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"How to Convert to Islam"

I was about to watch an innocuous YouTube video about a pet dog when lo and behold, I noticed that the banner ad was promoting conversion to Islam. Here’s a screenshot: If you had a dog named Thor, and then … Continue reading

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String theory for cats

My cat, Menchi, had a theory. She thought it would be a fun idea to swallow a string. Why eat plain old boring cat food when you can slurp up a string? In theory, it would be a lot of … Continue reading

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The global-warming hypocrisy

If you watch this interview by Bill Moyers, you’ll be struck by the apparent sincerity of his guest, Anthony Leiserowitz. The man comes across as very intelligent and open-minded as well. But toward the end of the interview, Leiserowitz makes … Continue reading

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Affirmative action: The gift that keeps giving

I was reading a news article about a questionable dental procedure on a child. Among the comments was this: This is frightening; when my daughter was 6 she had two teeth out due a playground injury, and had to attend … Continue reading

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Django Unchained should be illegal

I have not seen Django Unchained; I refuse to support the movie industry with my hard-earned money. But I did read a review of it at American Renaissance. Some excerpts: In a December 8 appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” the … Continue reading

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RIP my grandmother

Our beloved matriarch just passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was 96 years old. She lived a blessed life except for declining health in her final years. When I think of how things have changed over her lifetime, it’s … Continue reading

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Jewish Eugenics by John Glad

I came across “Jewish Eugenics” by John Glad at a used bookstore. Needless to say, I bought it and have been reading it. So far, I’m very impressed. Glad is a race-realist and takes a brutally honest approach to every … Continue reading

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The most racially diverse high school in Washington

Somebody sent me this video about the most diverse high school in Washington. While the costs of racial diversity are obvious, I was curious to see if the video would live up to its promise of explaining its benefits. Toward … Continue reading

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Feminism and racism

Human Stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff) sent me this article, by Angry Harry, on the evils of feminism. Harry writes: Over and over again, we see them studiously refusing to make any connection between feminism and some … Continue reading

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Why do they write "G-d"

In response to a comment on a recent post of mine, Obadia18 wrote: LOL! You’re discussing censorship and you type God as the Jewish G-d. Now that’s what I call ironic. Since I’ve been meaning to explain the origin of … Continue reading

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