Discrimination against short men

Human stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff) sent me an interesting article about discrimination against short men. Though I’m of average height myself, this is a subject that has always been close to my heart. The article, by Jonathan Rauch, can be found here. I recommend the entire article, but here are some highlights:

Mr Miller favours protections for such little people. But he opposes extending protections to the “normally” short–men like America’s labour secretary, Robert Reich, who is 4’10” and hears no end of it. (Bill Clinton, looking at a model of the White House made from Lego, commented: “Secretary Reich could almost live in there.”) Why protect Mr Miller but not Mr Reich? Because, Mr Miller says, one cannot protect everybody. “It would be totally unwieldy to let everybody in.” Quite true. But convenient, too, to draw the line so as to include him but exclude a raft of other claimants. Convenience is not a principled reason for leaving short men to suffer their fates.
Indeed, it is hard to find any principled reason. Most of the obvious excuses for excluding SHRIMPs from the list of disadvantaged groups do little but show how arbitrary is the concept of any “group”. For example, one might argue that there is no obvious line that demarcates a man short enough to be a SHRIMP. True enough; but in a world where blood mixes freely, there is equally no clear way to distinguish, for instance, a “Hispanic” from an “Anglo”, or an American Indian from a “white” man.
Perhaps a “minority group”, then, must be an ethnic or hereditary grouping? Plainly not. If women, homosexuals and people in wheelchairs may be minority groups, then surely short men can qualify. American Hispanics have nothing in common except the “Hispanic” label itself (they are mostly identified solely by their names). At least SHRIMPs are all detectably short.
In the West, the past quarter-century has been an era of awakening group consciousness. Blacks and women, Asians and indigenous peoples, homosexuals and the disabled–one by one, all have come to embrace group-based identities and protections. The obese are now reaching for group status; and, in truth, they too have a case. So why not short men? Logically, there seems no way out…
Knowing that short young men earn less money than other young men is, certainly, interesting. Knowing that only 9% of American Hispanics, as against 24% of non-Hispanics, hold a university degree is also interesting. But what do such facts imply? One does well to remember that they are mere statistical compilations, averages that blur together individuals who have virtually nothing in common. A “Hispanic”, for instance, is a mere Spanish-sounding name masquerading as a human being. A SHRIMP, similarly, is no more than a mark on a tape measure. To convert adjectives into nouns–as in “a SHRIMP”, or “a black” or “an Asian” or “a homosexual”–is to seize upon a single element of a person’s make-up and cast into the background everything else. This kind of thinking may be useful as a tool of social analysis; as a basis for public policy, however, it is treacherous.

But the Left, acting through government, the educational system, the media and business, has forced everybody else to pigeonhole members of “protected groups” into just such categories. If an individual accomplishes something noteworthy, and he happens to be black, we are never allowed to overlook this fact. It is pounded into our heads in every conceivable way. Unless one lives in a cave, he comes to view the individual as “the first black man to…” The same is true of Hispanics and, to a lesser extent, women.
Rauch doesn’t go into it, but heightism has racial implications within a multiracial society as well. If tall men are favored, and black men tend to be taller, then it follows that black men will be favored. If Asian men are shorter, then it follows that Asian men will be disadvantaged. Since there is a rough inverse correlation between height and I.Q. (racially), Asian men can somewhat make up for their disadvantage. Nevertheless, the most unfortunate of all are short, not-so-intelligent Asian men. The most fortunate of all are tall, intelligent black men.
I am against set-asides and “affirmative action” of any kind. But if such programs are to exist, I can think of few better candidates than short men.

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  1. Yes, I want my rights as a short person. 🙂 I demand equality!!!!!

  2. countenance says:

    We all knew from the Randy Newman song that a discriminatory jihad against short men was on its way.

  3. WmarkW says:

    Richard Cohen, who I believe is 5’6″, once wrote a column pointing out that he pays the same for clothes as other men do, although his are cheaper to make.

    • stealth says:

      He’s lucky because short men can find clothes that fit. When you’re tall and thin, nothing fits you but your socks. I am a little over six feet, and I would settle for five’nine in a heartbeat.

  4. Bob says:

    Im pretty sure white men are the tallest, though im not sure if you were merely being hypothetical.

  5. Ryan says:

    What a hypocritical man you are. In one post decrying the pigeonholing of people into categories due to leftist influences, in another handing out flyers reinforcing (somewhat) the white “races” existence.
    I think it was Morgan Freeman who stated when asked how to deal with the problem of racism in America: ‘stop talking about it’.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Short men are discriminated against through no fault of their own. “People of color” are not discriminated against; they are given preference. As for harping on race and racism, it’s the Left that does this incessantly.

  6. Joe says:

    As a short man myself I must agree with your statement: “I am against set-asides and “affirmative action” of any kind. But if such programs are to exist, I can think of few better candidates than short men.” As a matter of fact my website – http://www.supportfortheshort.org – is dedicated to exposing discrimination against short people in general. I couldn’t imagine anyone writing and singing a song about any other group under the sun like Newman did and not only NOT be criticized and ostracized, but praised and lauded. It’s amazing just how much short people – and short men in particular – are discriminated against without any sort of condemnation against it. I believe this takes place for more than one reason, and one of those reasons is the fact that there is no recognition of the short-statured as a “group” either in society or even among the short themselves, so obviously every short person has to tolerate “heightism” on their own, in an isolated individualized manner, which keeps it going. In other words, the short-statured – especially the guys – are atomized. They view the discrimination that they face as short people as an individual trait that they have to deal with on their own, and this is not a strategy that will do anything about the heightism that they face. Yet another reason heightism – especially against men – is lauded is because we all start off very small, and not just the human race, but every animal species as well, so growth is associated with nothing but positives and lack of growth, or short-stature, is associated with the opposite.
    This is my very brief take on it here. I go into it more on my website. Thanks.

  7. Luke Stanley says:

    A clear line to always identify short could be and should be 6 inches below whatever the average male height is.
    As a short man I agree with saying something about discrimination done to short men. The discrimination is violent, physical, mental, promoted in society, economical and sexual.
    I also wrote a long essay: shortmen64inches.blogspot.com
    I disagree with most of Morgan Freeman’s statements (including his agnostic statements) stating silence will solve any problem. I have NEVER seen ignoring a problem or discrimination done in society ever change the mind of a perpetrator. Fighters for good or fighters for evil win the spoils; those who sit on the sideline have no win although they might benefit.
    As a short man 5″2 I can agree with some of your points, as a black man I can say consider yourself lucky you aren’t black b/c the things you write of “But the Left, acting through government, the educational system, the media and business, has forced everybody else to pigeonhole members of “protected groups” into just such categories.” Uhhh, the Left didn’t do this type of institutional pigeonholing. Institutional racism has been used and I emphasize ‘used’ since the 1400’s when the terms of race were defined, written into text books, spread throughout Europe to be studied and practiced onto people of other races in order to create a system of racism.This is long before America and long before the Left.
    The other part about tall black men: The most fortunate of all are tall, intelligent black men.
    What in the world are you talking about? It is one thing to sit among your own and discuss affirmative action and say some how somebody has it worse than you, but totally different to prove it. Where is any proof for over 500 years in America or Europe has it stated the black man economically, education wise, political wise had the benefit over white men and it has been proven due to this benefit they outnumber white men in these areas? Where have black men ever been the majority in the USA and created banks, rules, institutions you established and a tax system that starts from employing the top (most congress members are millionaires) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/09/congress-millionaires_n_4570393.html
    lawmakers in society to create and sign off on the laws the rest of the country has to abide by–that make for the foundation of the nation? Where have black men controlled a military that forces others by drafts to fight for causes that further oppress them (Civil War-fighting for Confederates, Vietnam, WWII and WWI)? I don’t want to turn this racial which should remain on height. But, I’ve read many articles on height and the people who right them turn away a friend by going and bashing blacks when black men probably have done nothing to you as a short men.
    I want to be a part of defending short men, but articles that speak against my race make it impossible for me to stand with you.
    There is a such of white privilege. It is most likely no fault of your own, but it does exist. Your people colonized the entire world (but looking at the blog jewamongyou but I might be speaking to the wrong person on colonization.) and you want to say there is no benefit to white men?
    As a man, a black 5″2 man I can say there are benefits I enjoy simply from being a man. There benefits men enjoy due to the oppression of women. I have a very hard time in life and work hard for all I have and help others in the process, but I don’t look at women and say “I have it worse than you.” If anything a tall black man intimidates so many people that he has to do alot of emasculating of himself just to get a job. (statistics are easy to find on how a white male felon has a better chance economically than a black man with a degree and no record) http://www.nytimes.com/2004/03/20/arts/20DEVA.html
    I can keep going with statistics that are more than easy to find on research.
    I don’t want to compare which is worse: black or being a 5″2 man in America, but please don’t use baseless talking points when the rest of the world has documented white privilege; hell, white males have documented their own privilege. It’s called History and the Present and I had to memorize it to past tests from 1st grade to receiving my Bachelor’s

    • jewamongyou says:

      Short men, regardless of race, are at a disadvantage. As for your observations about the status of black men over the last 500 years, my post only deals with the present. Right now, for those of us alive today, tall, well-spoken, black men are practically considered gods.

  8. little larry says:

    its true some short white men are left out of lifes great pleasures.unless you
    believe in god and heaven,what is ypour proof,i,ve suffered many years without dieing,im short I never cam get married I never satisfied a woman
    sexually.i know short men like me are left out of lifes pleasures.

  9. little larry says:

    life is strange, im strange, ,but im not the strangest man on earth.im 5 feet 4 in
    but im not the shortest man on earth.and size do matter to females,they love to be filled,i miss out on all the fun,but my fear of death is stronger than the hell of life.nobody knows the troubles I,ve seen,i knew fat people to get married,ive known ugly people to get married,i,ve know crazy people to get married,but my little dick never got married.what moral about if there is a god
    I don,t think that he or she or whatever,if it is good to approve of this.i cant even get the woman I like,i have to screw crack whores for money.i pay them.
    now im 57 yo it don’t matter to me nomore,im to old to carry on.i quit.

  10. little larry says:

    I know theres people with no arms or legs who paint pictures with there mouth to make a liven,who is going to believe this?i think I,ve got almost every common illness there is.i did,nt get laid until I was 36yo,by a prostitute,
    I,ve taken every kind of shit from people that a person can take,im still alive, that’s all,now I have shingles neroropathy..what s next my god,how much
    more can I stand.i was born with all my parts,and my mind,i must have earn it,
    why can,t I fulfill my sexual fulfillment with a female of my wanting.because
    some big mf is fucking my little blonde hair skinny wife because she wants to
    be filled, and she is like all the rest of the females out there ,because of human nature they all want to be filled,god hates human nature.maybe they will go to hell,but they want give up there human nation for any thing.well
    maybe hell is worth it,for them.as long as they fulfill that true love they can,t let go of,lol lol

    • jewamongyou says:

      Now that women have “equal rights” in the mating game, they’ve wasted no time marginalizing men they consider not worthy of their attention. These men often become embittered. In youth, it’s possible for such men to overcome these obstacles, but as they advance in age, they grow more and more bitter toward the gender that has rejected them. After a few decades of this, such men become damaged goods. There is a heavy psychological toll from being rejected too many times, often in favor of jerks.
      Be it as it may, your case is one reason I’m in favor of prostitution (and I’ve taken a lot of heat for this stance). No man should be forced to be celibate for life. There should always be an option – with a willing partner.

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