Affirmative action: The gift that keeps giving

I was reading a news article about a questionable dental procedure on a child. Among the comments was this:

This is frightening; when my daughter was 6 she had two teeth out due a playground injury, and had to attend a dental clinic for the op. When we were called in after the op we found our daughter slumped on a chair with blood still coming from her mouth. When asked when she would come round… a couple of hours was the reply. She was a mess….she vomited in reception; in the car and again back home. Slept for a whole day whilst I was by her side. Spent 3 days off school as she was so ill. She took a while to function and get back to normal. My doctor was in agreement that she had been ‘over-dosed’.
Turned out later the anaesthetist: John Evans-Appiah was removed from the surgery after the death of a 10 year old boy (see John Evans-Appiah, Peffermill Surgery, Edinburgh). It appears that Evans-Appiah did not have the qualifications required.
My daughter is know 22 and faired well; attended Uni and graduated with honours….although having Dyslexia. Over the years, since this incident, I have often thought this might have contributed to her Dyslexia? Perhaps I’m wrong – I would welcome a more educated theory.

As soon as I read that, I thought, “I wonder if this is a case of affirmative action/diversity in action.” Sure enough, here’s an official account of what happened back then:

An anaesthetist working in Britain could be banned from practice this month if found guilty of charges of serious professional misconduct over incidents in which a 10 year old boy died during a tooth extraction and a patient undergoing a caesarean section writhed in pain because she was not fully anaesthetised.

The General Medical Council in London was this week hearing evidence in the case of John Evans-Appiah, who came to Britain from Ghana in 1973 after qualifying in Ukraine.

Dr Evans-Appiah, from Leyton, east London, has had 42 jobs since his arrival in Britain. In 1993 he was dismissed from Falkirk Royal Infirmary for temporarily paralysing a patient by giving her the wrong drugs.

In 1998, when the two incidents that gave rise to the GMC charges occurred, he was travelling around Britain working for locum agencies.

In October 1998 he was asked to anaesthetise Darren Denholm, aged 10, who was having a tooth extracted at the Peffermill dental clinic in Edinburgh. Darren had a cardiac arrest. An ambulance arrived, but he could not be revived.

Three weeks later Dr Evans-Appiah was the anaesthetist at Hazel Woolgar’s caesarean section at Maidstone Hospital in Kent. He gave the go-ahead for surgery even though Mrs Woolgar, aged 31, who was having an epidural, said that she could feel cold gel on her abdomen, indicating she was not properly anaesthetised.

Rebecca Poulet QC told the GMC’s professional conduct committee that his failure to anaesthetise Mrs Woolgar caused her to “writhe and scream” with pain.

Dr Evans-Appiah, aged 58, faces 18 charges of serious professional misconduct in relation to the two incidents. In Darren Denholm’s case, he is accused of faking records to hide his mistake, misleading the subsequent investigation, and trying to persuade the dental nurse and the dentist to say, untruthfully, that blood pressure readings had been taken…

While we can’t know for sure whether an anesthesia overdose can cause dyslexia, it does appear that it can have long-term consequences:

Studies in 2003 show that drugs used in general anesthesia kill brain cells in developing rats and mice. Though these studies require follow-up with human populations, some have theorized that the dangers of anesthesia used in children may be greater than previously estimated. One might not only risk death but also interference in brain development, and perhaps long term memory issues or learning disabilities.

Medical schools would do almost anything to get more black graduates. Hospitals would do almost anything to have more black professionals. Patients should do almost anything to avoid putting themselves in harm’s way by allowing a black physician, or a black anesthesiologist, to treat them or their children. If you already know him as a skilled and trustworthy professional, then obviously his race doesn’t make him any less so. But thanks to political correctness, affirmative action and racial quotas, many questionable blacks have been hired into positions they should never have been considered for. I’ve seen it myself.

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15 Responses to Affirmative action: The gift that keeps giving

  1. CanSpeccy says:

    Affirmative action is racial discrimination. So let’s be clear, the liberal bastards who promote it are racist pigs.

  2. Ilovemyrace says:

    Dressing a chimpanze in a suit does not make in a brain surgeon,or an anaestheologist.

  3. BF says:

    Again, thank you for your unique perspective on something as horrible as this. Sad to see affirmative action delegitimizing the skilled and worthy black medical professionals due to cases like this.

  4. Tyrone says:

    So because a black dentist was incompetent all black dentists are incompetent? What about Harold Shipman, a nice white doctor who killed people? Racists only see what they want, ignoring the rest.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Why don’t you show me where I wrote that all black professionals are incompetent. All I wrote was that, due to the huge emphasis on recruiting blacks to the professions, they’re not held to the same standards. Therefore, it’s prudent to avoid them when possible.

      • I Forgot says:

        Certainly not ALL black professionals are incompetent, just as ALL young black men are not violent criminals. But a sufficient number of them are that if a person entrusts his young white daughter to one, he needs his head checked.

      • worx92 says:

        Yes, it’s a group thing. As a group, they are incompetent. Whites, as a group, are not incompetent. That’s why it’s such a big deal when a White is incompetent. Good article, JAY.

  5. rjp says:

    Miss Jibowu enrolled on the college’s six year extended medical degree course for students from disadvantaged backgrounds in September 2002.
    She said students on that course had to wear a special badge, which led to them being bullied by counterparts on the regular five year degree programme.
    Don’t worry about the need for sub-par physicians from foreign lands, England is generating its own with remedial medical school programs.

  6. EW says:

    Uh – is it really necessary to give total anesthesia for dental ops as two teeth out due to playground injury?

  7. SFG says:

    Could we get some statistics here? I suppose if you wanted to you could trawl through medical board records of disciplined physicians and count ethnic names, since I doubt these guys keep records by race, for obvious reasons. This gets into ‘well, I can think of a good one’…’well, I can think of a bad one’….without statistics, all our arguments are moot.
    And BTW, I’ll bet you’re right.

    • worx92 says:

      Tell me how many Whites got into med school with affirmative action?

    • Georgia Resident says:

      If such a study was done, and found that black docs were more likely to be disciplined, is doubtless that an Afro-apologist would merely declare that blacks are more likely to be disciplined because of the inherent racism of the medical authorities. This is basically how they spin statistics on black misbehavior in schools, basically “The teachers are mean old racists who punish black students for being black.” It is, however, well-known that AA tends to promote incompetent blacks in other areas, so it would be incredible if it didn’t have the same result in a cognitively-demanding field like medicine.

  8. Sagat says:

    I would never let a Black be involved in the treatment of myself or my children. There is no law preventing a person from discriminating when making his choice of doctor. I’d rather be called a racist than take the risk to my health or the health of my family.

    • I Forgot says:

      Good man. I wasted the price of an airline ticket years ago when I pulled my wife off a flight with an affirmative action co-pilot.

      • SFG says:

        Plane crashes are actually really rare, particularly if AA person was only the co-pilot.
        Now the doctor thing–that makes perfect sense.

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