The Boko Haram

I found this gem on Apparently some Nigerian rebels decided to reject Western (white) technology in favor of traditional weapons:

Boko Haram got its start as an anti-technology movement, armed with swords and bows and arrows and condemning western knowledge as blasphemous. After the original group was massacred by military forces the group turned to more modern terrorist tactics, with assault weapons and explosives.

It seems they concluded that it’s  better to be blasphemous than dead. Though their very name, according to Wikipedia, means “Western education is sinful”, they must have discovered a loophole whereby they could benefit from Western education in order to blow up churches and otherwise engage in mayhem. How convenient. One would think that if it were Allah’s will to use only bows, arrows and swords, Western weapons would have no advantage over them. I can’t help but wonder how Boko Haram manages to effectively organize itself without the use of telephones, modern transportation or even pens and pencils.
I wish groups like Boko Haram would be more consistent. That way Darwin and Allah would be in total agreement when they say: Get out of the gene pool!

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2 Responses to The Boko Haram

  1. countenance says:

    Some Nigerians think western education is sinful?
    Shorter Boko Haram: We black people can’t hack white people’s learning, so the problem is with white people’s learning. Gnowatimsayn? And also…keepin’ it real.

  2. Lonely Jew says:

    This little gem of a blog entry made me laugh. Thank you, Jewamongyou.
    Lonely Jew

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