Venting about venting

One of the more salient points, made by Craig Bodeker in his now famous “A Conversation About Race“, was that today’s political climate does not allow whites to be pro-white without being viewed as anti-everybody else. Personally, I try to keep this point at the forefront of my mind when I speak or write. It’s not always easy. People who identify as pro-white are very much aware of the ongoing atrocities being perpetrated upon whites and the glaring double standard imposed against whites. It’s easy to become an angry person but not so easy to channel ones anger to constructive ends. Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid becoming what our enemies say we are.
Powerful forces (some would say “The Jooz”) are using non-whites as clubs to pound whites into oblivion. So some pro-whites channel their anger toward the non-whites; toward blacks and Mexicans in the U.S. and maybe toward Asian Muslims in Europe. Others channel their anger toward “The Jooz”. As a Jew myself, I’d suggest a distinction between “The Jooz” and “Jews”. At any rate, I’ve vented plenty of venom at blacks and Hispanics myself. I try to put it in context and make it clear that I speak only in general terms. But I’ll admit that the following criticism applies to myself as well.
I was reading a recent American Renaissance article about the spread of cellular service in Africa. It’s an innocuous subject. If anything, it gives us a ray of hope; if Africa becomes a better place to live, we all benefit. But after reading the comments on that article, I became frustrated. I wrote:

I’m disappointed in a lot of the comments here. Is it our goal here to ridicule blacks or is it to inform the world that whites have legitimate interests and are being targeted for genocide? While doing the former may make us feel witty, or release some of our anger, I think we should ask ourselves, before pushing the “post” button, if our comments are going to actually help our cause.
Imagine you’re a young person fresh out of high school or college. You’re curious about pro-white movements and race-realism so you click on this article. What sort of impression would you get from reading the comments here?
My comment, before reading the others, was going to be something along the lines of “that’s great. I hope Africa does improve its lot; that would be better for all of us, because it would slow the flow of Africans out of Africa.”

I think a lot of pro-whites know, deep down, that I’m right. Some of them won’t admit it; their anger won’t let them. It’s a pity because, if our enemies can succeed in infecting our hearts with destructive hatred, then what hope is there for us?
This was not the first time I’d contemplated criticizing the content of the comments at American Renaissance. Months ago, I’d written:

Reading through the comments on American Renaissance, I’m struck by how many of them make blanket statements about blacks. The moderators seem to now tolerate the word “negro”, which does make sense. They still won’t allow the word “nigger”, which makes sense sometimes – and sometimes it doesn’t…
Perhaps the moderators at Amren should ask themselves the same question when deciding whether to let a comment remain or not. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, Amren should not be a site for angry venting of that nature. If people want to vent, and talk about “niggers and apes”, they can do so at or some other similar forum. Of course, if the moderators have had a change of attitude and don’t mind if Amren turns into another niggermania, that’s their prerogative. It would sadden me though.

I had allowed that post to remain a draft. It’s not for me to tell the folks at American Renaissance what sort of site it should be. It does bother me that I cannot direct friends or relatives to that site in the hopes of convincing them of the justness of our cause; they’d be too put off by the comments.
It’s hard to blame the people at American Renaissance for allowing anti-black tirades in the comments. A steady diet of black-on-white murders, beatings and rapes will do that to you over time – but only if you let it.

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  1. Jehu says:

    The problem, IMO, can not be solved peacefully at this point. For other methods to become feasible, people need to reach a certain level of anger. For men, ‘venting’ serves to develop the necessary anger. For women, it reduces anger. If an organization is mostly male, venting is the way they develop the necessary outrage to take actions outside the socially permissible. Just the nature of the beast.

    • jewamongyou says:

      We don’t have the numbers to engage in any sort of forceful takeover of the system. At this point, like it or not, such venting doesn’t help increase our numbers. If anything, it decreases them by serving as ammunition for our enemies. At the local level, in dealing with black/Hispanic/Muslim violence, you’re right. Words are not the answer. But in the battle for minds, on the internet, words are the only answer we have, so we must use them wisely.

      • Jehu says:

        Even for something like, say, wholesale use of who..whom jury nullification, you need people a lot angrier than they are now. Basically they need to be angry enough to desacralize all of the institutions of the Cathedral in their minds and consider only the Cathedral’s raw power, not its prestige in their daily decisionmaking. But you don’t need all that high of a fraction of the population to feel that way to make the nation ungovernable. 10% would do, probably less.

      • Stealth says:

        Folks just refuse to accept the current balance of power. Liberals can say whatever they want; it’s a free pass. They can lie, verbally abuse people, use specious arguments, change their professed beliefs, etc., but they’ll never suffer any consequences for it because liberals dominate the establishment.
        Non-domesticated white people must hold themselves to a higher standard, because even the tiniest mistakes will provoke the full wrath of those in power.

  2. Gayle says:

    Agreed. I totally get the anger – I’m in that place myself. But if pro-whites really want to take the next step and gain wider acceptance of our cause, we need to look at positive – AND media-savvy – ways to get our message across. Angry rants and basement-quality videos may make us feel better, but do quite a bit of harm to the pro-white cause, enforcing stereotypes that are used against us.
    It’s even questionable whether many of these ranters even care about a pro-white “cause” at all… they’re just looking to blow off steam, and could care less about what effect it might have. Another reason why AmRen might want to rethink its posting policies 😉

  3. BF says:

    I feel the exact same way when reading Amren. That is the main reason I have started to visit your site more and more; you handle issues intelligently and carefully. Thank you.

  4. RoyBoy says:

    Jew or not I’m glad we have you dude.
    Happy New Year JewAmongYou.

  5. WmarkW says:

    Agree totally that the highly quality of content at AmRen is totally driven down by comments. I sometimes try to write a comment along the lines of “Whether we like blacks or not, America is stuck with them, and we should be doing what we can to make them less of a problem to both us and themselves.” That means keeping immigrants out of low-skill jobs. And taking differences in intelligence into account when batting their STD and pregnancy rates. Sort of the Arthur Jensen approach.
    But I’m usually greeted by comments that would say “WTF good are N_rs; we need to stop worry about their jungle behavior,” if the moderators allowed it. Must be refugees from Stromfront taking a break from Holocaust denial.

    • worx92 says:

      It becomes censorship when one imposes the right thing on people. If people can’t do the right thing themselves…

    • Stealth says:

      A lot of non-PC white people really are hateful. Visiting a site like Amren will give you the idea that these types are the norm, however, when they’re not. It’s just that people like that are the ones actually willing to visit a site like Amren. I think most of us non-liberal defenders of white America are far better folks.
      I’ve always said that America should remain majority-white not because whites are great, but because whites are bad enough. If there were some sort of home for whites along the same lines as Israel – though larger and in a more friendly neighborhood – I wouldn’t want to share it with a lot of white people I know.

  6. Atheist Race Realist says:

    I agree with what you wrote and I’ll also add that the number of tin foil hat wearing people is at a disturbing level. I even had someone claim that I was a government agent who infiltrated the forum to debunk conspiracy theories.
    The real question is why race realism in general attracts so many whackos.
    Oh and don’t forget the liberal amount of gay bashing.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’m pretty sure the race-realist movement attracts wackos simply because it’s marginalized so much. Any marginalized movement, regardless of how well-founded it actually is, will attract weirdos.
      On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 7:55 PM, Jewamongyou's Blog

      • NastiestUncle says:

        I have found, I think, that many if not most of the people attracted to ‘race-realist’ blogs are simply of the national socialist persuasion and are therefore obsessed with blaming everything on Jews and re-writing history to make it look like Nazis were heroes. That’s why there is so much insane Jew hatred and hatred for homosexuals. It brings us all down.
        My concern is that if the anti-immigration movement is to be seen by the public as something they could support it needs to be clean and not embarrassing for them to support. As long as we have the NS guys on board, we are stuck with mass immigration.
        It’s funny really, because they call themselves true patriots and the only ones who know “the truth” but they are the ones helping the immigration along by making the anti-immigration movement look toxic and truth means nothing to them. Ah, well.

      • Stealth says:

        Are there any conspiracy theories you take seriously, JAY? You don’t have to enumerate, of course.

      • Stealth says:

        Maybe it’s just that more wackos are willing to actually post a comment on an article featured on a site like Amren.

  7. Matt Parrott says:

    I’m pretty sure the race-realist movement attracts wackos simply because it’s marginalized so much. Any marginalized movement, regardless of how well-founded it actually is, will attract weirdos.

    90% of people are crazy, and only 10% of people are capable of independent thought. But it’s not 90%+10%=100%, there’s overlap.
    The 81% of people who superficially appear sane only appear so because they’re (fortunately, perhaps) also incapable of independent thought. That leaves 9% of people who are crazy but also thinking independently. These are the conspiracy cranks and pseudo-science wizards of the world.
    Of the 10% of people who are sane, 90% of those people aren’t really capable of rocking the boat intellectually. They have the capacity to follow simple correlation and causation exercises, and arrive at accurate conclusions when they do so. But they have an instinctive aversion to following those conclusions into the dark and lonely realm of social opprobrium.
    According to this model, absolutely any line of thinking which is “off the reservation” will be dominated by the 9% of crazy people who’ve wandered off the reservation without independent thinking.
    We are the 1%.

  8. MCPH1 says:

    I Don’t think that improving the living situation in subsahara africa slows down the immigration from subsahara africa to the rest of the world.
    At first any improvement in africa will lower the child mortality. Up to know in Africa we don’t see a smaller fertility rate after lowering the child mortality, which means Africa doesn’t seem to follow the pattern of demographic transition to a low fertilty stadium while the process of modernization is going on. With lower child mortality and stable (still extremely high) fertility we have even faster population growth in Africa. Actually when it comes to population growth nothing compares to subsahara Africa.
    The second reason why improvement of the living situation does not lower emmigration is that really poor people do not emmigrate, middle class people do. When you are hungry and have no education at all and live in a African village you don’t have the mental and material ressources to trave, to Europe. People in African cities on the contrast who watch television, use the Internet, have a little money, know how to speak English and are well nurtured are able to go to Europe.
    What is the conclusion? I don’t know, only solution would be a immigration reform in Europe, but that’s not going to happen.
    Please excuse my bad English, i am no native speaker…happy new year, and I hope you will not stop blogging like halfsigma, one of my other favorite hbd bloggers!

    • jewamongyou says:

      We can only hope that you’re wrong about African fertility in the long-term. Either way you’re right that what remains of the Western world needs to implement strict immigration controls.

  9. Amateur says:

    I suspect commentator #8 is correct about African fertility; that having been said, i agree with your sentiments about the harm that gratuitous vitriol can do to a movement that badly needs to attract intelligent and decent supporters. We don’t need to hate others in order to support ourselves (although we do in fact need to understand them).

  10. Tank says:

    You’re right about the comments at Amren. A great site, but the comments detract from its serious nature.

  11. an.animus says:

    I wish it weren’t so, but I believe that MCPH1 is correct, and that making this better in Africa will lead to a lot more Black Africans, and that this would lead to increased, not decreased, immigration.
    That said, I certainly have no ill will towards Blacks, I consider them to be humans, and have had amicable relationships with Black individuals. I do think that the statistics, and that which one can see should one choose to look, show that West African descended Blacks create the worst living spaces of all of the races, and that White flight is a rational behavior.
    The worst thing IMO is that the differences are probably largely genetic.

  12. Californian says:

    Good points being made on this topic. Some thoughts:
    There appears to be a lot of frustration among race realists/white nationalists. And where there is frustration, people vent on convenient targets. Online attacks on blacks serve an agitprop function insofar as the dysfunctions associated with black majority societies are pretty obvious: high rates of violent crime and illegitimacy, plus low rates of educational achievement and economic success. It’s also easy to tie this in to genetic factors such as median IQ.
    Look at one of the most common posts you can see on race realist website: “I used to be a liberal until blacks moved into my neighborhood and crime went up and schools got trashed.” And it is difficult to ignore the fate of cities such as Detroit, or countries like Rhodesia aka Zimbabwe. The black-bashing does serve a purpose insofar as it recruits people, or at least undermines the credibility of the other side.
    The thing is, what’s really needed is a political movement. The venting needs to be turned into something more practical. Like organizations which promote the interests of white people, legal defense funds and campus fronts.
    On the African front, there needs to be a building of networks with whites (and for that matter, Asians) who are under siege in “rainbow nations” such as South Africa.
    Ultimately, this is an ideological battle. What needs to be developed is a race realist political line which can counter the ideologies now prevailing in the Western world.

  13. worx92 says:

    I thought your article was very forthcoming and refreshing. Excellent thoughts.
    The problem is, we can’t get everyone to see things, because they know a good nonwhite in their lives.
    So whenever they are faced with racial problems, they think of the “good nonwhite” they know. They think they “can’t all be bad”…
    But in reality, it is more like a war. You can’t think the other side is good, because you met one of their soldiers and empathized with him. You can’t save yourself or your side if you allow yourself to NOT see them as a group.
    Even early man knew groups were going to take away what they had if they didn’t fight for what they had.
    Unless people stop thinking about individuals, and look at what other races are inflicting on us, this will all go down.
    What does this mean?
    “As a Jew myself, I’d suggest a distinction between “The Jooz” and “Jews”. “

  14. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Stealth,
    Conspiracies theories I take seriously? Definitely. The government is always conspiring to do bad things. The powerful are always conspiring to become more powerful and the wealthy are always conspiring to become more wealthy.

    • Atheist Race Realist says:

      I agree with this sentiment but in practice I just can’t agree with 99% of conspiracy theories.
      Every 9/11 conspiracy is just ridiculous on it’s face. Kill 3,000 people to steal gold? Knock down building 7 to destroy Enron secrets? This stuff is just too stupid to believe.
      I actually read this website that showed conspiracies in the past to try to give credit to conspiracy theories in the present. But it seems like most conspiracies took place hundreds or thousands of years ago. We do have the Watergate scandal but that’s more of a cover up than a conspiracy I would think.
      The biggest logical thing keeping me from believing any conspiracy where people die (like 9/11) is because there are a lot of people who want to be heroes. Who would be a bigger hero than the person who uncovered a conspiracy to kill 3,000 American’s? If you survived coming out you would be a multimillionaire just from book deals. There are huge monetary gains from snitching on a conspiracy that big.
      I would like to actually know any conspiracies that you believe in and any evidence you can link. Maybe you can win over a convert on one of them. 🙂 I’m very big into logical thinking so I’m persuaded if the evidence is right.
      (Besides race stuff being covered up in the media. But that’s not really a conspiracy, it’s more like people thinking they are doing the right thing. Plus they freely admit to covering race up in the media. So it’s not like anyone is trying to hide that fact.)

  15. worx92 says:

    I always wonder some think conspiracies cannot happen. The “Conspiracy Theory” is now de rigueur for any thoughts of planning. We all know they conspire, plot, and plan. Of course they do. That’s why “they” are in power.
    The “conspiracy theory” tag is meant to discredit anyone who thinks there are things bigger than the soft news on TV.

    • Atheist Race Realist says:

      They for sure can happen. But I think people overestimate how big they go and how often they happen.
      I think the newest one is that Adam Lanza was brainwashed by the military to go shoot children. Just ridiculous.

  16. mike says:

    glad to see someone thinking strategically. yes amren can be ugly at times and yes i can feel ugly too particularly after reading a lot of minority crime stories on our fact i can rile myself of to genocidal rage but the thing is i dearly love some minorities and living in Brooklyn i can see many good people of all races. race realism deals in statistical averages the crime stories are anecdotal. and even if every black had a 85 iq and a violent streak should i hate them i dont hate my dog for being dumber and quicker to violence and rather promiscuous i might add. a lot of black got here through us or rather through some white actions long ago.
    that being said if i could wave a wand and send all non whites home i probably would, if liberals had not broken down society blacks might have adapted well if in a more limited way maybe that would not have worked never know.
    i would really like to see some of our pundits get more serious about end game. yes i suppose if things continue it might be a last ditch race war but i wouldn’t hope for that because by that point we wont control much already large cities are mostly minority run. so i agree with the jew that its not a good idea to turn people off sure there is a place for people like that and we need everyone but to be a viable revolution we need more members particularly people like the jew jayman hbd girl etc and we need a plan that is commensurate with our being the scientific thoughtful can be a racist and not a hater, liberals dont believe in evolution etc etc so im also a sort of conservative kinda libertarian maybe a dark enlightened unreconstructed reactionary you know open minded but realistic so until i got back to speed on hbd i was starting to finally be optimistic that the socialist were just going to blow up financially and we could rebuild now im really depressed again cause i dont see a way out of this with the racial angle tied in. my whole life ive tried arguing people out of liberalism im a great arguer but ive converted almost no one, i really couldn’t understand how intelligent people particularly could be so blind to hard facts. i realize now intelligence has nothing to do with it neither do facts people have believed all sorts of things through the millennia they believe what the herd believes yet that has changed somehow we need to figure out how mavericks changed herd direction yes the tea partyers reading rules for radicals is a start but applying evolutionary psychology might be better and we need to build a real mosad if you will while we still can

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