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Get paid for sleeping!

No kidding! You can get paid for sleeping. The catch is you must be black, or at least half black. An employee where I work had been taking regular naps on the job. Many of us complained – to no … Continue reading

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The problem with big-tent movements and blogs

We all love to speak our minds. Some of us feel so strongly about it we actually start our own blogs. Invariably we find like-minded people in the vast blogosphere and forge new alliances. That’s all find and dandy. The … Continue reading

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Striking back at the SPLC pt. II

Yesterday I leafleted in front of Powell’s Books downtown. It went pretty well. It’s always interesting to see people’s reactions, and that makes it rather fun. One young man said “I can’t read.” An old woman tried to give me … Continue reading

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Discrimination against short men

Human stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff) sent me an interesting article about discrimination against short men. Though I’m of average height myself, this is a subject that has always been close to my heart. The article, by … Continue reading

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Striking back at the SPLC

After having encountered SPLC (Southern Poverty Center) activists in downtown Portland a couple of times, I found them again in front of my local library. This was yesterday and I told them, point blank, that the SPLC is a hate … Continue reading

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The tales of two epidemics

I’m still reading “The Perfect Swarm” by Len Fisher. Although the author decries the pitfall of “groupthink”, and he admits that he is not immune to it, his blanket condemnation of “racism” shows that he may be more prone to … Continue reading

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Israeli rabbi argues in favor of a Muslim Europe

A friend sent me an article from Ynetnews where Rabbi Baruch Efrati explains his support for the Islamification of Europe. Efrati wrote in response that the Islamization of Europe was better than a Christian Europe for ethical and theological reasons … Continue reading

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Cross-pollination or cross-contamination?

Advocates for multiculturalism are quick to tout the wonderful virtues of diversity – without actually listing any. Pro-whites are quick to point out that racial displacement is only taking place in historically white homelands. This is, of course, mostly true. … Continue reading

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My encounter with SPLC activists

I encountered two SPLC activists today in Portland. Each was soliciting donations from passers by near the university. I stood and watched for a while. They didn’t seem to be having any success as they asked “do you want to … Continue reading

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Free speech versus "hate speech"

Thanks to Portland Realist for bringing my attention to an article in the Portland Tribune that masquerades as “news” when, in fact, it’s propaganda. When the corporate-controlled media accepts dogma as truth, it is bound to confuse the boundaries between … Continue reading

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