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Venting about venting

One of the more salient points, made by Craig Bodeker in his now famous “A Conversation About Race“, was that today’s political climate does not allow whites to be pro-white without being viewed as anti-everybody else. Personally, I try to … Continue reading

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Choctaw family devastated

Is the value of your tribe inversely proportional to its numbers? When whites are suffer misfortune, such as being victims of violent crime, the newspaper headlines never announce their race. Even when the victims are black, we don’t always read … Continue reading

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Romance tenses and Romance culture

I’ve been studying Spanish. Partly because my next travel adventure will be in a Spanish-speaking country, and partly because my current circumstances make it relatively easy. A word of advice to all you young readers: Don’t wait until you’re over … Continue reading

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New York gunman led quiet life…

The recent shooting of firefighters near Rochester, New York, illustrates some major flaws in our so-called justice system. According to the Washington Post: A man who set his house on fire then lured firefighters to their deaths in a blaze … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

To all you celebrators of Christmas: Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Suicide versus prostate cancer

I was asked to complete a survey about my experiences with Kaiser Permanente’s website. At the end, there’s a text box for comments. I wrote: By most counts more Americans die from suicide than from prostate cancer. Whites, especially white … Continue reading

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Latkes or hash browns?

One of the Jewish traditions I grew up with was the making, and eating, of potato latkes during Hanukkah. It was an extended family affair, with all of us pitching in. One of us would peel the potatoes while another … Continue reading

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The magical negro

I found this gem at vDare. It was posted by Steve Sailer. Enjoy THE MAGICAL NEGRO.

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Mass murders in the West; what has changed?

In the aftermath of the horrific murders in Newtown, Connecticut, a lot of questions are being asked. Here are some pointed questions that deserve attention: 1)  Have mass-murders becoming more frequent in recent years? The general consensus seems to be … Continue reading

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Saving money by increasing crime

Oregon has a problem: It has too many people in prison and it’s costing a bundle. It also has problems with traffic, parking, crime and ever-more expensive services. A sensible person would conclude that all these problems can be traced … Continue reading

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