"French group" threatens lawsuit over anti-Semitic twitter posts

Mercury News of Silicon Valley, California reports that a “French group” is threatening to sue Twitter over some posts that violate France’s hate-speech laws.

PARIS — Twitter agreed to pull racist and anti-Semitic tweets under a pair of French hash tags after a Jewish group threatened to sue the social network for running afoul of national laws against hate speech, the organization said. The decision came a day after Twitter bowed to German law and blocked an account of a banned neo-Nazi group there.
The freewheeling San Francisco-based social network is increasingly running up against European anti-discrimination laws, many of which date to the aftermath of the Holocaust by governments that acknowledged the contribution of years of hate speech to the Nazi attempt to annihilate the Jews. Friday’s action, which was not carried out immediately, could mark a new stage for the company that has famously refused efforts to police its millions of users.
But it’s not entirely clear how the social network planned to carry out the agreement or in what timeframe.
“Twitter does not mediate content,” the company said in a statement. “If we are alerted to content that may be in violation of our terms of service, we will investigate each report and respond according to the policies and procedures outlined in our support pages.”
The company’s policies require international users to comply with local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content. They also ban any content with direct threats of violence.
The French Union of Jewish Students, which planned to supply Twitter with a list of the offensive tweets to be pulled, said it would still file a formal complaint against the social network to bring the tweeters to justice. The union held a conference call Thursday night with Twitter executives in California.

Though some European Jews are shifting to the Right, historically, they have rejected it. According to Extremis Project:

Jewish communities, however, have understood that undermining pluralistic and open societies may also undermine the equality and freedoms that they have achieved, and have not been afraid to say so in public.

It remains to be seen how “pluralistic” and “open” Europe will be once it is run by Africans and Arabs. Laws against “hate-speech” don’t strike me as being particularly “open” or “pluralistic” either.
Swastikas are not appealing to me, but I’d rather allow neo-Nazis to display swastikas, and reveal their true colors, than force them underground and make it more difficult for the rest of us to identify them. Let the neo-Nazis fly their swastikas and let the gangbangers wear their saggy pants. It’s good to be able to recognize danger from a distance. As for the neo-Nazis, displaying the swastika will not gain them many new recruits, except for those who already have issues.
The entrenched Jewish establishment in Europe has been slow to recognize the dangers of mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East. It tends to sugarcoat Muslim-on-Jewish violence in terms that are meant to arouse sympathy toward the former. For example, Lori Hinnant writes, on the European Jewish Congress’ webpage:

French Jews believe the danger comes from radical messages that appeal to young Muslims in France who are unemployed, angry, alienated and looking for someone to blame. But France has struggled to address the problem head-on because of the social sensitivities. President Francois Hollande met Sunday with the head of an umbrella group of Muslim organizations, assuring him that the government would not stigmatize all Muslims for anti-Semitic acts committed by a radical fringe…
“Anti-Semitism previously came from the extreme right, and the movements expressed their attitudes toward Jews with posters, words, perhaps by desecrating a cemetery,” said Yossi Malka, a Moroccan Jew who settled in Sarcelles in the 1980s. “Today, we have an anti-Semitism that doesn’t end with words but goes into the realm of action.”
Malka blames conflicts overseas as well as the wave of post-colonial immigration from North Africa that has left a generation of struggling young Muslims…
Many French Jews say it’s impossible to separate anti-Semitism from France’s problems with its disaffected youth — up to 50 percent unemployment in some heavily immigrant housing projects — or from anger about Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians. Only a small part of that anger translates into anti-Semitism : Young people also target symbols of the French government, most recently in the northern city of Amiens, where dozens of youths faced off against riot officers in August in a night of violence that ended with 17 officers injured, and a pre-school and public gym torched.

“Disaffected” is a loaded word. It can mean mean “alienated” or “discontented” and dictionary.com gives the following sentence as an example of its use:

Until the disaffected are given a voice, violence is their only tool to get noticed.

It implies that the perpetrators are, at some level, also victims and it evokes sympathy. The “disaffected” youth in question live in government housing projects and receive government welfare. If they are angry over their station in life, perhaps they should direct their anger toward their parents, who came to France of their own free will. If things are so bad for them in France, perhaps they should consider moving to their ancestral homes in Africa.
I can understand the reticence of French Jewry to condemn immigration. After all, most French Jews are themselves immigrants from North Africa or their children. But it should be obvious to all concerned that it is not Jews who form the criminal underclass in France today. It’s not Jews who perpetrate violence against Muslims, but the other way around. It’s not Jews who threaten the liberty of France, and it’s not Jews whose numbers threaten to overwhelm Europe and transform its native populations into minorities.
Unfortunately it is Jews who have been instrumental in promoting the catastrophic immigration policies now in place. Not all Jews, just the wealthy and powerful ones. From the European Jewish Congress article quoted above, it’s clear that their goal is not to stop immigration. Rather it is to appease the immigrant underclass, by throwing more money at them, until they behave themselves. This is the policy the U.S. has been pursuing with its blacks and Hispanics and it’s suicidal in the long term.
Just as I can’t blame French Jews for taking a while to realize that their future lies with the Right, similarly I can’t blame the Right for being wary of the Jews.  But the Right and the Jews, even if they don’t love each other, must marry out of necessity.

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6 Responses to "French group" threatens lawsuit over anti-Semitic twitter posts

  1. Californian says:

    Solid analysis, as usual, JAY.
    It remains to be seen how “pluralistic” and “open” Europe will be once it is run by Africans and Arabs. Laws against “hate-speech” don’t strike me as being particularly “open” or “pluralistic” either.
    Europa is retreating from the fundamental Enlightenment concept of freedom of speech. It might be argued that this is one objective of opening the frontiers to mass third world immigration: to provide a justification for government censorship.
    Until the disaffected are given a voice, violence is their only tool to get noticed.
    Does this also apply to people on the far right, race realists, and those in sympathy with Geert Wilders? They are disaffected from the current system. Their voices are being suppressed via “hatecrime” laws. It goes back to the grotesque double standard of modern liberalism: liberals will justify just about any amount of havoc when committed by members of designated victim groups, while criminalizing the free speech rights of those on the right.

    • It is quite interesting. The slippery slope of hate speech laws evolved from
      outlawing speech that directly incites murder and mayhem
      outlawing speech that would irritate Muslims so these would feel totally justified to call for and actually practice mayhem and murder

  2. Good points.
    HItler forced the industrious law abiding high IQ Nobel Price winning Jews out of Europe.
    A liberal backlash to Hitler’s murderous policies allowed low IQ African and Muslim immigrants to freely immigrate, bring their relatives, and procreate in large numbers.
    Do you say that Jewish influence is partially to blame for liberal policies that deny genetics, IQ, and don’t notice the difference between high IQ law abiding Jews and low IQ violent jobless North Africans!?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, that’s a good way of putting it.

    • Nathan Wartooth says:

      I think there is a reason why Jews from the high IQ group (people keep saying different things, such as “eastern European Jews” so I’ll just call the the high IQ group) don’t want people to become race realists and push for open immigration.
      Once you really start researching race realism you start to realize something. Just random differences between people like skin color, don’t cause conflicts. It’s only when those differences are in IQ that it causes conflict.
      This is why the Japanese have such a good reputation in America. Their IQ is so close to the White average that we get along very well. It’s not so high that they dominate every part of our culture, which is important.
      When you get about 10 points of difference in IQ, the higher IQ group almost always ends up owning the vast majority of wealth and power in that area. This leads to resentment from the lower IQ group and conflict. Some people think it’s a conspiracy (like whites thinking Jews have a conspiracy going and blacks think that whites are purposefully keeping them down) but it just generally leads to resentment.
      This is why I’m a firm believer in nationalism. While I love your blog and respect you, Jew Among You, I think that Whites and Jews would be better off if we were not allowed in each other countries. Well Whites don’t have any countries anymore but you get the picture.
      I respect Jews for their brilliance but since Jews are over 10 higher IQ points than Whites, it insures that the Jews will control vast amounts of wealth and power in the United States disproportionate to their numbers.
      Going back to my original point, I think that they don’t want people to realize this and kick them out of their countries.

  3. Thom Jefferson says:

    Have your fellow travellers created a Golem? How different would that be? Including the victims..

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