, non of them violent (all involved graffiti), are listed since 2008. That’s a pretty good track record, even if we assume that all of them were legitimate.
There’s no way of knowing how many anti-white incidents occurred during the same time period since nobody keeps track of those. The above-mentioned presentation lists resources and organizations for fighting hate crimes. Tellingly, none of them look after the interests of white people; their goal is to protect non-whites and sexual minorities. Of course, the governmental institutions listed are well-known for turning a blind eye to anti-white hate crimes.
Here’s an interesting page from the presentation:

I’m sure it will come as news to many of y’all that a non-criminal activity can be a “crime”. Evidently, “hate speech” is already considered a quasi-crime by the municipality of Eugene. “Hate speech” is any speech that is critical of non-whites, or views whites in a positive light. It is also any speech that challenges orthodox views on race. I’m guessing that some will disagree with me on this. So I’m tempted to pass out some flyers in Eugene to prove my point.

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  1. Jim says:

    According to the 2010 Census figures on Wikipedia, Eugene is 90.2% white and
    5.7% Asian. No doubt this racial composition makes for a nice little city even though
    it is “hate speech” in Eugene to say so.

  2. Jehu says:

    I’ve often wondered whether a ballot initiative to the effect that:
    Any violent crime committed where the victim and perpetrator are on different sides of an accredited ‘hate line’ is automatically considered a ‘hate crime’.
    So any interracial crime would be ‘hate crime’.
    Wonder if it would pass?

    • jewamongyou says:

      No way that would pass. Those leftists can’t stomach the thought of their beloved “people of color” being guilty of hate crimes.

      • Jehu says:

        Obviously the ideological left can’t, but lots of people are suckers for universalism. It’d be an interesting test of a ballot initiative.
        It’d be overturned by the courts almost certainly, but delegitimizing the courts is another worthy objective. All of the prestige and non raw power deference it gets has to be drained from that institution.

  3. countenance says:

    “Stop Hate,” in a city full of libs? This is about as useless as all the Occutard hovels in leftist cities.

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    You could leave them a few copies of African American economist Walter Williams excellent article on the double standards about hate crimes lying around. Some of the statistics are mind blowing.

  5. Noachideous says:

    The number Eight and the letter “H” , the eighth letter of the alphabet are important because they are derived of Kaaballah. They are used by complicit Jews in the written and spoken word as a form of Magik.
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  6. Noachideous says:

    The 6 and 8 are derived of the number of planes and 3D vertices of intersection contained in the Black Cube of Tefillin. Why cast ‘spells’ in Hebrew when the main target are English speaking. Metatron’s cube exists as the hexagonal centre of the 6 pointed star.
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    When my Father asked his psychoanalyst BnaiBrith member professor of a Goyische university for information to counter the documentation of Holocaust researchers the exasperated response was ,as told by the Olde Man….
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  7. Corey Chesney says:

    this hate speak law is such bullshit! what if a black guy is attacking u and trying to rob u? under normal curcumstances u may have no problem with black people but what if during the attack the black guy says somethin like “whats in your pockets white boy?” any man who is pissed off about some one who is trying to rob them might reply with a “fuck you nigger, whats in your?” typ of remark.. now what just happened? did the black guy get called a nigger for being black? or did he get called a nigger for acting niggerish? think about it before you reply…

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