String theory for cats

My cat, Menchi, had a theory. She thought it would be a fun idea to swallow a string. Why eat plain old boring cat food when you can slurp up a string? In theory, it would be a lot of fun.
But reality had different ideas. Reality meant vomiting, loss of appetite, increasing weakness and almost death. She was rushed to the animal hospital and I was told that she needed surgery – which would cost at least $3,500 and probably more. With surgery, she would have a good chance of survival. Otherwise, her odds were less than 10%. When I opted out of surgery for financial reasons, they offered immediate euthanasia. I opted out of that too. Less than 10% is still better than 0%. I reckoned I’d give her a shot at life.
The very next day she started improving and now she’s practically back to her old self. I told her, “Menchi, it’s good to have you back – but you’re an idiot for swallowing a string!”
Be careful what you leave laying around if you have pets that don’t fully understand string theory. You could end up coughing up a lot of money. Don’t always take what the vet says at face value. A Jewish sage once said, “This too shall pass.” Indeed.

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10 Responses to String theory for cats

  1. Blog Raju says:

    Cats have strong stomachs.

  2. Matt Parrott says:

    And now, the part of the show where you follow your cat around for hours on end with a pair of scissors.

  3. Yarilo says:

    Given how stubborn cats are, if Menchi had the cognition of a person she probably would’ve opted out of surgery as well. “Screw surgery, I’ll fight this myself!”
    Hope she continues improving. Keep us updated!

  4. Does Schrodinger’s cat play with a ball of string-theory?

  5. Jim says:

    When I was a child our Siamese cat Smokey got into the same predicament. The vet decided to try a large dose of oil before surgery and it worked. Smokey went out to live to the age of 19 years.

  6. Silly cat, not all pieces of string are spaghetti.

  7. rjp says:

    When I was a kid, my dog would eat anything. Racquet alls, tennis balls, dog toys, its dish …. it was a little dog too.
    Trust me, that brown multi-colored-rainbow-speckled thing we would occasionally see in the yard was not a robin’s egg.

  8. Robert Marchenoir says:

    May we have a picture of the cat ? Unless she wishes to remain anonymous, of course.

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