"How to Convert to Islam"

I was about to watch an innocuous YouTube video about a pet dog when lo and behold, I noticed that the banner ad was promoting conversion to Islam. Here’s a screenshot:
convert to islam
If you had a dog named Thor, and then converted to Islam, would you have to rename it “Allah?”
I couldn’t help but wonder how an ad about “How to Convert to Christianity” would be received in a Muslim country. But we’ll probably never know because such a thing would never be allowed – let alone an ad promoting conversion to Judaism. Muslims easily win first prize for the religion most easily offended. They’re also the religion most likely to riot, murder/maim their daughters and a whole assortment of other, unsavory, things.
Why should you convert to Islam? Perhaps you shouldn’t if you want to keep your dog. Many Muslims consider dogs to be unclean. Some Muslims in Spain have, allegedly, been poisoning dogs (graphics warning) and a Canadian man was arrested for walking his dog on public property in front of Muslims (ibid.).
Why would you convert to Islam? Perhaps you truly believe that God spoke to Mohammad and told him to write the Quran. If so, then you’d probably be more happy in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. I suspect, however, that there are other psychological factors that motivate (white) people to convert to Islam. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that they are tired of being on the losing side of the culture war. That they are sick and tired of being ethnically impotent. That years of being told their race is worthless had finally gotten to them and, unable to change their race, they did the next best thing and attached themselves to a group that actually feels pride in itself, that is willing to use force to advance its interests.
Maybe we should all convert to Islam. We can do to the Quran what they did to the Constitution: Interpret it away until it becomes essentially meaningless. At that point, the Quran would be little more than a historical relic. An empty husk. We would be able to continue enjoying our pets, our alcoholic beverages, our bikini-clad women and our traditional cuisines. But we would also believe in ourselves and people would respect us. Our enemies would fear us just as they did before the Left turned us into whimpering pansies.

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  1. My guess is that the apparent hypocrisy of Muslims who seek to proselytize their religion and impose their culture on others while at the the same time loudly and sometimes violently protesting criticism of their faith and the imposition of others’ culture stems from the more tribal nature of many Muslims societies, particularly in (though not limited to) the Arab world. In a more tribalized society, there is a stronger sense of ingroup versus outgroup dichotomy and this is reflected and the increased sensitivity to the words and actions of outsiders without much regard to applying similar standards to themselves.

  2. Atheist Race Realist says:

    I hate the religion of peace as much as the next guy but I’m going to make a beef with this one:
    “Canadian man was arrested for walking his dog on public property in front of Muslims (ibid.)”
    Since there was no link I Googled it and found several stories about it. All blog entries. I also watched the YouTube video.
    I don’t think the dog had anything to do with it. The guy who it happened to said he was assaulted and then returned it in kind. So basically he got hit and hit them back and then was arrested.
    So more accurately it would say “Canadian man arrested for defending himself from an attack while he was walking his dog”. A little less sensational but a lot closer to the truth.
    I think we need to hold ourselves to higher standards. This isn’t the MSM. We can’t just make up inaccurate headlines about things that happened.
    The reason why I Googled it was because I love sending my crazy lefty liberal sisters stories about stuff like that. But now there is nothing to send. You made me sad JAY.
    But it’s OK. I still love you 🙂

    • Atheist Race Realist says:

      But otherwise great blog entry.
      Watch any Atheist video on YouTube and they are all slamming the same thing, Christianity. It’s a soft target.
      You wont get called a Nazi or get death threats.
      People looking for a religion will turn elsewhere. It makes your religion look weak when you can’t defend it but all of the others can. (Well the big three at least. Who knows what is going on in the east.)

    • jewamongyou says:

      Actually I did post the link. It’s the same link as the story about the dog poisonings in Spain, so I wrote “ibid.”

      • Atheist Race Realist says:

        My apologies, I had no idea what ibid meant.
        But I followed the link and I happened to find the same story (about the Canadian man) as the one at the link.
        But they did have a fascinating story about someone getting attacked while walking a dog in Spain. But there also I don’t think the dog had to do with anything. They were just an angry Muslim mob.
        But the part about the dogs getting poisoned is pretty horrible. Is there anything that Muslims like? Besides beheading people?

  3. rjp says:

    I wouldn’t even say one has to convert to Christianity. The Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches throw up some roadblocks regarding the Sacraments, but the Protestants don’t — at least that I am aware of.

  4. Stealth says:

    Surely there’s time for other alternatives!!! I’m not sure I would like Islam.
    Left wing whites don’t have to convert to Islam. They have white privilege. Most of us just assume that liberals are ashamed of being white and of the associated fictional “privilege.” I’m starting to believe the opposite. Far from simply being a fashionable idea in liberal circles, white privilege appeals to the liberal’s vanity. As they are painfully conscious of social status, most of them get a major (but unspoken) ego boost out of the idea that simply being white affords them higher social status and greater access to society’s resources.
    The left winger likes to think of himself as being part of the elite. To be a loser is a fate worse than death and hell. Even being average is hard for him to stomach. This explains why they love white privilege; it makes the liberal feel as if he or she is part of an elite by birth. Then there’s the added bonus of making himself look enlightened by telling everyone how terrible it is that he benefits from this imagined state of affairs.
    Louis CK has spoken at length about the advantages of white skin:
    As you can see, he really revels in the idea that being white is GREAT. What he says in that video is beyond absurd.

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