Filipinos rallying behind Israel

Alarabiyah reports that Christian Filipinos have held rallies to support Israel:

More than 300 Filipinos held festive peace rally in Manila on Friday to express their solidarity with Israel despite their government being among the 138 countries recognizing Palestine as a non-member state in the United Nations.
Hebrew songs and shofar echoed through loudspeaker as pro-Israel Filipinos marched in a busy Manila business district followed by a convoy of over 50 cars in a rally that was organized by a handful of Christian organizations, Israel-based Ynet News reported Sunday.
The marchers waved Israeli flags, while others held banners in support of Israel that read “standing with Israel, now and then,” in reference to 1947 when the Philippines was the first Asian country to vote in support of the formation of the Jewish nation.
The march’s final destination, the national park, which is located some 10 kilometers from the starting point, saw more Israeli supporters joining. All sung a rendition of “Hatikva” (Israel’s national anthem) and blew the shofars to conclude the rally.

Is this a case of fake Christians supporting fake Jews by singing in fake Hebrew in order to oppose pressure from hypocritical European leaders? I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do have Christian friends and the question of who is a “real Christian” is a confusing one. As for the Jews of Israel, I’ve already pointed out (here and here for example) that modern Jews bear little resemblance to ancient Jews. What passes for Hebrew is a sham and a disgrace (here and here for example). The powerful men of Europe, while opposing Israeli colonization of Palestine, encourage the colonization of Europe.
This would appear to be layer upon layer of delusions and empty labels. Or maybe not. I’m certain that the Filipinos who call themselves Christian are different from those who call themselves Muslim. Those who call themselves Jews are different from those who call themselves Palestinians (though there are Palestinian Jews). Modern “Hebrew” is distinct from other languages and those who rule Europe might have some redeeming qualities over the leaders of Africa or the Middle East.
Perhaps I’m too caught up in the past to keep up with the ever-changing definitions of the modern world. Yes, I think this is so. It may even be a symptom of Asperger’s Syndrome. Alas, I can no longer use that as an excuse for not keeping up with the times; Asperger’s has now been defined out of existence by the A.P.A.
Now that I’m no longer an asparagus (what else would you call somebody with Asperger’s?), maybe it’s time for me to be less analytical and simply thank the Filipinos for their goodwill toward my people. Similarly, I can embrace Israeli Jews as my brothers and sisters without being overly critical of them. But I refuse to embrace modern Israeli “Hebrew” because it’s ugly and offensive to me. I also refuse to give up my disdain for Europe’s leaders; hypocrisy and treason are despicable in any era.

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  1. Zimriel says:

    Modern Hebrew may be a (linguistic) sham, but I do not consider it a disgrace. Even as a constructed language, it is a marvel that Ashkenzim, Sephardim, Mizrahim and even Falasha have adopted it and made it a living language amongst themselves.

  2. Zimriel says:

    I think, though, to return to the original topic, that to lose the Holy Land to Muslims would cut the heart out of the West.
    Christians have shown that, where they live in urban environments, they cannot withstand Islam. Emmet Scott in “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited” has shown conclusively that the Near East fell to the Saracens and that feudal Europe resisted. I have to add that Upper Egypt, hinterland Syria and the Berbers also resisted; they got ground down over centuries.
    The nation of Israel proves to Christendom / the West that a reaction against Islam – a rollback – is possible. It hits Muslims where they live. By extension Israel’s survival hits all enemies of Christianity and the West.

    • Ultimately though the west needs to preserve the culture of the west, whatever that culture happens to be. The prime concern for the west should be figuring out who and what the west is and working to preserve it within our own borders against the spread of a islamic legal system.
      I personally think the west should not meddle in what is happening between israel and palestine and those two peoples should sort things out and come to an arrangement on their own. Why should a so called international community or why should america get involved with it?
      I have a few questions. Does Israel need financial aid from America to survive? Does Israel benefit from American and Europe meddling in what is happening in Israel and Palestine? Can Israel survive as a sovereign nation? Because lets face it: Israel as it is right now is not a sovereign nation. It is a nation that is dependent on welfare from the USA and therefore to some extent has to answer to the USA.
      My personal feelings on the hostilities in Israel and Palestine is I don’t view it in terms of the civilizational dimension you mentioned. I don’t view it in terms of muslims versus non-muslims. I just view it as groups of people living life and sometimes experiencing hostilities with each other and as a result people on both sides experience suffering. I am sympathetic to people on both sides but I should not feel annointed by God to solve the problems of the world simply due to my American citizenship.
      I feel bad for any suffering experienced by Israelis and Palestinians over there but I don’t know how to fix it.

      • Ryushevski says:

        US aid to Israel =$3 billion per year. Size of Israeli economy $245 Billion. 3/245 = 1.22% of GDP. Not critical in my opinion, considering that most of it has to be spent on goods manufactured in the United States(Something America should require of all its foreign aid). At least Israel votes withe America in the UN most of the time. Egypt gets $1.5 Billion per year plus the $450 million Arab spring aid package (containing 20 F-16s) and they don’t show an ounce of gratitude. Jordan receives over $500 million in aid per year (A lot is spent on subsidies of goods to prevent riots) and the Palestinian Authority receives close to $700 million – a lot of which is either embezzled, spent on hiring PR firms in the west (like what Syria did before war broke out, though they had to use their own money for that). The ability of a nation to support itself without US aid is more in question in the Arab world , especially considering that many of these nations have no industry of which to speak.

    • Do you think christianity can adapt to being more siccesful in urban environments and do you have any suggestions on what those qualities may be that could give it an edge?

      • oogenhand says:

        First, Christians should adopt languages that are not widely known; e.g. Sedevacantists reject the authority of the present pope, so they have to go to the original Latin sources. In this way they will acquire a semi-secret language, allowing for interesting theological developments.
        This is the main reason Judaism has a fighting chance against Islam. If JAY gets his way, and Israelis would adopt Arabic as vernacular, the Muslim religious community would become transparent.

  3. Does anyone know if there are any efforts to preserve yiddish and is yiddish still being spoken by any jews? Is there any influences of yiddish on modern hebrew?

  4. JI says:

    My wife is from the Philippines and I lived there for a little while. Not enough to know the culture deeply, but I will say this – my wife and her family and friends are not shy about avoiding Muslems like the plague. For example, my wife would not allow me to get into a taxi driven by a Muslem for fear of kidnapping.
    I know that is neither fair nor nice. However, she was from a poor family on a remote island where survival was not taken for granted, and political correctness was never a consideration. Given this, I could easily see non-Muslem Filipinos feeling, and expressing, solidarity with others who also face a daily struggle with Muslems.

  5. Justthisguy says:

    Hah! JAY, I assume you were referring to the new DSM-V in what you wrote above. I, too, may be no longer an Aspie, but Just Plain Autistic.
    Funny, I once tried to explain to a Jewish acquaintance what it’s like to be an Aspie. The best explanation I came up with was, “It’s like being an Ashkenazic Jew, but without the flocking instinct.”

  6. Karl says:

    Kidnapping non-Muslims for enslavement is what Moros did before they were subdued by westerners; and kidnapping them for cash-ransom is what they do now. That’s not racism; that’s a recitation of historical fact.
    Anyone can call himself a Jew; we ethnic-Hebrews know that there are about 60,000 Filipinos living in Israel now. On average, their sabra, Hebrew-mother-tongue children are more useful to have here, than “American Jews”. My take on “American Jews”: not worth rescuing. Throw them to the lions.

  7. razorbladebyte says:

    Regarding what you call “Palestinian Jews”, you may be sad to hear that ethnic ones are no more. Even before the state of Israel the last generations were woman only. any others who use this term are doing this politically.

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